Has technology slowed down? Is it still going to keep expanding so rapidly? What exactly does this mean for business? All these questions and nobody seems to know the answer, but why is this? And yes, there is yet another question.


Since the beginning of the second century (and even before that), technology has expanded, exceeding many expectations and what some even believed possible. Each year seems to bring a new surprise, whether it be a new phone with better capabilities, an app that goes viral, or an easier way to conduct business. We quickly learn not to be surprised by the newest technology and I have even heard millennials complain, “why doesn’t this work better, we’re in the 20th century after all”. This form of thinking has created a necessity, dependency, almost addiction that they have towards technology and perhaps even the future of it.


What Should You Do About It?

Some take this to the next level and try to develop that newest form of technology, others try to piggyback off the success of others, and the rest simply sit back and enjoy it (usually at a steep price). So to answer this question, you have to know what category you fall into, are you the leader of the industry – do you want to be? -, do you want to learn from others mistakes or profit from their success, or are you the average consumer? Once you know where you want to be you can move forward from there, but be warned, one does not simply become famous overnight, often after hard work and many hours of dedication, people find out what they have developed is already outdated. But don’t let that discourage you, reach for the stars and worst case you have something that nobody wants to use, best case you change the world.


But Back To The Main Point…

What will technology mean by 2025?…that is entirely up to you.

Few things we can probably be sure of; there will be self-driving cars, a new social media platform, true wireless charging, and I’m almost scared to think of what else.

But seriously, what’s the fun of knowing what will probably be, the challenge is to create the technology that no one expects, that exceeds expectations of what everyone thought possible.


Can you do this? Tell us what you think the future will mean to you in the comments!  


~ Charles

Team Flocksy

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