The Top Unlimited Video Editing Companies for 2023

When it comes to digital marketing and promotion, video is quickly becoming king. If you want your brand to stand out amongst your competition and attract new people to your company, it’s practically required to have an online video presence, at least on your website. By bringing images, copywriting, music, and even a story together, a video pulls the weight of several content mediums in just a few minutes, maybe even seconds.

Video is incredibly powerful. A 30-second video can do more for your brand than a single image or text alone. But producing and editing videos consistently, even short clips, is time-consuming and takes a certain skill.

That’s what makes unlimited video editing services valuable.

When you have an ongoing need for video content across several platforms, including social media and your site, these unique services can alleviate the creative burden so that you can get back to operations.

But with so many flat-rate video subscriptions out there, how do you decide which one you should use to support your company?

In this list, we’ve ranked the top unlimited video editing subscriptions to help you choose which one will be the right fit for your creative needs. Let’s dive in.

For Unlimited Everything Get to Know Flocksy

We’re an American company that provides every creative service your company needs for successful brand marketing. While we’re based in the US, we work with Australia-based companies and brands on a regular basis.

We provide on-demand creative services, including unlimited graphic design, video editing, copywriting, web development, and more. Flocksy plans are a monthly subscription for a fixed monthly rate, but unlike other design services, we can do much more than just logos and branding materials. We did start as a graphic design services company, but now we offer video editing, voice-over work, web and app design, custom illustrations, motion graphics, and web development. It’s the perfect one-stop shop for everything you need to make your business stand out and be successful.

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"Hire Your Perfect Creative Team"

Get to Know Flocksy:

You want Flocksy when you need every type of marketing and promotional asset created in an all-in-one platform, including video. They offer unlimited video editing, graphic design, custom illustrations, motion graphics, web dev, and more. Flocksy pre-vets all its creatives and has some of the fastest turnarounds in the industry. They focus on providing amazing quality across all types of creative services, and their professional team has fantastic insight and experience in video editing and creation. They can help you create the content you need to wow your target audience and keep their attention.

Flocksy- How It Works- Breaking Down Their Creative Process:

Signing up with Flocksy is easy. You’ll first choose the video editing plan (Gold) on their website and create a log in. From there, you can start requesting video projects, as well as a large number of other kinds of creative projects. They work on a monthly subscription basis with a flat rate for unlimited services, and you can cancel anytime. Flocksy also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Working with them is great, thanks to their intuitive briefs. These briefs guide you through the request process so that you know you’ve provided your video editor with everything they need to create and/or edit your video. You’ll get a final cut that meets your needs and achieves your goals. You’ll also get a dedicated team of creatives, including videographers, that will get to know you and your brand.

Flocksy will assign your project to a video editor, and you can message them right on the project page. This is where you can go back and forth with questions, revisions, and updates. You can also check the project timer here, which shows you when to expect the final video.

Better still, you’ll get a dedicated project manager who helps ensure your projects go smoothly by answering questions, providing guidance, addressing concerns, and managing your account.

Should You Use Flocksy?

Thanks to their rigorous vetting and expectation of quality, you can count on Flocksy creatives to deliver great work. These dedicated professionals can get you results you’ll love quickly. They offer unlimited video editing and creation projects and revisions with other desirable asset creation services. They are perfect for startups who need an entire site’s worth of content, bigger companies with consistent content demands, and agencies that want to outsource work. If you fit into any of these categories, they are a great choice.

Flocksy’s Best Features:

No Contract

For no contract, Flocksy provides great video editing services and also copywriting, graphic design, illustrations, and more. You don’t have to juggle several service providers who all work on different deadlines. You’ll know exactly when to expect your drafts and pay one rate each month for all of it.

Less Cost

Because of this, using their service will likely cost you much less than hiring an in-house team, paying for several subscriptions, or working with three or four separate freelance creators. You’ll work with an experienced team of videographers who will help you put out modern, beautiful video content on your deadline.

Invite Favourite Video Editor

And when you’ve found a favorite video editor, inviting them back to your next project is easy. You can add them to your team and prioritize them for all your projects. You can also grow this team so that you have a crew of creatives that you trust. Thanks to these long-term relationships, you’ll work with people who understand your brand, and you can learn about their unique strengths and specialties. This collaboration shortens turnaround times, reduces the need for revisions, and creates the best quality work.

What You Get for the Cost

Flocksy has three packages that offer varying services. Here is the breakdown:

Silver Plan is $499/Month

on the monthly payment schedule plan and includes:

Gold Plan is $995/Month

on the monthly payment schedule plan and includes:

Platinum Plan is $1,495/Month

on the monthly payment schedule plan and includes:

No matter which Flocksy plan you decide to go with, you’ll always get Unlimited Users and Brand Buckets, Licensed Stock Photos and Video Footage, and the 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

When Will You See Results?

When you want fast, you want Flocksy. In about 24 to 48 hours, you’ll get quality results for your video projects. Some shorter projects and many graphic design assets come back quicker, sometimes even under 12 hours.

