Flocksy is now offering

Canva Delivery

Flocksy is bringing the power of Canva to our unlimited creative design packages.

Mariana - Graphic Designer

We are making Canva even easier and more convenient by offering seamless collaboration between our design experts, and you to help you create amazing design assets even faster.

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Flocksy is making

creating with Canva easier than ever before!

Our Expertise. Your Personality. Canva Convenience.

Flocksy’s creative artists can translate your brand logos, icons, and design elements into custom stickers and design assets which can be added to your Canva library and used on all of your brand designs.

Create Unique Canva Templates

Stand out from the crowd. Let Flocksy’s creative designers generate custom Canva templates tailor-made for your brand.

The Ultimate Collaboration.

Get the best value from all of your design tools, teams, and assets with the ultimate in collaboration. Take full advantage of Flocksy’s design expertise to create and templatize unique designs. Add your own personal touch with Canva’s user-friendly tools.

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Great service and professionals, delivery is super fast and communication is constant, would 100% recommend!

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CANVA Delivery Included!

Designated Creative Team
Graphic Design
Custom Illustrations
USA Daytime Team Creatives
Fast Turnaround
Video Editing
Zapier Integration
(Slack, Monday.com, Trello, Email + more)
Dedicated Project Manager
(available by phone, email and video chat)
Motion Graphics
Logos and Branding Guides
Video Editing
Zapier Integration
(Slack, Monday.com, Trello, Email + more)
Dedicated Project Manager
(available by phone, email
and video chat)
Motion Graphics
Logos and Branding Guides
Voice Over and Audio
Expedited Turnaround
Request Revisions via Video & Audio
PSD to Drag and Drop Builders
Submit Projects and Revisions via Email
Voice Over and Audio
Expedited Turnaround
Request Revisions via Video & Audio
PSD to Drag and Drop Builders
Submit Projects and Revisions via Email
Flocksy’s Unlimited Creative Design Package just got even better.

Unlimited project requests and unlimited revisions, now with Canva delivery for one flat monthy rate. No contracts. No surprises.

All your

Flocksy + Canva questions...answered!

Can I use my free Canva account with my Flocksy subscription?

Absolutely! Your free Canva account will allow you to upload and edit your own unique designs created by Flocksy creatives. While a commercial Canva account may be required to gain access to premium assets on the Canva platform, your free account will provide you with unfettered access to the premium assets created for you by Flocksy.

Will I be able to edit designs created by Canva artists?

Yes! That is the beauty of the Flocksy + Canva partnership. Your completed design will be shared with you as a Canva link. You can use this link to open the completed design in Canva. Simply save the design to your existing Canva account and it is yours to edit and use as you see fit.

Can I collaborate with Canva creatives on revisions?

Yes. We will need to make a few changes to the standard revision process to accommodate collaborative revisions. Once you have saved the completed asset or design in your Canva account, your Flocksy creative will no longer have live access to any comments or changes made on the file. Feel free to make any edits or changes you like using your Canva account and then request a revision in the Flocksy platform in the usual way. Simply share the link to the revised file to grant Flocksy access and let us know what you have changed and what you would like the team to do for you.

Sarah - Marketing Manager
Brooke - Project Manager
Will I need to provide Flocksy with the login credentials for my Canva account?

No. Flocksy artists will create your design assets using an official Flocksy Canva account. You will receive your completed design assets in the form of a shared Canva link. Simply open the link and save it to your personal or commercial Canva account to start editing and using the design across your account.

Will Flocksy designers be working exclusively in Canva to create my Canva assets?

It depends…Flocksy artists are not limited to using only Canva to create your design assets. Your creative expert will use whatever tools they deem necessary to deliver superb results. For more complex projects this may involve using tools like Adobe and others. However, your completed designs will always be editable in the Canva platform.




Get unlimited graphic design, video editing, copywriting, virtual assistants, motion graphics, illustration, and web design for one affordable, flat-rate monthly payment.

Barb Pritchard

Founder - Infinity Brand Design

“It feels really good to breathe.”

