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Our professional graphic designers, video editors, web developers and digital artists produce high quality work across a wide range of creative categories, delivered in the formats you need & integrated with platforms like Canva and Figma.

Drawn by Sofia - Illustrator

Custom Illustrations

I am obsessed with Flocksy! The graphics are INCREDIBLE. They are so easy to work with, reliable and professional, and have a quick turnaround! My only regret is that I haven't used them sooner!
Tanya Marie - Thetanyamarie.com

Graphic Design

They have helped me with graphic design, copywriting and web development. Every project has been completed on time and with quality work. The individuals I've worked with have been so friendly and professional as well! With the platinum plan I can get so many projects finished!
Andrew Johnson - frostfiredigital.com


Get unlimited graphic design, video editing, copywriting, virtual assistants, motion graphics, illustration, and web design for one affordable, flat-rate monthly payment.


The biggest surprise was the quick turnaround on projects. I was like, oh my gosh, I actually can't come up with ideas fast enough… I’d tell [new clients] that their only regret will be not starting sooner and coming prepared with many ideas, because [Flocksy] will make them all come to life.
Paul Rabic, PR Performance

Julia McDonald

"Lead Cowgirl" - Cool Brand Media

“I found my home”

“I think that Flocksy is one of the most brilliant things … that has ever been invented. It comes down to the people that work for Flocksy that make it a superior product, service & company. There’s no need for anyone who’s searching for a service like this to look anywhere else.”

Motion Graphics


Flocksy has definitely saved me a bunch of time I’d have spent working on these. I would say it has also definitely increased my productivity…it has increased how productive I was on projects that I would normally put off and helped me save time in terms of not having to do every little step of it on my own. Flocksy was just overall a huge help to be able to have.
- Juliana Chauncey, Podcaster/Long-Distance Hiker


Everyone's noticed the better quality [of my videos]. What's awesome is that the video editors [at Flocksy] do what you tell them. If you need something, they'll just do it, they'll make it better AND they'll find ways to improve it. Usually, you’re giving suggestions, but then they bring out some pretty good stuff [of their own], which is helpful.
- Joe Ignace, The Knowledge Gap

We can design anything for you

Regardless of the format, size, style or category – if what you need is gorgeous creative design, we’ve got you covered!

Web Development

The first thing that caught my eye was definitely the web development. I hadn't seen anybody else offering that. Of course, the unlimited subscription was huge. I could have three designers or three different projects going at the same time. And I was like, “This is what I need right now.”
- Barb Pritchard, Infinity Brand Designs


The thing that I really love and find most shocking about Flocksy is the fact that it is a cost-effective platform giving everything I could possibly need and some.
- Dale Roberts, Self Publishing with Dale Roberts