Flocksy Pros

●   14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

●   No Contracts

●   Expert video editors

●   Additional content & design services available, including motion graphics and web development

●   Zapier integration

●   Excellent communication through the dashboard and your favorite apps thanks to Zapier and Loom video messaging

●   Long-term relationships create enhanced quality and better turnaround times

Flocksy Cons
●   Video is available on the Gold plan and up

Video Husky

"Your videos edited right,100% stress-free"

Get to Know Video Husky:

At Video Husky, their monthly subscription can help create quality videos that are on brand with less stress. Their company can take the hassle of editing off your plate. Video Husky states that as a premier outsourcing service, they employ expert videographers and editors and can produce videos that engage, convert, and get the attention your brand needs.

Video Husky- How It Works- Breaking Down Their Creative Process:

Their editing service can get you back to creating and working, leaving the editing and cutting up to them. Their process is simple and follows four steps.

Step one: You put in unlimited requests after you sign up for one of their plans.
Step two: The editors work on one request at a time, first come, first served.
Step three: They send a draft to you for approval or revisions.
Step four: Once approved, they deliver the final files, and the footage is yours to use wherever you want.

Should You Use Video Husky?

When you don’t have the time or skills to edit video, want better results, or hate doing it, Video Husky can take on the bulk of your needs. Video Husky says say the Pom plan is great for talking heads, real estate tours, YouTube, video ads, and testimonials. They say the Eskimo plan is the best choice for these options as well as short interviews, casual vloggers, and podcast highlights.

Video Husky’s Best Features:

Better Efficiency

Video Husky can streamline your creative process by providing several resources for even better efficiency. They understand that you likely have work to get back to.

Platform is User-Friendly

Their platform is user-friendly, and the free script template is a great perk.

Great Results

You can focus on operations as their team works on your videos and delivers great results fast.

What You Get for the Cost

Their two plans both include unlimited video editing, and you can pay for them by the month or quarter.

Pom plan

Eskimo plan

When Will You See Results?

The expected turnaround for most Video Husky projects is between one and two business days.

Video Husky Pros

●   Large Cloud Storage

●   Premium Stock Assets

●   Color Correction

●   Bonus Exports

●   Built-in Resources

Video Husky Cons

●   Limited revisions on Pom plan

●   Their lower plan is more expensive than those offered by other platforms

●   Max rendered run time on Pom Plan is 10 minutes

●   No 4k edits on Pom Plan

●   No voiceovers or work on wedding videos, music videos, or cartoons/custom animation

●   Videos must be 30 minutes or less

●   Won’t work on narrative content such as short films, documentaries, or skits

●   Won’t work on 360 Degree footage

Edit Video

"A Subscription-based Video Editing Service for Content Creators."

Get to Know Edit Video:

Edit Video is a subscription-based service for video editing that aims to help you with creating videos to post and display across multiple platforms. They use your raw footage to cut and edit a final draft for distribution and can do it pretty fast. They pride themselves on being quick, easy to use, and cost-effective.

Edit Video- How It Works- Breaking Down Their Creative Process:

Edit Video has a simple, three-step process. Once you’ve chosen and subscribed to a plan and created an account, you’ll start your first video project by doing the following.

Step 1: Upload all your video files and assets to their platform. The team will use these to create your final video.
Step 2: The editors begin work and return your first draft to you in roughly 48 hours.
Step 3: You review the draft and request any revisions necessary. If you’re ready to go, you approve the work and receive your final files.

Should You Use Edit Video?

Because Edit Video does just that, you can tell they’ve taken care to dedicate all their time and services to making editing video their specialty. They provide a dedicated team of editors to work on your project requests regularly when you don’t have the time or skill. They’ve hired editors who are passionate about that craft and claim to work hard to deliver the quality you want within a reasonable timeframe.

Edit Video’s Best Features:

Plenty of Space

You likely know that video files are huge. They take up a great deal of space on your computer or shared system. With this in mind, Edit Video provides users plenty of space for raw footage file uploads as a complementary part of their service, and you can add more if necessary.

Access to video proofing tools

You’ll also have access to their industry-leading video proofing tools, where you can check out video details more thoroughly, including frame-by-frame sections of the footage.

What You Get for the Cost

Edit Video offers three subscription tiers. You can choose the best one for you based on your needs. Currently, they are being offered as follows, though the discounted price may change:

Weekly Plan

Ultimate Plan

Ultimate + Plan

With each plan, you’ll get:

  • 14-Day money-back guarantee
  • Cancel anytime
  • Video Proofing
  • World-class support
  • All project files included
  • Free Subtitles and Captions
  • Instagram Story Content
  • Complete Project Management
  • 1:1 Gary Vee Style Video
  • Unlimited Revisions Per Video
  • Free Trial

When Will You See Results?

Edit Video promises the first drafts within 48 hours. At that point, you can review the file and give the editor any revisions necessary. Some simple projects might have quicker turnarounds, with as little as 24 hours, but it depends on the complexity.