“I’m only one person, and obviously we haven’t figured out cloning yet. Once you have a team who can handle this, this and this, that’s not a problem anymore. I can delegate, I can do. It feels really good to breathe.”
Drawn by Michelle
Canva is a very affordable design platform, and many brands and businesses can take advantage of their offerings to create high quality editable designs for their social media, websites, and more.

We’re here to help you get Canva designs for your business even easier!

What Is Canva?

Canva is a straightforward photo and content editor. It offers users an extensive library of content templates, including everything from Instagram posts and stories to book covers to simple one-page websites. There are thousands of stock photo, font, and color palette assets available that you can use to personalize your designs.

When you’re looking for someone to help you design and personalize Canva files, look no further than Flocksy.

We possess the skills you need to take your Canva design to the next level, including:

• Canva specific expertise
• Professional graphic design experience
• Ability to deliver quick results with a dedicated focus
• Access to all the top graphic design and illustration tools to create amazing custom designs

Diego - Graphic Designer

Plus, with us, you’ll work with our talented team to drum up Canva-ready designs that can be used on any platform. You can even have us make personalized branded elements, including stickers and textures. Your favorite Flocksy designer will create something amazing or use something you’ve had us make previously to provide you with custom elements that you can use across any Canva project or team.

Best of all, you’ll be able to make simple edits to your Canva design right from your account, which can make correcting simple typos or swapping out colors that much easier. Edit the text, colors, and shapes of reusable designs from your Canva account to have a ready-made social post waiting for whenever you need to post a new update. You can do this for any design on Canva!

How To Hire

A Canva Designer Through Flocksy

Having top-notch branding assets is a must for any business, and Canva can make it easier to whip up engaging content quicker than building from scratch, thanks to their templates and typography selections. But customizing the images and creating something a little bit more unique by utilizing custom graphics can still take time and pull you away from other important business duties.

Thankfully, Flocksy’s custom Canva design services can allow you to focus on what’s important while we take care of creating tailored marketing assets with premium sticker and texture options made just for you. Just load up your account with your brand kit, which you could already have included, and we’ll use Canva tools to create a graphic that meets your requirements and style needs.
Drawn by Anna

So how do you hire a Canva designer?

You work with Flocksy for the best results and quick turnaround.

What Our Canva Design Professionals Offer

When you work with Flocksy’s Canva design experts, you can expect the following:

• Comprehensive industry understanding and experience, including illustration and advanced web design. We’ll know how to best reach your target market using today’s design techniques and best practices.
• Experience with all design tools, including Canva, and proficiency with Adobe Creative Cloud.
• Great reviews and feedback from other satisfied design subscribers.


Canva Design FAQs

Why Should I Hire Canva Designers?

When you’re looking to design with Canva, the platform does a good job of making a lot of the process straightforward. However, designing still takes time, and using custom assets can help your designs stand out more and look less like templates. You could do this yourself, but it’ll pull you away from other important tasks that your business or organization demands from you. By allowing our designers to do the work for you, you’ll be freed up to focus on other things and get more customized assets thanks to the work they can do outside of Canva, such as in Adobe, to create unique images and illustrations.

Your Canva account is yours, and we can work within whatever subscription you have with them. When you work with Flocksy, Canva design will be a part of your subscription as well. You won’t have to pay extra for it as an add-on, but you’ll instead get to enjoy custom Canva design from the Flocksy team you’ve already come to trust with your brand.

Not at all. A free account will work just fine because any type of Canva account offers team collaboration. You’ll be able to edit your requested designs and share them directly on your social media platforms or any other publishing service you have connected.

Nope! Our graphic artists have Canva accounts and can share a link with you where you can accept and save the editable file into your personal account.

Of course not. You’ll still get unlimited revisions no matter what changes you’ve made to the editable canva file. Just be sure to include the revised Canva link in your revision request. Once the design is sent to you in Canva, we won’t be able to see it or track comments because it’ll be yours. So we need the new share link to make updates.

They could potentially work in both! Depending on your request and the details it requires, your team might work on some parts in Adobe and then transfer over to Canva, or they might do the entire design in Canva. At the end of their work, they’ll always be sure to get the design in Canva so that you can edit and use it from there.