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Need something narrated? Want to create engaging videos and training materials? Our talented voice-over
artists have the perfect voice for any occasion.

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No robot voices here — our skilled voice-over artists are pleased to provide beautiful narration, presentation audio, radio commercials, and more! With unlimited voice-overs, you can find the ideal voice for anything you need. Listen to their amazing work.

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High-quality, professional voice-overs

The Voice-over Team is eager to start recording your next audio project!

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“We are so glad that
we found flocksy”

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We are so glad that we found flocksy. It is helped out our business with time and all of our team members do great work. I highly recommend them if you are looking for any teams to help you with video editing, graphic design.

PMG Events - TrustPilot

“What an EXCEPTIONAL value and concept…”

See What Our Happy Clients Say

What an EXCEPTIONAL value and concept Flocksy offers!! I have worked with the graphic design, voiceover, video creation and copywriting teams and they’ve ALL delivered very competant and creative work in a VERY timely manner. What I love about the Flocksy team members I’ve had the pleasure to work with is the open and welcome collaboration to make an idea in my head come to life – and usually a lot better than what I imagined! I want to express my thanks also to my Project Manager Whitney for all your help in keeping my projects moving forward. I am also grateful for your proactive reach outs to bring resolution and course correction when needed it. And Caroline, your commitment to top tier support has truly trickled down to all I’ve had the opportunity to work with. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Flocksy team of creatives service to any company wanting a smarter way to approach their marketing and asset creation. That said, WE as clients play a part in optimizing the experience as well. I’ve found taking the time to get to know them, helping them learn my brand and style encouraged effective collaboration to shorten the lead time and enhances the final product … Bottom line, it’s all wrapped up in a high value fixed price package. WELL DONE TEAM!!!!!!-

Sue Ramson - trustpilot.com

“Great Experience!”

See What Our Happy Clients Say

They help us with video editing, content writing and graphic design.

Chris - p

“Highly Recommend! The variety of services and the quality can't be matched”

See What Our Happy Clients Say

They helped me design my app, website, and all my Facebook. Instagram and Youtube ads and create a ton of great blog posts.

One of the things I like the most about them is that the longer I’m with them, the faster projects get done, and the service only gets better. This is because they are growing a team of video editors, illustrators, writers, and designers out for you (my team has six people), so no matter what, you get things done on time, and your brand stays consistent. Other services I used would only connect you with one person, and this wasn’t easy because sometimes they wouldn’t be available, might not be good at a task, or, over time, slow down.

If you’re looking for a creative team at a killer rate, Flocksy is for you. You can’t beat the price, quality or turnaround times.

Project Manager - in Computer Software

“Amazing !!”

See What Our Happy Clients Say

Brilliant for filling in short-term overflows and video animation

G2 User - n Marketing and Advertising

Fall in love with our features.

Same-Day Support
Same-Day Responses

No more wondering what’s happening with a project. We know that unlimited voice-over work requires unlimited communication. So, drop us a line anytime and we’ll reply ASAP!

Speedy Turnarounds
Same-Day Responses

Need something done in a pinch? Our voice-over artists are amazing at what they do — so much so that they deliver high-quality recordings in hours. With unlimited voice-over services, imagine how many projects you could cross off your list....

Easy Brand Buckets
Same-Day Responses

Got multiple brands and projects? We’ve got the perfect way to keep things organized. Our Brand Buckets are simple to create and edit, so you can easily send style guides and reference materials straight to your voice-over. There’s no better way to manage unlimited voice-over projects!

Powerful Project Dashboard
Same-Day Responses

With unlimited voice-overs, you’ll be racking up projects quickly. Get everything sorted and maintain control of your projects with Flocksy’s intuitive platform. Simple forms, convenient chat, and project timers to track progress — all in one place!

Dedicated Support
Same-Day Responses

We’re here via email, chat, and phone to help you stay on top of everything. Questions? Concerns? Comments? Reach out any time during business hours and our support team will be at the ready to address your needs!

Calling All Agencies
Same-Day Responses

Run an agency and need to outsource some work? No problem. At Flocksy, your unlimited Voice-over and Audio Team can help you with any request, whether for your brand or a client’s! Simply fill out a brief and our voice-over artists will start rehearsing!