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Dr. Erica Steele LOVES her job. In fact, for her, holistic medicine is more of a passion than a career. Her Holistic Family Practice helps teach people “the power of the body’s ability to heal itself through practical step-by-step guidance,” and her services have been sought after more than ever over the past few years. During our interview, she revealed that after the pandemic, she decided to bring her practice online to help bring advice, care, and services to people all around the world. In order to reach a wider audience, Dr. Steele needed more online content — which is where Flocksy’s team of graphic designers and creatives came in. While she began with only 100 followers on Tik Tok, with Flocksy’s help, she gained over 2,000 in a month. Keep reading to learn how Flocksy has helped Dr. Steele grow her social media following by 800%

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Dr. Erica Steele

Dr. Steele uses the knowledge she gained while getting her six Advanced Degrees in Natural Healthcare, along with wisdom she learned growing up as a practicing Native American and self-healer, to help patients worldwide. She has years of experience appearing on podcasts, radio, television, and webinars — even appearing on the hit show “The Doctors. She specializes in natural health, healing, disease prevention, and holistic healthcare. As an extensively trained, board-certified naturopathic doctor, a doctor of natural medicine, a certified functional medicine practitioner, and a homeoprophylaxis practitioner — Dr. Steele uses a multi-faceted and synergistic approach to help patients manage their mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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Dr. Erica Steele

Founder of Holistic Family Practice

“I loved Flocksy’s platform. I felt like the platform was so organized. I loved that I could see the projects that were in the queue and the progress that was made on them. I loved the fact that I had a dedicated project manager to be able to check in with. I loved that concept because it felt like I had somebody on my team. In essence, I have like a manager on my team to back me up in case something goes on. It added that extra level of security.”



When Dr. Steele began expanding her online presence, she hired two full-time graphic designers to help her create content.

When Dr. Steele began expanding her online presence, she hired two full-time graphic designers to help her create content. Although it was a big expense, she felt it was necessary and worth the investment. Almost right away, though, Dr. Steele noticed that her content was not the caliber she expected it to be, and she felt more stressed than she had before she had hired designers to take on her content creation.

“My graphic designers weren’t hitting deadlines and weren’t organized. They were making mistakes, most were minor, but I paid them a lot of money weekly. I had two full-time designers on my payroll, and I was going through all this stress.”

She tried to find solutions and continue with her designers, but after a year and a half, she needed a different solution — “Finally, I was done. I thought there had to be a service or a tool that is organized, efficient, and can hit a deadline. Something that can get the job done and is more efficient.”

Paulina - Graphic Designer on Holistic Family Practice's Flocksy Team

The Challenge:

“Missed Deadlines, Stressed & Aggravation”

“The missed deadlines that I was dealing with (with my previous designers), the constant back and forth, all the stress and aggravation — I remember so many times thinking there has to be a better way, there has to be a company that can make this easier for me… having a design team now that can serve that role, that I do not have to micromanage and I do not have to stress about (because I have a lot on my plate already), allows me not to have to focus on the teeny tiny details that a designer should pick up on.”
Abril - Video Editor on Holistic Family Practice's Flocksy Team

Once Dr. Steele realized she needed to find another service to take on her content creation, she turned to Google. The most crucial factor for her then was video editing, as she hoped to grow her Youtube, Instagram, and Tik Tok following. After Googling “video editing companies,” she found a few options, but was most impressed with Flocksy. What stuck out to her about Flocksy was that we offered MORE than just video editing — “I loved the platform, I loved that you had a project manager, I loved that you could see the progress of each project. Not to mention the price was phenomenally less than what I was spending for two full-time graphic designers.”

She was nervous because it was “sight unseen,” and she didn’t know how it would go. She tried it for 30 days, and while she was initially nervous, she has been with the platform ever since.
“I had designer PTSD… You live, and you learn. I went through all of that previously, which helped me to be primed for what I really want and need and have that standard in place. It was a leap of faith.”

The Solution:

“Flocksy Helps Creators Like Me Feel Supported”

Alejo - Video Editor Holistic Family Practice's Flocksy Team
“The grunt work is necessary and fuels business. But as a brand and brand leader — I don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to do it. I would not be happy if I had to edit videos or play with Canva for 25 hours. It wouldn’t get done. The time frames and turnarounds at Flocksy are insane. I’m always like, ‘How are they doing this?!’ It’s not a week of drama, which is what I was previously going through.”

When asked how stressed she feels about her content these days, Dr. Steele says she has no more concerns, “The concerns were gone after the first month.” She says she feels incredibly grateful and was ultimately blown away by the quality of the content Flocksy’s designers were able to deliver — “seeing the production after a month, it was amazing. I am still very grateful that this piece of my business has been taken care of and resolved. It fits into my workflow. No big deal, no issues. My one regret is that I didn’t find you guys sooner. That is sincere.”
She explains that while she wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted when she first began her journey and hired her first design team, she knew she didn’t want the stress she had experienced. On top of learning how important a great team of designers can be, Dr. Steele also sees how valuable a quick turnaround time is to keep her social media pages fresh and unique. Now, she is able to churn out content for all of her social media accounts, and says she even feels like she’s “led by Flocksy” instead of the other way around. Her monthly content is created and scheduled in no time, and now she can put her energy where it matters most: her vision and caring for her patients.
“If Flocksy’s goal was to help creators like me have support — they nailed it. It’s exactly what I needed. To someone who is struggling … and wants their brand represented in a way that is cultivated towards them, I’d say to join Flocksy sooner rather than later.”

The Results:

“A Month Of Content In 72 Hours”

Flocksy’s turnaround time has helped Dr. Steele create months of content in a couple of days, allowing her to put her creative energy into doing what she loves — helping people. Not only is she no longer stressed about her content creation, but she’s also saving money with Flocksy.

“I was spending full-time salaries for two full-time Graphic Designers, plus multiple platforms…. several different types of image services…you can cancel all those other subscription services. Everything is included for that one fee with Flocksy.”

Now, Dr. Steele feels like Flocksy is “ahead of her” when it comes to completing projects, and she gets excited to fill her queue back up when it’s cleared out each week. With her content created in record time, Dr. Erica Steele has watched her views and follower count skyrocket!

Dr. Erica Steele

Founder of Holistic Family Practice

My YouTube just crossed over 30K views this morning. My TikTok grew from less than 100 followers to now over 2,000 in a month. My Instagram grew 56 new followers, an 800% growth; even my Facebook engagement has grown after one month of using the service!

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