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Have our team of talented motion graphic artists work on all your projects.

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Graphics that get moving! Allow our talented designers to create something that suits your brand and message. Take a peek at our recent successful motion graphics.

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High-quality, professional motion graphics

The motion graphics team is ready to work on your next project.

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“A wonderful partner! Has far exceeded my expectations”

See What Our Happy Clients Say

My experience with Flocksy has been outstanding! My husband and I run a small content media site business and needed help with articles. I stumbled across Flocksy and thought I’d give it a try. I’m so glad that I did!

The quality of the content is absolutely outstanding. We have high standards, and the content has far exceeded our expectations. Everything is superbly written.

In addition to the quality, I’ve been highly impressed by the project communication and fast turnaround times.

This was the boost our business needed. Flocksy has become a valued partner, and I can’t recommend them enough!

Jessi - mydogsname.com

“quality work at super fast speeds”

See What Our Happy Clients Say

I love the broad range of services, the ability to have a dedicated team that understands me, my brand and my business then turns out quality work at super fast speeds. Thank you!!!

Janine Suvak - glimmerjam.com

“I've used almost all of the services, love it!”

See What Our Happy Clients Say

I’ve been using Flocksy for a couple of months now and have put through an incredible amount of projects so far! After making the move over from another similar service, I can honestly say that Flocksy is a much more useful tool. I love the fact that they do more than just design! I have used their website development tools, copywriting tools and design work for graphics and custom illustration.

I like being able to work with a team of different people for various projects. As someone with a few different businesses, it is nice to be able to set up all of your fonts, logos, and info into a bucket that is reusable as well.

Peter Mohr - Shoetopia.ca

Fall in love with our features.

Same day Response
Same-Day Responses

You can expect a response within hours. We don’t hang you out to dry. Let’s keep that project moving!

Fast Turnaround Times
Same-Day Responses

Great art doesn’t have to take a long time. As part of our commitment to unlimited illustration services, our artists aim to deliver stunning creations in less time — without skimping on quality. On average, projects are done in less than 24 hours!

You'll Love Our Buckets
Same-Day Responses

With unlimited custom illustration, things could get messy. Keep your brands organized and easily get the right reference materials to your artist. Simply create a bucket for each of your brands and upload your files. We’ll take it from there!

Intuitive Dashboard
Same-Day Responses

Unlimited illustrations lead to unlimited project requests and chats. But with Flocksy, this is no problem at all! Our easy-to-use Dashboard allows you to create projects and check on their status any time. See when a project is due, chat with your artist, and request revisions all in one place.

Amazing Support
Same-Day Responses

You say unlimited custom illustration, we say unlimited customer service! Need something urgently? Confused about your account? We’re available for phone, email, and chat support. Reach out any time.

Agencies Welcome
Same-Day Responses

Need to outsource some design work? Want to offer custom illustration services to your clients? Flocksy’s team of amazing illustrators can help you with that! With unlimited custom illustrations, it’s now easy and affordable to get the expert artists your business needs to grow.