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How Flocksy Helped Dale Roberts Turn His New Podcast Into A Lucrative YouTube Channel

Dale L. Roberts has been revealing the complexities of self-publishing and sharing his knowledge on YouTube since 2014. Not only is Dale a successful content creator, but also an international #1 best-selling author who still publishes books to this day! His catalog of self-published books includes books on self-publishing, fitness, and healthy eating (some of his books have even been translated into 5 languages). Keep reading to hear all about how Dale built his self-publishing empire and why he’s never leaving Flocksy.

About Dale L. Roberts

With expertly written books on topics ranging from “The Best Juicing Recipes” to “Secrets of the Permafree Books,” Dale is a master of all trades. While he is passionate about writing and content creation, he is just as passionate about spending his creative energy on tasks he enjoys — which does not include video editing. That’s where Flocksy’s creative services come in! With Flocksy’s help, Dale has monetized his podcasting YouTube channel and increased his engagement. And now that he doesn’t have to worry about graphic design or video editing, he can focus on doing what he loves – writing and publishing books! (You can find his most recent book, “The Amazon Self Publisher” here.)

Dale Roberts thumbnail image
Dale Roberts thumbnail image

"Flocksy affords me more time to do things that I enjoy doing."

“Flocksy affords me more time to do things that I enjoy doing. I could probably be drafting another video. I could be writing another post. I could be writing another book, putting together a Kickstarter campaign, and not having to worry about the graphics. So what [Flocksy] does is it affords me more time freedom.”

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The Story

Dale Robert’s specialties include book publishing, video production, public speaking, networking and now, podcasting! He’s appeared on numerous YouTube channels and podcast interviews but felt driven to seek out an even broader audience to share the value of self-publishing books. Because of his deep desire to share his love of writing and publishing, he started his podcast: “The Self-Publishing with Dale Podcast.”


The Challenge: “I Can’t Do Video Editing Anymore”

While branching out, Dale realized he needed help managing his two YouTube channels and growing content demands. Luckily, he had previously used Flocksy when he was affiliated with another YouTube channel a few years before and knew they were the obvious choice to help him expand his reach. 

“My partner and I started our other channel in 2020, which blew up in 2021. It reached the point where I just looked at them and said, ‘Look, man, I can’t do video editing anymore. We have to find something.’ And that’s when we stumbled on Flocksy. Initially, I was 100% focused on live streaming tech and doing the videos, blog article writing, and thumbnails, more importantly. I can do thumbnails okay-ish —but if you get someone with an eye for graphic design, then [the thumbnails] are phenomenal.”


Dale Roberts LOVES being creative. That includes creating videos, writing books, and even graphic design! The only issue with being creative, is that you have to choose where you spend your creative energy. For Dale, he would prefer to spend it recording videos, running self-publishing seminars, and writing books to help his followers better themselves and their writing skills. When his first YouTube channel started gaining a following, Dale realized he was spending too much of his time editing videos. So, he took to Google to find a video editing service —

“The funny thing is, I discovered you guys originally when I was looking for a video editor. There was a service I was considering, but your ad popped up. Normally I’m kind of a rebel… but I was like, ‘Let’s hear them out.’ I clicked on [the ad] and saw that [Flocksy] was absurdly affordable. And I saw that Flocksy did YouTube thumbnails, video editing, blog writing, and even manuscript editing. I was like, ‘yeah, we’re going with Flocksy!”


The Solution: Gaining Time, & Restoring Peace Of Mind

When Dale parted ways with the first YouTube channel he founded, he ensured he was given “custody” of their Flocksy account when he left.

“I wasn’t even a week and a half into [the trial] when I was just like, ‘upgrade me!’ I was like; we’re just gonna go ahead and pass that 14-day trial because I’m really, really happy with this. And honestly, let me go ahead and share this with you on the record. The original channel that I was with, we parted ways last year. And part of that deal of parting ways was me acquiring our Flocksy account. He got to keep all the other assets for that business, but I said, ‘I want Flocksy to come with me.’


He couldn’t imagine life without his team of video editors and graphic designers at Flocksy —  especially his favorite graphic designer, John:

“John gets me. We’ve been working with each other for like two years now, and I can give him the shortest briefs, but it will come back like he read my mind.” 


Not only does Dale love the YouTube thumbnails and book covers our graphic designers create for him, but he also loves the “time freedom” he’s received to complete preferred activities —

“Flocksy affords me more time to do things that I enjoy doing. I could probably be drafting another video. I could be writing another post. I could be writing another book, putting together a Kickstarter campaign, and not having to worry about the graphics. So what [Flocksy] does is it affords me more time freedom.”

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The Results: Boosted Subscribers From 808 To 7,200!

Since joining in 2021, Dale Roberts has seen an overall increase in his YouTube subscribers in real-time. Regarding his podcasting channel, Flocksy has increased his revenue earnings by 500% in a year! (Now that’s something to write home about 😉)

“I started using Flocksy on February 19th of 2021. And here we are on August 2nd of 2023. In 2021, my main channel had about 45,932 subscribers. You skip forward to now – it’s somewhere north of 87,000 subscribers. So it’s nearly doubled in that time. And I’d like to blame you guys to a certain extent… but [my podcast channel in 2021] wasn’t monetized and had 808 subscribers. I was at 808 followers, and now I have 7,200. I’ve used Flocksy’s thumbnails for a while, since 2021, so we can directly blame [Flocksy] for this growth.

I also went from getting $0 per month in ad revenue to now getting about $500 per month on that same YouTube channel.”



Now that his channel is thriving and continuing to grow, Dale is focusing on his publishing workshops and expanding his catalog of best sellers. Not only is he grateful for his team of designers at Flocksy (especially John), but also for his project manager —

“Not that I’m trying to kiss up to my project manager, but the project manager aspect of this whole platform gives me peace of mind, knowing that things are going to get handled in a timely fashion. And when the train runs off the tracks, as it inevitably will, the project manager will go ahead and take care of it. I love it.”


Dale Roberts Statistics graphics



Now, Flocksy has become part of Dale’s daily routine, and he has no plans of changing it.

“…if there were a progression in this relationship [with Flocksy], it would be upgrading my account. That would be the only direction I could see going with this. Flocksy is a regular part of my everyday workflow. It’s even on my to-do list. Every day I’ve got a reminder for Flocksy.” 


Save Time And Money With Flocksy

Flocksy can provide you with a team of creatives for all your graphic design, copywriting, video editing, and marketing needs! Our guaranteed quick turnaround times ensure your team never misses a deadline, and our affordable packages won’t break the bank. Check out our unlimited subscriptions and learn more about what it means to join the #flock today! 

Dale Roberts thumbnail image
Dale Roberts thumbnail image

"[Joining Flocksy] was about getting some of my time back, also some of my sanity."

I can’t live without Flocksy at this point. There’s never going to be an instance where I’m going to get rid of it.”

Dale L. Roberts

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