We’re eager to bring your script to life.

Nick - Voice Over Artist

Our team provides professional, high-quality voice-overs — FAST.

Few things are worse than robotic, boring narration for your explainer video or YouTube commercial. Let’s liven things up! Need someone who can give your brand a friendly yet authoritative voice — literally? Flocksy’s talented voice-over artists are ready to bring your script to life. We deliver expertly read voice-overs for whatever you need — fast!

Sarah - Voice Over Artist
Fill out a creative brief

Simply request a voice-over and upload the script that the artist should use (Don’t have one yet? Let our Copywriting Team help!). You can provide guidance about the tone you want, whether you want a male or female voice, and anything else you need. Our Voice-over Team will fire up their microphones!

Review the recording

Once a voice-over artist completes their work, they’ll send an audio file for your review. You can often expect results in just a few hours! Feel free to request a re-take if needed!

You’re done

Once you are happy, you can finalize the project and receive all the files you need.

Janelle - Graphic Designer

Check out what

our voice-over team can do

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What does unlimited

voice-overs include?

Drawn by Jane

● Ad voice-overs
● Promo voice-overs
● Voice-over narrations
● Voicemails
● Call services
● Script voice-overs

● Transcribing
● Audiobooks
● eLearning video voice-overs
● Podcasts
● Corporate training video voice-overs

   and more…


Get unlimited graphic design, video editing, copywriting, virtual assistants, motion graphics, illustration, and web design for one affordable, flat-rate monthly payment.

Paul Rabic

Founder - PR Performance

“The most attractive thing about Flocksy is that you have a creative team without the high expense of a creative team. You know, the monthly subscription is a fraction of what you would pay to hire somebody full-time. And you have a full team, not just one person. The resources and the support you get are the best part about it, hands down.”
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What will I get with

my voice over services?

Voice overs are a great way to convey your message over the top of an engaging video. It’s the perfect technique for commercials, demos, training videos, and more. It’s also a valuable tool for telephone systems and podcasts. Our voice over work is performed by a voice actor who reads from your script and incorporates your desired tone, energy level, and style. With your voice over monthly plan, you’ll get preview and raw files of your recording that you can manipulate and use however you wish.

Do I need to prepare something
for my voice over project?
Do I need to prepare something for my voice over project?
When you create a voice over project in Flocksy, you’ll want to include a script, an explanation of the project, your desired tone, and, if applicable, the preferred gender. Your creative will then take all that information to create a fantastic recording you’ll be proud to have represent your brand.
How do I hire
a voice actor?
How do I hire a voice actor?
Start by creating your Flocksy account and choosing the appropriate plan. Then, use the easy-to-follow dashboard to create a voice overs project with all the necessary details. You’ll get offers from top talent who can record your script and get it back to you quickly. If you fall in love with a particular voice actor during your unlimited voice over service, just invite them back to each of your projects to keep working with them. It’s that simple!
How much does a voice over cost?

How much does a voice over cost? Unlimited voice over projects are included in your premium plan. That means you can start as many VO projects as you want, and they’ll each be worked on in the order you send them in. You’ll even have unlimited revisions for any retakes you need. What’s more, communicating with your team and knowing the instant your project is complete is easy with our Zapier integration. Zapier will alert you on your favorite apps when your voice-over is done or you get a message.

Florencia - Motion Graphic Artist
What files will I get with my unlimited voice-over projects?

When your voice-over actor has finished with your recording, they’ll send you both a source m4a file and an mp3. You’ll 100% own these recordings, so you can use them wherever and however you want.

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