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Sofia Sanchez- Custom Illustration Team Lead

Sofia Sanchez is our Custom Illustration Team Lead at Flocksy and currently based in Puebla, Mexico. As the Illustration Team Lead, she helps creatives gain insight into client briefs while also illustrating & organizing projects of her own.

After our interview, I realized there are two things Sofia Sanchez doesn’t like — doing the same thing every day and Tabasco sauce.  Funnily enough, that’s where Sofia was born, Tabasco, Mexico (but according to her, Herdez sauce is much better). 

Sophia Sanchez
Sophia Sanchez

"Being an illustrator is a very big responsibility because you’re trying to make a fantasy into something factual."

“We take the concepts in someone’s mind and make them come alive. It is also very challenging on the creative side – you need to do a lot of imagining and research, but it’s fun and exciting to bring the abstract into something you can feel, see or touch.”

Sofia Sanchez - Custom Illustration Team Lead

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The Story

How Sofia Became An Illustrator

Before becoming an artist, Sofia worked as an insurance assistant, saving money to buy a computer for college, but quickly realized her true calling was illustration.  She started her career as a storyboard artist and background supervisor at an animation studio in Mexico but disliked the repetition and monotony of recreating backgrounds all day —

“There wasn’t much creativity involved, my first experience with true creativity has been at Flocksy.” 


Sofia has always loved being creative.  Originally, she thought she wanted to be a food scientist or engineer – but then realized that was really her grandfather’s dream for her, not her own.  She discovered that drawing could be more than just a hobby and that she could turn her passion for animation into a career.  In Mexico, animation falls under an engineering category, and once she explained that she would still be learning math and other important subjects to her family, her grandfather accepted her choice. 

While in school for animation, Sofia was invited to go to Portland, Oregon, to see the making of the new Pinocchio movie. To this day, Sofia believes it was one of her life’s most rewarding experiences:

“I’ll never forget seeing the set, now I love watching videos about movies being made, storyboard design, and pre-production.” 

Sofia’s Advice For New Artists

Sofia previously only felt confident drawing girls and portraits, but now she enjoys drawing full scenes with detailed backgrounds.  Working as an illustrator at Flocksy pushed her “to draw things that would have been outside of my comfort zone,”

Now Sofia loves challenging herself to come up with different concepts, styles, and textures for each brand and client. Some days, she even feels like she’s “exploding with creativity while coming up with different ideas.” 


If Sofia could share one piece of advice with new artists, she would tell them…

“You’ll always get better…  I’m always watching how my work progresses. There’s a huge difference from before I started drawing professionally.  It’s just about practice and understanding perspectives, lighting, and composition. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to have a bad piece of work because you’ll get better. “

Sofia Sanchez fact card

Work With Sofia At Flocksy

Sofia has designed most of the pieces seen on our Instagram and website today, and we are proud to call her one of our flock of creatives here at Flocksy.  Sofia is proud of her work too —

“I enjoy the progress … seeing how far I’ve come. I feel very proud of my progress.” 

To see more of Sofia’s work and learn more about our unlimited illustration subscription — check out our website & artist spotlights today! 

Kelly Wade Client Review Thumbnail Image
Kelly Wade Client Review Thumbnail Image

"Once again, Sofia has delivered a gorgeous custom illustration!"

“Once again, Sofia has delivered a gorgeous custom illustration that perfectly conveys the desired meaning in an aesthetically pleasing and compelling way. Thank you!”

Flocksy Client, Kelly Wade

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