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Videos are the #1 form of online content — but they take time and skill to do! Power up your marketing with expert video editing and creation by our amazing team. We’ll get it done FAST.

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What does unlimited video editing and creation include?

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“Versatile & Comprehensive Solution”

Versatile in it’s ability to assist with design, copy, video and beyond… A comprehensive solution for our boutique agency. Helping us scale and tackle an ever-growing slate of design and graphic requests both internally and in service of our clients… We have been able to outsource a critical part of our efforts to augment our daily impact.


Average Projects Completed In



*Our turnaround time is 24-hours for most projects. This is just an average based off all our past projects last month. Individual results will vary.

Illustration by Diego M.

Average Revisions Completed In



*Our turnaround time is 24-hours for most projects. This is just an average based off all our past projects last month. Individual results will vary.

We make your life easier

Fall in love with our

You can expect a response within hours. We don’t hang you out to dry. Let’s keep that project moving!

We offer really fast turnaround times. On average projects are done in 11 hours. See? Fast.

With unlimited work, sometimes it’s tough to keep everything in the right place. Buckets make it easy. Create a bucket for each brand and easily attach it to the project, so you can get the right material to the right team.

Use our intuitive dashboard to easily create and manage projects. Timers are located in every project, so you know exactly when to expect a draft, proof, or update.

We have email, phone, and chat support. Expect helpful replies quickly. Have an urgent question? Call us or send us a chat during business hours and we’ll get right back to you.

We love agencies. With Flocksy, you can offer an even wider array of services to your clients. Work gets done fast and you look great.


Video content is the best way to engage your audience and build your brand. Unlimited video editing and creation means the sky’s the limit! Get explainer videos, video ads, and more — all cut, captioned, and styled by our professional video team. Here’s a selection of their most innovative work.

Flocksy is your all-in-one unlimited video editing service

Your personal video editing team, including your project manager and a team of editors, helps you enjoy one less thing on your plate. You’re busy and have other important business needs that demand your attention. With an easy-to-manage project dashboard, unlimited video editing and creation, unlimited revisions, and brand buckets that keep all your assets in one place, Flocksy is your one-stop shop for all things video.

How unlimited is unlimited?

“With a lot of these types of video editing services, unlimited isn’t really true. What about you?”

We don’t limit your number of video projects in any way.
Submit as many as you want. We’ll work on them in the order submitted and guarantee unlimited revisions to ensure your video is perfect.
Whenever you have questions, you can reach out to your project manager and chat with your video editor to ensure they understand exactly what you need. Our video editing subscription is contract-free and offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. What’s more, you can get our monthly video editing service for one flat rate.
You’ll love your video. You can count on it.

"I have a strict video editing deadline. Can you help?"

With Flocksy, you can count on a quick turnaround time.

Most projects have a 24-48-hour timeframe, and if you do have revisions, they typically don’t take longer than 24 hours.
When you need video editing for content creators regularly putting out content, our team can take care of it for you quickly. What’s more, Flocksy offers video chat through Loom, so you can show your team exactly what you mean. Visual aides for the win. You’ll also get Zapier integration that’ll give you project updates on all your favorite apps.
Your deadlines will be no issue with your dedicated project manager and the team of video editors.

We produce quality videos everytime.

Our team of creatives specializes in several online marketing and content creation services, but that doesn’t mean you’re settling for a Jack of All Trades and Master of None. Our video editors and designers are pre-vetted experts who know the ins and outs of video like the back of their hands. They can handle:

• Creating a new video from scratch
• Color grading
• Enhance your video with special effects
• Eliminate the background noise

• Transition effects
• Audio syncing, mixing, and editing
• Adding background music
• Splitting a video

• Trimming or joining video clips
• Animated social media ad
   And so much more

If you’re looking for a Video Husky alternative that can handle all your video creation and editing needs in addition to graphic designs, animations, and GIFs, you can trust Flocksy to deliver quality content.