Frequently asked questions about working at Flocksy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything About Getting Assigned Projects

If you don’t have any questions, place the amount you’d like to receive and the timeframe you’d need to deliver results. If you meet certain criteria, the system will instantly assign it. Otherwise, the system will assign it at a later time if your offer is accepted.

If you are assigned a project, you’ll see the project added to your Current Projects queue. The turnaround time starts immediately, and you can begin work.

If you need clarification on the project brief or have other questions about a project, simply click the “I have questions about this project” button in the offer area. You can submit your question(s), and one of the Project Managers will get back to you soon. Once everything has been clarified, you can place your offer on the project.

If a project isn’t auto-assigned to you immediately by the system, you may update the offer you entered or remove it altogether. Note: If it’s assigned at a later time, you’ll be notified. You are responsible for completing it within the timeframe you requested. The timer starts as soon as the offer is accepted.

Yes, this can be removed from the My Offers area in your Dashboard.

Everything About Projects

Yes, the amount you place in your offer includes the initial project and any minor revisions the client requests (within reason).

Yes! You can dispute a rating here.

Please reach out to your Project Manager so they can review the request. If they tell you that you may proceed, after that, please start work on the update right away so that the deadline is met. If necessary, you can request an additional payment from the pop-up menu in the upper right corner of the project chat.

For any questions, once a project has been assigned you should contact your Project Manager.

Clients can’t submit edits to projects with a completed status. However, clients are able to have pending projects reopened and ask for edits.

Yes, a client can have a project reopened at any point to request additional changes to the work.

Everything About Clients

If you have questions on revisions the client submitted or need access to missing files, please feel free to reach out to them.

Please never be defensive toward clients. If they have a concern about something you did, please explain your work on the project and help them understand as best as possible.

You should ask all the questions before the project is assigned, or else it can count as points against your account. However, we know that sometimes questions arise while working. If your request falls under the guidelines of talking to clients, you can reach out to them. Otherwise, please contact your Project Manager.

If you need more information or do not understand a revision request, you may ask the client for clarification. If your concern involves payment or turnaround time, do NOT message the client. Instead, please reach out to the Project Manager.

Everything About Project Managers

The best way to chat with the Project Managers is using the “Project Manager” chat on the left sidebar of your account.

If you ever believe that a client is upset, angry, or rude, contact your Project Manager right away. Do not respond to the client.

You will work with different Project Managers on different projects. You’ll know what Project Manager is attached to the project by using the Project Manager chat for the relevant project.

Everything About Payments

Under “Earnings” in your account. This can be located using the menu next to your name in the top right corner.

Payments are issued every Friday from your Flocksy account balance to your PayPal.

All payments are issued through PayPal.

We currently only offer payments made through PayPal.

You would have added your PayPal when creating an account.

You can submit a request to update your PayPal email here.


No worries. Feel free to email us at careers@flocksy.com.