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Diego Minutti - Flocksy Illustrator

Diego Minutti lives in Puebla, Mexico (one of three Flocksy creatives from this city!!) and works on our custom illustration team. While working as a background illustrator for an animation studio in Puebla, he met Sofia Sanchez (our Illustration team lead).  She brought him along with her when she joined Flocksy – and the rest is history. We aren’t sure what’s in the water over there in Puebla, but the city sure does produce some incredibly talented artists!

Diego Minutti
Diego Minutti

"You will be comparing yourself with many people, but be patient."

“Never stop learning.  Follow many different artists for inspiration, but make your own style and be versatile.  We’re competing with AI, so you must keep learning and improving.”

Diego Minutti - Flocksy Illustrator

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The Story

Why Diego Became An Illustrator

When he was younger, Diego wanted to be just like his brother.  His brother loved drawing, so naturally, Diego became obsessed with drawing.  The drive to be as good as his brother and his love of cartoons led him to pursue art all the way into his teenage years.  He didn’t feel confident in math or history in school but was recognized for his drawing skills, which encouraged him to keep going.  Not only was illustration helping Diego build confidence, but he also found it relaxing compared to all his other schoolwork. 

When it came time to choose what he’d like to get a degree in, he chose art instead of medicine (much to the surprise of his family), knowing that it was something he loved  – “When you’re born to draw, it’s your destiny to go into drawing.”

Diego has learned from experience that an artist should never stop learning.

“You will be comparing yourself with many people, but be patient. Never stop learning. Follow many different artists for inspiration, but make your own style and be versatile. We’re competing with AI, so you must keep learning and improving.”

How Diego Finds Inspiration

Diego stays inspired by watching movies and shows-

“ I just saw Spiderman Into the Spider-verse, and I have to say it’s the most beautiful movie in the world.”


Not only does he love animated movies, but also comic books. His love of illustration can even be found in his wardrobe! (Check out his Ren & Stimpy shirt in the video above.)  

Diego’s love of art also helps him find beauty in everyday moments-

“I try to get inspired every day – when I see the clouds in the sky, I stop and take some time to see how they look and what I can find.  I take that inspiration and put it into my work.”


He takes time each day to go for walks, observe his surroundings, and regain inspiration.  When asked how to overcome a creative block, he stressed the importance of taking breaks –

“Go out with friends, have adventures, spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend – you’ll find inspiration there.” 

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Work With Diego At Flocksy

As sweet as Diego is, he isn’t afraid of getting dark with his illustrations. His love of anime influences his designs – which can be exciting, spooky, and hauntingly beautiful.

We are lucky to call Diego part of our flock of creatives at Flocksy and are grateful for his advice to take the time to find inspiration every day. To see more of Diego’s work and learn more about our unlimited illustration subscription — check out our website & artist spotlights today! 

Nicolette Moore client review thumbnail
Nicolette Moore client review thumbnail

"Diego is definitely a favorite."

“Diego is definitely a favorite. So talented, pays attention to what I want, and executes with style. I am so grateful for him and his work!”

Nicolette Moore

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