The Top US-Based Unlimited Graphic Design Companies (2023)

When you have consistent needs for graphic assets to support your business, you have a few options. You can work with a freelancer or freelance marketplace, you can hire an in-house designer, or you can do it yourself. That’s it, right? Wrong. You can also work with an unlimited graphic design company, and there are even several US-based options when you want to keep your business in America.

When you work with unlimited graphic design subscription services, they’ll take on your image tasks so that you can focus on all the other things on your plate. These options provide unlimited graphic designs for a flat rate each month and a number of additional services and add-ons. They make it a lot easier to get the assets you need for marketing and promotion without having to wait weeks for a design or spend a costly amount on employees or one-time projects.

If you’re a solopreneur, marketer, agency, or large business, you can boost your productivity or offerings for a great ROI. Small businesses and sole proprietors can lighten their loads and have more time for all the other things they need to do. But which unlimited graphics service is the right choice for your business?

We’ve compared some of the top US-based on-demand graphic design services so that you can make an informed choice. Let’s get started.

If you’re looking for Top US-Based Unlimited Graphic Design Companies check out this list of the top five companies.


"Unlimited Graphic Design, Video Editing, and Copywriting” Best for All-in-One Creative Service Platform

Presenting Flocksy:

Flocksy is a US-based creative services subscription service that offers nearly every type of content creation you might need. Our headquarters are in Groton, CT. We help companies and brands of every shape and size create the graphics, copy, and videos they need for impressive marketing and brand promotion. We have options that can suit small businesses, entrepreneurs, and agencies.

And unlike with others, you won’t just get images from Flocksy. You’ll get unlimited graphic design, copywriting, video editing, web design and development, and much more. For a flat monthly fee, you can get the help you need to design a new website from top to bottom, design an app, pair a custom brand illustration with your online marketing, and develop completely customized logos. It’s a fantastic one-stop shop where you can depend on quality, consistency, and timeliness.

When you need the full gamut of marketing assets and content, Flocksy is where it’s at.

Breaking Down the Flocksy Process:

Flocksy’s portal is very straightforward and allows you to begin and monitor all your projects from one unified dashboard. When you start with a new project, each one will be assigned to a creative who has the necessary skills for the job. You’ll also get a dedicated project manager who’ll be there to answer any questions and provide guidance on the platform and Flocksy’s workflow.

Once you create an account, you can access the online portal. You’ll also get a demo with your project manager, that walks you through the dashboard and best practices for requesting projects. When you feel ready, you can use our intuitive creative briefs to start a project request which will provide fast results and quality work. What’s more, you’ll also get unlimited revisions if you need anything updated, and you can click right on the design to show where you have revisions requests. The dashboard will also store your completed projects and files, allowing you to access them whenever you need.

Another part of what makes working with Flocksy easy is enhanced communication. You’ll be able to reach your project manager and creative team via the Flocksy Message Center and your favorite apps thanks to the Zapier integration.

What Makes Flocksy a Great Choice?

Projects done for an affordable cost quickly

With Flocksy, the lasting relationships with our creatives sets our service apart. All our employees have been pre-vetted for quality, and because you’re building a team, you can get projects done for an affordable cost quickly, thanks to how well our professional creatives get to know your brand.

Unlimited Designs

With unlimited brands, graphics, and revisions, you’re bound to love every design and piece of content you get back from Flocksy.

Invite your favourite people

You can also invite your favorite people back to each following project, collaborating with artists, writers, and more who’ve come to understand your wants and needs intimately. Better relationships mean better work and a faster turnaround time.

Should You Work With Flocksy?

If you’re tired of juggling multiple creative subscription services and want all your work in one place, Flocksy can help you. We'll be your content team for everything from web dev to logos to long-form blog posts and videos. When you need consistent creation on multiple fronts, Flocksy is a great choice. What’s more, their prices, which you can see below, are comparable to graphics-only subscriptions, making them a cost-effective option.

What Does Flocksy Cost?

Silver - $499/month

Gold - $995/month

Platinum - $1,695/month

When Will You See Results?

Flocksy provides results quickly. Our average turnaround time for projects is 11 hours or sooner. Social media posts, certain print materials, eBook covers, brochures, ads, and even emails are some of the fastest turnaround times.

Reasons to Use Flocksy:
●   14-day money-back guarantee

●   No contract; cancel any time

●   Straightforward billing

●   Excellent graphic artists

●   Exceptional turnaround time

●   Zapier integration for easy communication and updates

●   Motion graphics and web development are available

●   A dedicated project manager

●   Long-term relationships for impeccable quality and even quicker turnaround times
Reasons Not to Use Flocksy:

●   The Gold Plan and up is required for logos, branding guides, motion graphics, and video.

