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Our team of professional digital artists, custom illustrators, video editors, graphic designers and more are ready to deliver high-quality content in record time. With Dedicated Project Managers, Virtual Assistants, AI Assist and integrations with all your favorite apps — you can streamline your workflow and get your time back.

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Now with AI Assist

100% Brand consistency

Get consistent, on brand results every time.

Work with a team that really gets you

When you start your first projects, we will add a team member to your account that is the best fit. Like working with them? You can easily add them to your team and work with them again and again, ensuring consistent high quality results from someone that knows your brand
inside and out.

Stay organized with brand buckets

Upload brand guides and other important brand assets to a Brand Bucket once, and you’ll never have to again — they attach right to any project brief.

Dedicated Project Manager

Maximize your Flocksy experience with your own personal Flocksy Project Manager, available to answer questions, deal with any issues and make sure that your creative content keeps flowing hassle-free.

Create briefs

Assemble your creative to-do list quickly and easily.

Intelligent creative briefs

Our intuitive project briefs make it easy to tell your team exactly what you need. You don't have to use industry lingo to explain what you're looking for. Include as much or as little detail as you wish and we'll take it from there!

AI Assist makes life easy

Let our advanced generative AI Assist feature come up with creative brief directions or generate unique project copy in seconds.

Image generation is built in

If you have existing images you wish to use in your project you can easily attach them to your brief.

Don't have any? No problem. You can either leave it up to us to choose the perfect image from our library of licensed stock images, or generate a unique, one of a kind image directly in your brief for use in your project or as inspiration for the team member assigned to it.

Organize and prioritize

Keep track of the projects you are having worked on and easily shift them up or down in priority.

Create drafts for later

Get a head start on things and create draft projects for later. When you're ready to add them to your queue just drop them into the position you want them worked on.

Sort, filter and organize

Drag and drop the projects you've created into the order you want them worked on. Easily adjust your queue as your priorities shift.

Share and collaborate

Share your files easily to clients or peers from within the Flocksy platform!

Easily share projects and gather feedback

Flocksy makes it easy to share white labeled projects with your clients and coworkers — just generate a unique link, collect feedback and then ask your Flocksy team member for changes.

Add and collaborate with account users

Add your clients, co-workers or anyone else you wish to your Flocksy account as a user.

Account users can start, sort, finalize and archive projects right alongside you. Streamline collaborative project creation and review faster than ever.

Unlimited revisions

Easily provide feedback until you have exactly what you want.

Need changes? You got it!

Your team member will revise and alter anything you want, just post a comment and let them know, you can also upload any example images or files you want them to reference.

Every project includes unlimited revisions so you can be sure you’ll end up with results you absolutely love every time.

Need changes?
You got it!

Your team member will revise and alter anything you want, just post a comment and let them know, you can also upload any example images or files you want them to reference.

Every project includes unlimited revisions so you can be sure you’ll end up with results you absolutely love every time.

Tag changes directly on images

Tagging is a time saver — you can be super specific and point out specific areas you'd like revised within every image or illustration.

The best part? You can see as the team updates each tag in real time — you'll know as each revision is made and get even more insight into when your project will be finalized.

Easily communicate with video feedback

Quickly provide direct video feedback using Loom. Easily share your screen and record what you would like changed or created directly to the Team Member you are working with.

Ready to use files

Get whatever source files you need. We’re happy to work in your program of choice and can deliver your final files in whatever format you want.

Any file format you need

We work with all your favorite file formats, from all the Adobe products to Figma and Canva, we'll make sure you get files that are ready to use or edit.

Ready to use files with every update

Even if you haven't finalized a project yet, every version that is posted includes ready to use files, there's no waiting to get started with your new material.

Projects start automatically

As soon as you've finalized a project the next one starts immediately, keeping your queue moving and awesome creative content flowing.


Our Zapier integration means you can start and manage all your projects on your favorite apps.

Simplify your work day

Connect the apps you already use every day to Flocksy and integrate the process of creating and managing creative projects right into your regular workflow.


a demo

Tour the platform

A friendly Flocksy sales representative will walk you through the platform, focusing on the services most relevant to you and your needs.

Get answers

Need help? Don't worry, we will answer all of your questions and show you how to get the most out of your Unlimited Subscription.

Choose the right plan

We will help you choose the right Unlimited Subscription Plan that works for your budget and brand.

Abril – Video Editor

Dale L. Roberts

Founder - Self Publishing with Dale Roberts

“I'm a huge fan of Flocksy”
When I joined Flocksy, it seemed like we meshed right away. I got the right people to work with me and gel with me in a way that made my business efficient. Because that’s really what it’s all about — I hire Flocksy to be more efficient.

Got Questions?

We've Got Answers!

Alex Solomon

Strategy Director at bigpxl

We’re about 20 days into our first month with Flocksy, and the experience has been fantastic! Our project manager, Brooke, is on top of everything and always available to answer any questions. We have used a similar company in the past and didn’t have the best experience, so I was hesitant about Flocksy. I’m happy to say that everything has been stellar.

Can I have work done for multiple brands?

Absolutely. Our Brand Buckets make it easy to use and organize all your brand’s marketing materials. Upload files to a Brand Bucket once, and you’ll never have to again — they attach right to your project brief.

Can my sub-users create and interact with projects?

The primary user can easily allow their employees, clients or team members to create, revise and finalize projects. These settings can be changed as needed. 

Can I work with the same team member?

Yes! If you have a team member you like that works well with your brand, you can invite them to your team. In the rare case that your preferred team member is unavailable, you can let the system add someone that’s a good fit so nothing is put on hold. You can also expand your team if you need to get more work done. We can scale with you. 

Can I request more than one concept or format within a project?

We’re happy to deliver your final files in whatever format you want. Our briefs make it easy for you to specify which design versions you want and your Team Member will make sure you receive everything you need. For example, we can present your project in multiple colors, sizes, or with different versions of the copy for you to split test! 

You can add unlimited projects to your queue each month. Your team will continuously work through your projects as fast as possible, for as long as you have an active plan.

If later down the road you decide you need some changes, you can easily reopen that project and keep working on it.

Absolutely! You can post messages to your team within the project, easily record a video or audio message using Loom, or direct message them from your account.

Your project manager is available to talk through any questions or concerns you may have. You can send them a message through Flocksy’s platform, hop on a video call via Google Meet or record messages directly in your account through our integration with Loom. 


Get unlimited graphic design, video editing, copywriting, virtual assistants, motion graphics, illustration, and web design for one affordable, flat-rate monthly payment.