Flocksy is a group of passionate people dedicated to streamlining creative work through technology.

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We believe that every business owner should want to be a customer of their own company — and at Flocksy, we use our own services every day. We consider our team to be family, and we’re proud to connect our talented creatives with our passionate clients.

Our business is based on collaboration, which is why we’re constantly collecting feedback, having conversations, and adapting our process to better serve modern businesses. We aim to provide top-notch yet affordable work to businesses of any size, all managed within an intuitive system that fosters relationships between our team and our clients.

The all-in-one solution for your business:

We're a full service creative agency

Typically, when businesses outsource creative work, they have to find separate teams or freelancers for each type of project. We know how much time that can waste, which is why Flocksy offers all major creative services for a simple fixed price.

Flocksy helps you scale your business without overloading your schedule or budget.


custom teams

We’ve assembled a broad pool of talented creatives, and our smart algorithm identifies the best person for the job.


brand development

Whether you’re building a new brand or managing several for your own clients, you’ll love our versatile project management system.

We know that it gets challenging to track and manage multiple freelancers, which is why our intuitive platform lets you chat with your team, set up various Brand Buckets, and check your project timelines.

AI Assist

makes project brief creation easy!

Now, you can effortlessly turn your ideas into detailed creative directions by simply typing your thoughts, concepts and ideas into our AI Assist feature. The AI will generate comprehensive project briefs that you can easily edit or expand upon with your own text. This not only speeds up the brief writing process, but also ensures that your creative team has a clear understanding of your vision, making the process smoother and more efficient.

Generate AI Images

and add them
directly to your brief

Our AI image generation tool has you covered. Just type in your concepts or ideas, and AI will produce relevant images that you can add right into your project brief. 


The images can help convey your desired look and feel for any marketing materials and provide your creative team with the guidance they need to bring your ideas to life.


our leaders

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Charles Ryan


Chirag Lathiya




Flocksy is born!

Our first steps

Official Launch

Flocksy 2.0 released

Flocksy 3.0 released

Voice-over service added

Updated the client portal

Introduced Motion Graphics and integrated Zapier

Introduced the Marketplace and Virtual Assistants


company culture

At Flocksy, we cherish the collaborative opportunities and creative conversations that happen on our platform. We believe in empowering our clients through a combination of innovative project management, high-quality deliverables, and fast communication.

Our talented, passionate creatives enjoy nurturing their relationships with clients in a sustainable, easy-to-use environment with guaranteed pay and fun projects.

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