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Flocksy will make your life easier.

Build relationships with clients

All Flocksy creatives have the chance to join clients’ teams and get to know their brand. Our talented designers, writers, video editors, and developers form productive relationships with clients to help them meet their business goals. Creatives always have access to brand buckets to ensure that they have the resources they need.

Enjoy regular income

Freelancing platforms make creatives wait to be paid — and often, there’s no guarantee. At Flocksy, we believe in crediting people what they’re due and in a timely manner. Our unique system allows all creatives to be decently compensated for their work without having to wait weeks for payment. We believe that this helps produce higher-quality work for our clients.

Work From Anywhere, Anytime

We’re all about working remotely. At Flocksy you aren’t tied down to a specific location and can get work done wherever you want.

Wanna work next to the pool? No problem.


Don't Compete With the Masses

Only the best of the best make it into Flocksy, stop fighting for odd jobs with the masses and go pro.

We accept all high-quality applications.

Be part of a community

Flocksy is more than a platform: it’s a community of creative, entrepreneurial people who come together to make great projects happen for amazing clients. We’ve recruited the best talent for our esteemed clients, and our creatives love being part of a thriving community! By pooling our resources through brand buckets and Flocksy’s proprietary system, we can optimize the work we do for our clients.

Set your own schedules

At Flocksy, creatives have the flexibility to complete projects on their own schedule, from anywhere in the world. Our proprietary system ensures that clients’ projects are completed in a timely manner, yet creatives can work their preferred hours. This leads to greater productivity and better results for our clients. Meanwhile, clients can easily track project status and see updates.

We keep things streamlined and simple.

Project Management Board

Our project Management Board makes it easy to work on projects. Having everything in one place makes it easier for you.

Project Deadlines

Easy to follow deadlines let you know when a project is due to be submitted. Less stress creates a fun working environment.

What Flocksy creatives are saying.

Staci - Designer

“Flocksy is really great for freelancers who are looking for a quick way to broaden their scope of work. The platform makes connecting with clients easy, and the pay is consistent.”

– Staci | Graphic Designer


“I have worked for Flocksy for about a year and a half. Flocksy provides freedom and flexibility for me, along with a steady paycheck. I can work from anywhere, I can work (or not work) when I choose, and the pay is great! I started working for Flocksy because I was looking for a regular income that I could make from home. I had no idea that Flocksy would be the blessing that it is. I am incredibly grateful for this company and all that it has done for my family and I.”

– Amy | Copywriter


“I’ve been working with Flocksy for a little over 3 months and I absolutely love it! I had been looking for a remote position that would give me the flexibility to work from different locations with flexible hours.

– Amanda | Graphic Designer

Recent work done by Creatives at Flocksy.