Flocksy is now offering
Figma Delivery

Flocksy is bringing the power of Figma to our unlimited creative design packages. We are using Figma to offer seamless collaboration between our design experts and you to help you create amazing designs even faster.

Illustration by Diego M.

Flocksy is making creating with Figma easier than ever before!

Our Expertise.
Your Personality.
Figma Convenience.

Figma’s cloud-based collaborative design tool makes it ridiculously easy to work directly with your Flocksy designer in real time. No need to sync files, or download and upload multiple revisions. Our talented team will design and share your projects in Figma allowing you to track and comment on work as it happens.

One Awesome Design Tool.
So Many Uses

Figma was born as a collaborative UI design tool and has evolved to be used for all types of creative design projects. Your Flocksy creative can use Figma for wireframing a new website, designing an app interface, creating social media marketing campaigns, prototyping a new design and so much more.

The Ultimate

Get the best value from all of your design tools, teams, and assets with the ultimate in collaboration. Take full advantage of Flocksy’s design expertise to create and templatize unique designs. Add your own personal touch with Figma’s cloud-based tools.

Our clients love our services!

PlanPerfect for Agencies or Large Businesses

Delivery Included!
Flocksy’s Unlimited Creative Design Package just got even better. Unlimited project requests, and unlimited revisions, now with Figma collaboration and delivery for one flat monthly rate. No contacts. No surprises.

All your Flocksy + Figma questions...

Absolutely! Your free Figma account will allow you to collaborate with Flocksy creatives on up to 3 projects at a time, so you can continue to revise one project while the team gets started on the next.

Yes! That is the beauty of the Flocksy + Figma partnership. You choose the level of collaboration you would like to have with your Flocksy creative team. Figma allows you to see your design as it is being created. You can post and respond to comments to address any design concerns as they happen.

Yes. Again, this is where Figma really shines. Figma makes the revision process much faster and smoother. By allowing you to comment, ask questions, and provide suggestions throughout the design process we can eliminate the need to wait for revisions to be completed after the design is finished.

No. Figma is built for sharing among remote teams. The cloud-based service allows anyone with a project link to log in using their own credentials and collaborate on your project in real time from any device with an adequate internet connection. All you need is an invite to a project either created by you or by one of our Flocksy creatives.

At this time, Figma collaboration and delivery are exclusive features available to Platinum subscribers only.


Check out some of the stunning Figma collaborations created by our amazing Flocksy designers and our awesome clients!

From websites to banners to app design to social media posts, anything that requires design can be done through the collaborative tool Figma. While there are several design platforms and software out there, the big difference with Figma is the ability to work collaboratively with your team from anywhere.

We’re thrilled to provide Figma design services where you can trust our team of talented designers to create something gorgeous and edit and communicate on the design right from the Figma web-based platform. It’s perfect for the collaborative design of all your design needs.

When you want to hire a Figma designer, look no further than Flocksy.

How To Hire A Figma Designer At Flocksy

Figma offers the convenience of cloud collaboration to any and all designs. Thanks to its unique tools, Figma is an excellent place to craft a page, banner, social post, etc., that will wow any potential clients, customers, or supporters.

So how do you hire Figma designers through Flocksy? It’s simple. As a part of your unlimited creative services subscription, you’ll have access to a professional team of designers that can design from scratch and show you the finished product right in Figma for you to approve. They can even take care of getting your original files into Figma to edit there.

Why Should You Hire A Figma Designer?

Figma brings teams together whether you’re brainstorming ideas, designing prototypes, or crafting solutions because their commenting and editing tools make it easy to stay in sync with your co-workers or designers, from the initial idea to final product.

Your design can create high-fidelity designs and interactive prototypes on a centralized design system where your communication and updates will remain consistent.

It’s very easy to edit and tweak designs when you just need a slight change, and using Figma means you won’t have to download or go to a link with a ton of files. With just a link, you’ll have access to edit or comment on your design as needed.

Your entire team can work together with your designer without receiving a million files sent to each person involved. Share, comment, and update in a snap while you enjoy the incredible work of Flocksy’s top artists. Your designer can send you prototypes, complete with a folder of all the necessary brand files there, ready for you to use wherever you need!

What You Can Count On From Our Figma Professionals

Our experts can help you with all of your Figma site design needs thanks to the following skills and expertise:

• Figma expertise
• Best practices for UI/UX design
• Device platform-specific design expertise (iOS, Android, Windows)
• Access to graphic design tools (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop)

Plus, you can count on us to have the following as well.

• Our team of designers understands the nuances and necessities for designing ads, banners, posters, websites, and pages for different industries and goals using the latest best practices.
• We have professional experience creating and adapting files for Figma.
• Our past work has been reviewed well, and we ensure quality above all else.
• We have great turnaround times that you can find with other freelance marketplaces and provide unlimited projects and revisions.

Figma Designer FAQs

What Is Figma?

Figma is a cloud-based web design tool that allows creators to design websites, pages, app wireframes, storyboards, mock-ups, and more in a browser.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Figma Designer Through Flocky?

Working with Flocksy means that your Figma file conversion and web design services will be a part of the flat-rate, no-contract subscription. We don’t charge extra to work in Figma as a part of the unlimited services. We’ll send files to your existing Figma login and subscription, including the free one, to produce whatever graphic you need to your exact specifications