The Luxury of Telecommuting for Work

For years the task of getting up and traveling to work or dealing with some hands-on task is all that people knew, it was completely normal to them as no other option existed. The past two decades this has changed in a dramatic way, with the internet giving people the ability to be able to work from the comfort of their own homes. This perk has grown increasingly popular, gaining momentum as people realized the money and comfort involved in it.


But what does it really mean to work from home?

To different people it might mean different things, it varies from selling products on eBay or Amazon, professionally blogging, or freelancers who have the ability to work from all over the world. But each person shares the same benefit and reward through their hard work and discipline.   


Why do it?

For a lot of people working outside of the home means a grueling 30-60 minute drive back and forth to work every day. When working from home this time can be better spent doing more, such as work, setting a better morning or evening routine, that new workout, or maybe even just getting more rest. Whatever your reasoning for doing it may be, there is no question that the flexibility may help you to successfully restructure your life to create a better you


Moral of this story

Yes, this is something that is possible for you to do too, whether it is for necessity or simply for the comfort of it, this is something that is possible to achieve. Taking the first step can be scary and often the most difficult part is achieving structure to your day that allows you to actually get work done. Once accomplished though the rewards are endless.

Sadly, if you were reading this in hopes that I would tell you how to go about doing it, you’re going to be disappointed. Finding something that works for you and understanding what you are good at is something that you have to do, but understand that it will not be easy, you will not receive the benefit that it has to offer unless you put in the time that it takes to achieve it. Work hard, stay focused, achieve your goals, but above all else create a better you.


Do you work from a remote location? Tell us about your experience in the comments!


– Charles

Team Flocksy

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