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Danya Izazaga: Flocksy Graphic Designer

Danya Izazaga is a go-getter.  Based in Puebla, Mexico – she started teaching herself how to use Canva, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator several years ago. Her friends and family immediately noticed how talented she was, and they began asking for her help.  They called on her to design websites for their businesses, create social media posts, and even design entire branding guides for their companies.

Now, Danya is one of our top designers and Flocksy


"When you love what you do, nothing can stop you. "

“Once you find your passion, your thing, your spark — keep working on it. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you.”

Danya Izazaga - Flocksy Graphic Designer

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The Story

How Danya Became A Graphic Designer

Danya has always felt connected to art, everything from drawing to music. But once she began designing, she couldn’t stop –

“I wanted to learn more, know more.  It all started to help my friends with their brand identities, but I loved it from the beginning.  After a while, I realized it was ‘my thing.’  It means a lot to create things from scratch and meet the client’s expectations.  Design is what I love to do.”


Even though she’s entirely self-taught, Danya has always trusted in her abilities —

“Some people might not like what you’re doing – but you can’t focus on that.  Art is art, it’s subjective.  No one can tell you your work is good or bad except you.  If you feel good about your work,  that’s the most amazing thing you can do for yourself.” 

Danya’s Advice For Branding Guides

Danya’s favorite projects to work on are branding guides.  It started as a hobby — helping friends with logos or making material for their business, but it quickly became something more. 

Eventually, she began a small business with a friend to help companies with their branding. Danya’s role was to ensure the vision and company values were completely represented and aligned with their branding — “It’s what I love the most – it’s my favorite thing to create.” 

Her advice for rock-solid branding?

 “When it comes to branding – you need that human aspect.  You don’t want a brand that seems cold and out of touch.  I prefer to have a human approach.  I love brands that have a heart and meaningful background.  I always try to ensure that when I’m working with a client,  I know everything about the brand to represent them fully.”

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Danya’s Favorite Project

The most memorable project she’s ever worked on was the branding guide she created for her brother’s restaurant in her hometown —Poza Rica, Veracruz.

Danya’s grandmother was a great inspiration for the restaurant and the branding, so she put a lot of herself and a ton of love into that project.  The food is regional Mexican, and most of the menu is her grandmother’s recipes, so she used that as inspiration to help create the logo and content for the website. Xoleda was truly a passion project for Danya, and although the restaurant hasn’t opened yet, she is so proud of the work her family has done so far to honor their grandmother and local cuisine. 

We’re proud of her too! 

Work With Danya At Flocksy

Danya offered the following advice for anyone considering a creative career path:

“When you love what you do, nothing can stop you.  Once you find your passion, your thing, your spark — keep working on it.  Don’t let anything or anyone stop you.”

To see more of Danya’s work and learn more about our unlimited graphic design subscription — check out our website & artist spotlights today! 

Becca Hasen client review thumbnail
Becca Hasen client review thumbnail

"So fast and went above and beyond to provide all the file types we needed."

“So fast and went above and beyond to provide all the file types we needed. Thanks so much, Danya! Looking forward to the next one!”

Becca Hansen

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