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Paulina Ramos: Flocksy Graphic Design Team Lead

Paulina, based in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, used to work in the post-production department for a company that created projects for shows like The Animaniacs (The lovable cartoon characters who had a great time wreaking havoc in the Warner Bros. water tower). While she says the role was “a lot of fun,” she found the animation world “very demanding; it’s a very hard industry.”

At Flocksy, she is the Team Lead of Graphic Design, and she feels her imagination is put to the test each day and thinks the graphic design team is the greatest thing at Flocksy.” Her love for her team can’t be overstated, and their cohesiveness is thanks to her excellent leadership. Keep reading to discover how Paulina creates the perfect webpage and her biggest advice for new designers.

Paulina Ramos Thumbnail image
Paulina Ramos Thumbnail image

"I get inspiration from everything..."

“I get inspiration from everything. From movies, books, series, cartoons — everything. Anything can cause me to begin imagining, and imagination is my source of inspiration.”

Paulina Ramos - Flocksy Graphic Design Team Lead

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The Story

How Paulina Stays Inspired


“I get inspiration from everything. From movies, books, series, cartoons — everything. Anything can cause me to begin imagining, and imagination is my source of inspiration.” 


Paulina (like many of us) loves to have background noise on while she works. “My brain is set to a task, but I need noise in the background.” Instead of music, she prefers movies she has seen many times before to play while she designs.  Her favorite movies of all time?  The Harry Potter series.  Don’t worry, I asked her what house she belongs to: “I’m a Slytherin. My boyfriend is a Hufflepuff.” She even has a theory on which houses are most compatible — “Hufflepuffs are very kind people, Slytherins are more ambitious people, so it balances out.” 

When it comes to overcoming a creative block, her advice is simple: “Stop everything.” She says that often when she finds herself out of ideas, it’s due to overthinking. So instead, she will do something different. She recommends cleaning your house, listening to music, and even sleeping to jump-start your creativity: “Anything not related to what you were doing, that’s how I overcome a creative block.” 


Paulina’s Graphic Design Advice

“I think that design is all about communication and providing solutions for the people. Creating something visual that can be helpful for others with our creativity and imagination. So, it’s something very beautiful.” 


When it comes to learning graphic design, Paulina’s biggest advice is to stay open,

“We should always be open to learning new things because right now, the work is changing a ton. So, we must always be open to studying and learning new things — even if it’s unrelated to design.”


A perfect example of “staying open” is the fact that Paulina had never created web pages before starting at Flocksy, but once she created her first one, it was love at first UI. Paulina explains,

“Once I began to do it, I realized this was ‘my thing.’  Webpages are the perfect way to communicate with people.”


A perfect webpage for her is all about being easy to understand and eye-catching, but Paulina also stressed the importance of spacing:

“Everything is about the spacing, If things are too close together, it is not going to work. The cleaner the page — the better.” 


She cited companies like Apple, who showcase their products by making their images the page’s main focus.

“The text is minimal, which is how a webpage should work. Everything is visual, and the text comes next.” 

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Work With Paulina At Flocksy

When asked what Paulina likes most about her role at Flocksy, she replied, “That’s not a hard question.” 

“I am the team leader, and I love my team. I also love working with different clients because I never get bored. I’m always working on a lot of projects with a lot of clients and a lot of design styles. It’s something that never bores you.” 

To see more of Paulina’s work and learn more about our Unlimited Custom Graphic Design Subscription — check out the artist’s portfolio on the Flocksy website. You can also head over to Instagram to see our artist spotlights, and lots of other informative and fun behind the scenes content from our creative team. 

Melanie Ventura client review thumbnail image
Melanie Ventura client review thumbnail image

"Paulina is creative, attentive, and kind."

“As always my FAV Flocksy designer. Paulina is creative, attentive, and kind. Appreciate working with her a lot.”

Melanie Ventura

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