Design Shifu

"Unlimited Graphic Design"

Presenting Design Shifu:

Design Shifu is a US-based subscription service for graphic design that offers flat-rate, no-contract pricing for marketing and promotional graphics. Their headquarters are in New York, NY. Design Shifu provides a team of freelancer artists to work on your graphic design needs with the goal of saving you money and time.

Breaking Down the Design Shifu Process:

Working with Design Shifu is straightforward, and you’ll do so on their online portal. You can also schedule a demo with them to learn more about the platform. The process typically goes as follows.

●   You’ll manage and start projects on the Design Shifu online dashboard. You can check the project results or submit new ones from the main menu. It will display your current projects and their status, and from there, you can access the design brief, where you can request a new project.

●   When you submit a request, it will be matched with a dedicated designer who will handle the design creation from start to finish.

●   The designer then sends you a design proof to review. You can ask them for any revisions you need to be completed, or you can sign off on the design. If you approve the proof, you’ll get your final files, including source files.

●   Once you’ve got your files, you can close the project, and the design is yours to use however you need. Your designer will provide all the possible file types you need for the various places the asset will go.

●   Last, your next project will move up the queue, and the designers will start working on it next.

What Makes Design Shifu a Great Choice?

Add upto five open active requests

With a Design Shifu Unlimited or Unlimited Plus monthly plan, you will have at least one active project request with the option to add up to five open, active requests.

Designers can work on serveral projects at once

This feature allows designers to work on several projects at once, which can expedite turnaround times and allow you to meet even stricter deadlines.

Benefits for serveral users

It can also be a nice feature if you’ll have several users on the account submitting projects.

Should You Work With Design Shifu?

If you need ongoing graphic design creation, want something that fits a tighter budget, and don’t need other creative services, Design Shifu can be a great choice. On the other hand, if you require copywriting services, video editing, website design, etc., or if you have complex project tasks, then another creative service platform could suit you better. Design Shifu can work well for agencies and advertising firms since they do offer multiple active project options. However, on the highest tier, which grants access to motion graphics projects, you can only have one active project at a time. At the end of the day, evaluate your business’s needs to determine if Design Shifu is the best company to help you achieve your goals. Or if an all-in-one service could be better.

What Does Design Shifu Cost?

Design Shifu offers three plans that break down as follows.

Unlimited - $399 a month

Unlimited Plus - $599 a month

Unlimited Pro - $1,499 a month

In all three plans, you aren’t subject to a long-term contract, will receive full email support, a dedicated designer, and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

When Will You See Results?

At Design Shifu, you can choose how many active projects you want when you subscribe to one of the first two tiers. With that option, you’ll receive several concurrent requests. For most basic projects, their turnaround times are usually 24 to 48 hours, with simple designs that are not multimedia showing results within 24 hours. With that being said, you could get multiple projects returned on the same day. For motion graphics, or what they refer to as video, the turnaround is 48 to 72 hours.

Reasons to Use Design Shifu:
●   Flexible pricing

●   Up to five active projects

●   A dedicated designer

●   Base plans are cost-effective

●   Zapier integration

●   Fast Turnaround

●   14-day money-back guarantee

●   Unlimited brands and team members

●   24-hour support team
Reasons Not to Use Design Shifu:
●   Custom branding and website design are unavailable

●   Longer turnaround time on motion graphics

●   Motion graphics only available on the highest tier

●   The highest tier has only one active project


"Unlimited Creative Solution Made For Digital Agencies."

Presenting Kappa99:

Kapa99 is an online unlimited graphic design service for a flat monthly rate. Their headquarters are in Miami, FL, with designers spanning the globe. They cover U.S. time zones from 8 am to midnight EST. Kappa99 offers graphic design subscriptions that serve small businesses, agencies, and marketers with a quick 12 to 48-hour turnaround time.

Breaking Down the Kappa99 Process:

For a fixed monthly rate, their in-house team of graphic designers will work on unlimited graphic design requests, where you get two project managers, two art directors, one customer success manager, and one supervisor. The breakdown of the Kappa99 workflow is as follows:

Briefs- Here, you’ll tell Kapa99 what you need designed and provide your references. There are various design brief options, and they use the Kappa99 four-step process, or you can personalize the brief yourself in your own words.

