Unlimited Website Maintenance and Graphic Design Help

Unlimited Website Maintenance and Graphic Design Help

flocksyprofilepicFlocksy provides unlimited website maintenance and graphic design help to startups and small websites for a low monthly fee.

The idea of Flocksy came after outsourcing an extensive amount of web maintenance and graphic design tasks to freelancers and disliking the process.

Whenever I would outsource my tasks, I would have to find a new freelancer to complete the task and not only would it always cost more then I wanted to pay, but it would be a hit and miss on the quality and deadline of the task.

I decided to change all of that and created Flocksy.

I wanted a platform that would allow startups and small websites to manage all the graphic design and website maintenance tasks, efficiently, affordably, and on time.

We have spent months designing, creating and testing Flocksy. We wanted a platform that we would be excited about using and would allow any company to effectively scale.

We strove to make sure Flocksy was centered around the following:

  • Amazing customer service
  • Tasks done quickly
  • Efficient task management board
  • Quality service
  • A Clean website layout
  • Affordable, upfront pricing
  • Unlimited tasks

What we created was even better then we imagined. It’s easy to post a task and get it done within 24 hours. Users can post as many tasks as they want and Flocksy works through them as fast as possible. This allows users to focus their time on more important things such as marketing and retaining users, with amazing graphics and a current up to date website.

We believe in Flocksy so much that we use it ourselves. All the design and website maintenance is done using Flocksy’s incredible system.

We have already seen people love the idea of Flocksy and we are excited about continuing to scale and except new users.


CEO/Co-founder @Flocksy


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