Attracting the perfect client to your startup

Every startup owner wants the perfect client. Someone that appreciates their service, pays the correct amount and sticks with the company for a long time.

What most entrepreneurs don’t know, is how to attract those clients to their business. Once you figure out the process of gearing your website towards the perfect client is is easy to attract them. Below are a few things you can do to get on your way of finding your perfect clients.

Be upfront about the cost

Being upfront is a huge benefit to your startup. The client knows exactly what they are paying and don’t contact you confused about the pricing. Once they purchase your service or product, they won’t be shocked at hidden fees and start asking for way more then what they purchased or worse do a chargeback. They are also way more likely to recommend you to their friends if they feel like you are an honest about your business.

Money back guarantee

This attracts everyone but only people that truly love your company will stay around. Even if they found out they couldn’t use your company, not being forced to pay, will make them a much happier ex-client and someone that will speak highly of you to their friends.

Incredible customer service

We live in a day and age where clients expect amazing customer service and you should give them nothing less. Have a phone number on your site and reply to all emails within hours. It is amazing how fast you can turn an unhappy customer into a happy one with just a quick phone conversation or email.

QA (quality assurence) on your site all the time

You need to constantly be using your service or testing. Fit into the clients shoes and see what it feels like to browse your site and use your service or product. Check for spelling error, broken images, broken links and anything else that would make your company look unprofessional.


Being upfront and honest about what you offer and being confident enough that it is an amazing product or service with a money back guarantee is what will help you attract some of the best clients out there.  So get out there and start marketing!


CEO/Co-founder @ Flocksy

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