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Our team of professional motion graphic artists, video editors, graphic designers and more are ready to get started on your next creative project. Dedicated Project Managers and Virtual Assistants help streamline your workflow and give a hand whenever needed.

Drawn by Katie - Illustrator

1. Brief

Assemble your creative to-do list

Our intuitive project briefs make it easy to tell your team exactly what you need. Queue up your projects and attach specific reference files and Brand Buckets to each. You can fill out as many project briefs as you like and line them up in order of priority. Need to shift things around? It’s easy to do!
(Agencies love using this feature to prioritize client work!)

How do you provide feedback?

Our easy-to-use interface includes features for tagging elements you like or want to change. You can also add specific comments and have a dialogue right in the file, so you don’t have to go back and forth over email. Everything stays together. You can also provide video feedback to the team, using Loom. Easily share your screen and record what you would like changed or created.

How do I choose team members?

Our innovative system matches your projects to the best team members. Those who are the best fit will have your project added to their queue. As you work through projects you'll be able to invite the team members you love back to work with you on new projects when they're available. Over time you'll build a personal team that knows your brand and design preferences, ensuring consistency across projects.

How long will a project take to complete?

With one of the fastest turnaround times on the market, you're sure to see results quickly. The actual time frame depends on the complexity and length of your brief, but your creative team will be sure to keep you updated throughout the process.

2. Finalize

Polish to Perfection

Your team is made up of trained professionals who work fast. In most cases, you’ll have an update on your project within a few hours. Have questions? Your project manager is just a call away. You’ll be able to provide feedback for changes until you have exactly what you want. Then all you have to do is close out the project and take your completed files to go.

What source files
do I receive?

Whichever ones you need. We're happy to work in your program of choice and can deliver your final files in whatever format you want. From the Adobe Creative Suite to Figma and Canva, we've got you covered.

What happens when
I complete a project?

Each time you end a project, you can download your completed work and leave a rating for the person who worked on it. You also have the option to add them to your team. The next project in your queue will start automatically once you've hit finalize.

How do I know
when to expect an update?

As soon as you post your project, a countdown clock will appear. This tells you exactly when you can expect to see an update from your team.

3. Repeat

Productivity never stops

As soon as you close out one project, the next brief on your list gets posted and the process starts again. Your team tackles your task list so you’re never waiting around for someone to get back to you. It’s automatic and your projects get handled ASAP.

How many projects can I run?

You have unlimited projects each month. Your team will run through them as fast as possible, for as long as you have an active plan.

How does forming my team work?

When you sign up, you're matched with a small team of creatives — making sure the work you receive is consistent, high quality and that you have fast turnarounds. You can continue to work with that team moving forward, or invite different Flocksy creatives depending on the brief!

Can I work with the same team member again?

Yes! Once you've started a few projects, you can begin to invite team members you've liked as long as they're available. So if you’re getting in the groove with someone, you can keep the party going.

Dale L. Roberts

Founder - Self Publishing with Dale Roberts

“I'm a huge fan of Flocksy”
When I joined Flocksy, it seemed like we meshed right away. I got the right people to work with me and gel with me in a way that made my business efficient. Because that’s really what it’s all about — I hire Flocksy to be more efficient.

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Nalia - Sales

Our robust application vetting process means that your dedicated creative team will always be made up of the top 2% of creative talent from around the world. The majority of our team members are based in the USA, with a portion being international, giving us the ability to provide continuous service regardless of your time zone.

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Maria - Motion Graphics Designer

data exchange

Link your apps with only a few clicks so your data easily flows back and forth across platforms. Our streamlined creative process means you get faster creative workflows — it's a win-win!

Abril - Video Editor


We've eliminated the need for manual touch points, allowing you to receive and send notifications automatically. The notifications let you know when designs are ready for review, fast-tracking your project from request to completion.

Victor - Graphic Designer


Save time and increase productivity by integrating and automating all of your creative requests. No need to spend time on tedious administrative tasks, Flocksy lets you focus on more important things!

Trello + Flocksy

Submit Flocksy requests when new labels are added to Trello cards

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Add project responses from Flocksy as items on Monday.com boards

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Start a Flocksy project from a Slack message

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