HubSpot’s New Flywheel Vision 

In Brian Halligan’s (CEO of HubSpot) recent talk at Inbound 2018, he talks about how today’s sales tactics are changing from the traditional, “ funnel” to more of a “flywheel” approach.

“How are these different?” you might ask. Well, let’s find out!

First, let’s talk about what the funnel is. For many years it has been the way that people promote sales and market to potential customers for their business.

Brian suggests that the Flywheel might be another and maybe even a more effective way to market. You might now be asking, ” What is the flywheel?” The flywheel is a wheel on an axis that’s incredibly energy-efficient. The amount of energy that it gives is based on how large it is and how fast it spins.

Brian points out in his talk that “We are in a day and age where we have gone from sales and marketing being the loudest voice in peoples heads to word of mouth being the strongest one”. He continues to state, “Whether we like it or not, trust in sales and marketing is at an all-time low”.

This now is where the flywheel comes in. If word of mouth is the loudest voice then let’s use that! We should make the flywheel effect by allowing our clients to have a voice. Let’s just sit back and let them sell our products for us. The happier and more satisfied our clients are, the more they talk and tell others about us.

He then shows an example of the Flywheel that he has made. Basically, the idea is Engage>Delight>Attract. When you Engage your customers and then sell them a product that Delights them, that then, in turn, attracts more customers!

This is a revolutionary idea and one that if successful will change the marketing world as we know it today. I guess we’ll to have to wait and find out since only time (and sales) can tell.

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