Edit Video Pros
●   14-day money-back guarantee ●   Social media versions of your videos with captions ●  Industry-standard monthly prices ●   Quick turnaround ● Dedicated video editor
Edit Video Cons

● Not truly unlimited, as there’s a set amount of video projects per month per plan. If you have more than these, that could be a problem.

●   It is unclear if you have to provide all footage or if they can use stock videos to create a video for you


"Unlimited Video Editing For A Fixed Monthly Fee"

Get to Know Unbound:

Unbound is an internationally distinguished video production agency. They presently offer professional editing services for a monthly subscription fee. With more than ten years of experience in content production and marketing, Unbound can produce great results. They assert that their expertise is difficult to beat. Additionally, they’re available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, Central Indonesian Time (GMT +8).

Unbound- How It Works- Breaking Down Their Creative Process:

When you select one of their plans and create an account online, Unbound will provide professional editing of your videos in five simple steps.

Step 1: Explain what you need in their short form.
Step 2: Upload your raw cut and all footage that you want the editors to use.
Step 3: Allow the editors to work with magic.
Step 4: Approve the proof or request revisions.
Step 5: Receive your final cut and use your new video wherever you want.

Should You Use Unbound?

If you want the best editing for your video done by professionals with years of marketing and video production experience, Unbound can be a fantastic choice. When you need consistent video editing services and have the budget to invest in a premier service, then Unbound can serve your needs well. Their services for video are comprehensive, and Unbound can achieve great results quickly. A subscription can also save you in the long run if you have a lot of editing you need to be done.

Unbound’s Best Features:

Enhance your traffic

Beyond their extensive experience, Unbound also knows what it is like to run a business while trying to enhance your traffic and exposure through marketing and promotion.

Great Experienced

They have been through those experiences, endured similar professional struggles, and have developed a great sense of what the client needs because of it.

What You Get for the Cost

Unbound offers two fixed-rate plans. As a side note, these packages are in Euros. There are also add-ons for additional services that you can pay for monthly.

Unlimited Monthly

Unlimited Yearly

Each plan comes with all the source files used as well.


  • Extended Video Duration- €197/MONTH
  • Transcriptions & Subtitles- €97/MONTH
  • Thumbnail Creations- €67/MONTH
  • Royalty-Free Library- €47/MONTH

When Will You See Results?

The standard turnaround is one to two business days, with revisions often done in under 24 hours.

Unbound Pros

●   Fast turnaround time

●   14-day no-risk guarantee

● Unlimited requests & revisions

●   Yearly package offers discount

Unbound Cons

●   Located in Bali- GMT+8

●   Have to pay for separate addons

●   Yearly plan comes does not state there is no contract

●   Up to 30 minutes of editing per project, which is common

Unlimited Video Editing

"UNLIMITED Video Editing is your little secret to making better videos and making a lot of them."

Get to Know Unlimited Video:

Unlimited Video Editing is just what you’ll get from this aptly-named company. For a flat monthly rate, they will edit your videos and return internet-ready files, which is perfect when you have a lot of videos to edit and release during the month. They are an exclusive service and only work with people they feel would be a good fit for their company and services. From what we can tell on their site, they can handle a high demand and output of videos.

Unlimited Video- How It Works- Breaking Down Their Creative Process:

The process is simple once the company determines they’re a good match for you.
Step 1: First, you submit your request for a subscription. From there, you’ll go through an approval process. When your request is accepted, you’ll be added to your chosen plan, and they’ll give you a login and account.
Step 2: You will be invited to join the Unlimited Video project dashboard, and their team will guide you through orientation.
Step 3: Last, you can begin submitting editing requests, and they will work through your queue.

Should You Use Unlimited Video?

Unlimited Video aims to make your video editing projects and needs less stressful. They only take on clients they feel will complement their services and collaborate well with them, so you can be confident that you'll be a priority if you are accepted as a client.

Unlimited Video Editing’s Best Features:

Exclusive Service

As an exclusive service, Unlimited Video understands their skills, experience, and who can benefit the most from them. They know the right type of client for their business model.

If not selected, return your files

If you’re not selected, they will return your files and wish you the best of luck finding a different service.

Provide best Results

While this can be a bit frustrating, as a premier company, you know they take their jobs seriously. Unlimited Video assures clients that they work with people as passionate about video creation as they are and can provide results you’ll be proud to show off.

What You Get for the Cost

Unlimited Video has three packages available. You can choose from:



When Will You See Results?

The turnaround time is one to two business days on both plans.

Unlimited Video Pros

●   Unlimited requests and revisions

●   Free Media Library

●   Quick turnaround time

●   Can edit 4k videos

●   Exclusive clientele

Unlimited Video Cons

●   Only edit 4K in the Premium package

●   Videos stored on their servers are not accessible 24/7

●   May choose not to work with you

●   Cannot work on videos longer than 30 mins

●   Will not work on animated or wedding videos

●   Don’t record voiceovers