Best Site to Hire Freelancers

Best Site to Hire Freelancers

There are a lot of opinions on what site is the best to hire freelancers on.

I’ve used all of them from to oDesk. They all have there pros and cons.

First the pros.

  • They are an affordable way to get projects done.
  • You have access to a huge pool of talent.

Those are two of the main reasons people use freelancing sites.

Then there is a huge list of cons.

  • Projects aren’t done on time.
  • You can spend way more money on a project than you planned on.
  • Projects are low quality.
  • You end up spending way more time on a project than you wanted to.

That is why we created a freelancer alternative. We believe that Flocksy is the best site to find and hire freelancers.

For one set monthly payment starting at $199, you can create unlimited graphic design and website projects. Each project gets done fast and efficiently with professional quality.

Because you have one project manager assigned to your account, all your designs have a similar feel, which strengthens your brand.

We also update and maintain your website.

don’t worry about over spending, or getting projects done on time. Flocksy takes care of all that for you.

You can sign up here.


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