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A team of designers, video editors, developers, illustrators and writers for a fixed flat-rate. Create a free account today with no credit card required that offers the following:

What is included:

  • Create new projects (these will not be worked on).
  • Limited chat with your Project Manager.
  • Invite and add users from your team. 
  • Create new brand buckets.
  • Access the template library. 
  • View creative profiles.

What’s not included:

  • Creatives working on projects. 
  • Forming a team. 
  • Project Manager support. 
  • Real time chat. 
  • Talking directly with creatives.
  • Access to creatives.

Why create a Starter Account?

Our Starter Accounts are the ultimate demo. You’re allowed to start getting your account ready and experience many features without even entering a credit card. 

Create an account in minutes to understand how the Flocksy system and dashboard operates. Once your account is fully ready, simply choose a plan and get started.