Rachel Wayne

creative communicator specializing in marketing, health, and tech

Recent clients Rachel Wayne worked with:
  • Peter Mohr
  • Alan Brown
  • Manny Torres


creative communicator specializing in marketing, health, and tech

Rachel Wayne is a full-time freelance writer and marketer based in Orlando, FL. She creates compelling landing pages, fact-driven blogs, effective press releases, engaging ads, and SEO-friendly web content — all with a smile on her face. She loves helping businesses and individuals tell their brand's story with great content. She has a Master’s degree in Media Studies and Visual Anthropology from the University of Florida, where she worked for several years as the digital content manager and staff writer for UF’s largest college. With a diverse background in journalism, social science, and performing arts, she's able to help businesses, entrepreneurs, and creative people tell their story.


  • Copywriting Task
  • Voice Over
  • Market Research (beta)
  • Product Research (beta)
  • Custom Brief (beta)
  • Keyword Research (Beta)
  • Optimizing existing copy (Beta)
  • Blog SEO (Beta)
  • Website SEO (Beta)
  • Social Media Ad
  • Social Media Post
  • Minor Edits
  • Rewrite Content
  • Branding Guide
  • Biography
  • Infographic
  • Sales Letter
  • Email Content
  • Product Description
  • Webpage
  • Landing Page
  • Article
  • Blog Post
  • Script