Video Editing and Creation

Engaging, attractive content to fire up your digital presence.

Abril - Video Editor

They say video content is the future. Let's go!

Videos make everything better. Why have standard text ads or landing pages when you could make more of an impact? Videos are the perfect way to add flavor to your brand — and our team is proud to deliver stellar cuts in no time! Here’s how it works.

Virginia - Video Editor
Fill out a creative brief

Want to have an existing video cut down? Titles or voice-over added? Need an animated explainer video? We’ve got you covered. Simply let our video team know what you’d like us to do. We’ll get to work!

Review the cut

Your video editor will send you your new video to review. You can request edits or finalize it.

Publish your video

The final video is yours to do with as you please! We can deliver the final product in formats to fit any social media platform or website template, as well as any custom sizes needed.

Sebastián - Video Editor

Our video editing and creation team

will bring your brand to life

Play Video
Play Video

What does unlimited

video editing and creation include?

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● Audio editing
● Color grading
● Add a “call-to-action”
● Travel videos
● Enhance with special effects
● Eliminate background noises
● Add transitions
● Add thumbnails
● Add end screens
● Online courses
● Add or remove titles
● Update or correct the color
● Review videos

● Audio syncing, mixing and editing
● Add background music
● Split a video
● Trim or join video clips
● Add subtitles
● Create new ads
● Promo videos
● Animated social media ads
● Edit existing videos
● Create new videos

● Tiktok videos
● Instagram reels
● Youtube shorts
● Youtube longform videos
● Reviews and testimonials
● Educational and informative content
● Snippets from longer videos
● Talking head
● Video marketing assets for social media

   and more…


Get unlimited graphic design, video editing, copywriting, virtual assistants, motion graphics, illustration, and web design for one affordable, flat-rate monthly payment.

We make

your life easier

“Flocksy has truly been a game-changer for our business”

Flocksy has truly been a game-changer for our business. Gone are the days of scrambling to find competent contractors on Fiverr and other platforms - we now have our very own top-notch content creation team! The diversity of creative works that Flocksy is able to produce is simply astounding, and we are continually impressed by their ability to deliver exceptional results. Overall, we can't recommend Flocksy highly enough - they've truly been a lifesaver for our business!

Yudu G. - 247 Artists

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Flocksy is your all-in-one

unlimited video editing service

Your personal video editing team, including your project manager and a team of editors, helps you enjoy one less thing on your plate. You’re busy and have other important business needs that demand your attention. With an easy-to-manage project dashboard, unlimited video editing and creation, unlimited revisions, and brand buckets that keep all your assets in one place, Flocksy is your one-stop shop for all things video.

How unlimited is unlimited?

“With a lot of these types of video editing services, unlimited isn’t really true. What about you?”

We don’t limit your number of video projects in any way. Submit as many as you want. We’ll work on them in the order submitted and guarantee unlimited revisions to ensure your video is perfect.

Whenever you have questions, you can reach out to your project manager and chat with your video editor to ensure they understand exactly what you need. Our video editing subscription is contract-free and offers a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee. What’s more, you can get our monthly video editing service for one flat rate.

You’ll love your video. You can count on it.

“I have a strict video editing deadline. Can you help?”

With Flocksy, you can count on a quick turnaround time.

Most projects have a 24-48-hour timeframe, and if you do have revisions, they typically don’t take longer than 24 hours. When you need video editing for content creators regularly putting out content, our team can take care of it for you quickly.

What’s more, Flocksy offers video chat through Loom, so you can show your team exactly what you mean. Visual aides for the win. You’ll also get Zapier integration that’ll give you project updates on all your favorite apps.

Your deadlines will be no issue with your dedicated project manager and the team of video editors.

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We produce quality videos every time

Our team of creatives specializes in several online marketing and content creation services, but that doesn’t mean you’re settling for a Jack of All Trades and Master of None. Our video editors and designers are pre-vetted experts who know the ins and outs of video like the back of their hands. They can handle:

● Creating a new video from scratch
● Color grading
● Enhance your video with special effects
● Eliminate the background noise
● Transition effects
● Audio syncing, mixing, and editing

● Adding background music
● Splitting a video
● Trimming or joining video clips
● Animated social media ad

   And more…

Alejo - Video Editor

If you’re looking for a Video Husky alternative that can handle all your video creation and editing needs in addition to graphic designs, animations, and GIFs, you can trust Flocksy to deliver quality content.

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