About Us

Who started it

Flocksy was founded by three brothers; Sam, Charles and George Ryan. As lifelong entrepreneurs they saw a need for a team focused, internet based creative platform that was affordable for businesses of all sizes. Conventional services were either cost prohibitive or connected you with individual creatives that quickly moved onto other projects or raised their prices drastically once you had successfully on-boarded them. Flocksy’s intuitive system provides companies with the highly talented creative team members they need to grow and improve their brand at flat monthly rates with dependable turnaround times.

Who Started Flocksy

How it was started

Our number one goal at Flocksy is to be the company we want to be a customer of. We use our own services every day and all of our creative efforts are driven forward by our talented team members. 

How Flocksy was started

We are constantly soliciting feedback and input from our users and team members and work to quickly adapt our process to meet the needs that are identified. We add new services to our list of offerings on a regular basis and are constantly improving our project management system.


Providing multiple services for a fixed price was a need that was missing in the market. Flocksy was born to help small to large business scale for all their business needs at an affordable fixed rate.


We realized that no single team member is perfect. That’s why each account has a custom team of highly skilled individuals built around it. Whether you’re building a website or having logos designed, the best team member is there to help.


Developing a brand is not only difficult but should be unique to you and your offering. The state-of-the-art Project Management Board was built to develop and manage multiple brands or businesses. Tools such as our custom buckets were offered to separate and identify each brand.

our leaders

Sam Ryan - CEO Flocksy

Sam Ryan | CEO

Sam is the innovate CEO of Flocksy. Sam loves rock climbing, reading, video games, and being out in nature. He has an active lifestyle and has a strong passion for bringing ideas to life.
Charles Ryan Flocksy

Charles Ryan | COO

Charles is our COO, has a variety of interests, and is very passionate about what he believes in. Charles loves extreme sports, traveling, adventuring, and woodworking, amongst other things.

George Ryan - Flocksy

George Ryan | CMO

George is Flocksy’s CMO. George is interested in many things, and a few of these are entrepreneurship, photography, and graphic design.

Chirag - Flocksy CTO

Chirag Lathiya | CTO

Chirag is the CTO of Flocksy. He graduated in Electronics and Communication. He believes in values rather than rules, makes data-driven decisions and is blitzscaling at everything he does.

our journey

Flocksy was created in November 2016 for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs.

Our company culture

We help our clients succeed through a combination of innovation, amazing work and fast communication. We focus on creating effective teams that are fun and motivating for each client.

Featured Project Managers

Caroline Project Manager Flocksy


Sophia Project Manager Flocksy


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Featured Team Members

Featured Designers

James - Team Member at Flocksy


Deepenshu - Team Member at Flocksy


John - Team Member at Flocksy


Luiza - Team Member at Flocksy


And many more!

Featured Copywriters

Amy - Team Member at Flocksy


Olivia - Team Member at Flocksy


Annie - Team Member at Flocksy


Rachel - Team Member at Flocksy


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Featured Web Developers

Darshan - Team Member at Flocksy


Bikel - Team Member at Flocksy


Diyanshu - Team Member at Flocksy


Anwar - Team Member at Flocksy


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