Ideas for Launching Your Startup

Ideas for Launching Your Startup

launching-rocket-startupLaunching your first company is going to be terrifying, scary and exciting. There are some things you can do that will make your launch happen smoothly and successfully.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have all your social platforms are created. At a minimum, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You should also consider Pinterest and Instagram.

Next setup Google Analytics. This is essential for your startup. It is free and allows you to pinpoint your audience and track leads.

After that, you want to thoroughly go over your site and make sure there are no spelling errors, bad links, broken images, etc.

Before advertising I would suggest listing your site on as many platforms as possible. Promotehour has a great list of sites you can submit your startup to.

When it comes to advertising your startup, I would highly suggest using Facebook ads. It allows you to target your exact audience and track conversions.

When you’re creating your ad you want to offer something for free and at a discounted price. Make the user feel special and like they need to sign up right away. You could give away a trial version of your product or a free month of service. Put a limited time and make sure you collect all the users contact info.

As you build your contact list you will have more options on how to market your company. You may also want to use a site like Flocksy to manage all your website maintenance and graphic design so you can scale efficiently. You are able to create unlimited tasks for a low monthly fee.

Following these tactics will help the launch of your company happen successfully and easily. I will post later about using email to get the most interaction out of your customers.

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