● Board- On the dashboard, you can track your projects’ status, see when your proofs are ready, and other pertinent information.

● Priority- You can also prioritize your briefs to put the most important graphic first in your queue, which lets the designers know that they should work on that one before any others when you know it needs to be first.

● Brands- The Kappa99 software allows you to create a brand to help you organize your assets, brand colors, logos, typography, and more. These files and important pieces of info will be readily accessible to the graphic designers.

● Team- Kappa99 also allows you to create your account team so that others in your department will have their own way to use the platform.

● Revisions- The Kappa99 platform has point-and-click revisions so that you can leave a comment for the designer when you need something changed. You’ll have unlimited revisions, so you can leave as many comments as it takes to get the design right.

What Makes Kappa99 a Great Choice?

Quality work

Kappa99’s site promised to put customer designs first and work to get them right no matter what. The founders state that they’ve been in the same situation as their customers and want to ensure they always love their designs. They assert that because they don’t assign graphic designers but rather provide customers with a team of real experts, their service can produce great results.

Dedicated Project Manager

Having a dedicated project manager who finds the right graphic designer for your needs and an art director who focuses on quality control is especially impressive.

Produce high quality graphic design assets

This feature can mean there is less time spent on revisions, and the team can produce high-quality graphic design assets quickly.

Should You Work With Kappa99?

Kappa99 is a good fit when you have simple, ongoing graphic design projects that can be explained quickly and easily. The team appears to focus on simple designs and vector-based illustrations to ensure work gets done within the quoted time estimate. If you don’t need anything too complicated and have a steady demand for these types of graphics, Kappa99 can be a solid choice for your brand. If you need more complex graphic designs, video, web dev, or other creative services, you may want to consider another option.

What Does Kappa99 Cost?


Business Express

When Will You See Results?

Standard requests take 24-48 hours on the base plan, with more complex designs like multipage layouts and complex infographics taking longer. If you sign up for the higher-priced plan, they promote a 12 to 24-hour turnaround time.

Reasons to Use Kappa99:
●   15-day free trial with watermark-free designs

●   Project managers assign your request to the right person for the job

●   Same-day turnaround is possible for some requests

●   Quick turnarounds for simple projects, in general

●   30-day money-back guarantee

●   Source files for your project available upon request

●   Onboarding process provided
Reasons Not to Use Kappa99:
●   Web design and development and video are not included

●   Trello-based platform can make past versions of images difficult to find once a revision has been completed


"Hiring a designer should be simple."

Presenting Penji:

Penji is a subscription-based graphic design service with headquarters in Denver, CO. Penji was “built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs,” and the founders say that it was started as a way to offer smaller businesses and solopreneurs a way to compete with the larger businesses out there.

Breaking Down The Penji Process:

Penji’s dashboard is very straightforward. From their online menu, you’ll be able to oversee all your projects from the online portal, including project status, updates, and responses to revisions. To submit new projects on Penji, you’ll go into their online portal and select the “Create new project” option to start a project and fill in their brief. You can select the right project category from several options. You can also create a custom project using the custom button that will allow you to fill in your specific design details that one of the pre-set options doesn’t fit.

What Makes Penji a Great Choice?

Start projects in few minutes

Onboarding with Penji is straightforward and allows you to start projects in just a few minutes. You can also schedule a demo when you want someone to walk you through how the system works.

Choose upto 10 team members

Penji’s onboarding suits customers with larger teams and allows you to choose up to 10 team members and add them to your internal dashboard. This feature is handy and helps streamline operations.

Same day turnaround

Additionally, their higher tiers provide the potential for motion graphics, same-day turnaround on the highest tier, web design, app designs, and a dedicated art director, again on the highest tier.

Should You Work With Penji?

Penji’s user-friendly portal makes managing open requests simple. You can see the status updates and keep your brand guidelines within an online image library in your dashboard. This feature can be helpful when you’re managing several brand assets. Additionally, Penji has a good turnaround time on simple graphics and offers some highly sought-after project categories within the higher tiers. Because of this feature, Penji is a good choice for startups, multi-brand companies, or agencies. If you have an ongoing need for these assets, they can be a suitable option for your needs. However, if you need more than just images and are already juggling multiple subscriptions, an all-in-one provider may be a better choice.

What Does Penji Cost?

Penji offers three different plans with discounts available over the monthly fee if you choose annual or quarterly billing.

Pro Plan - $499 a month

Team Plan - $699 a month

Agency Plan - $999 a month

When Will You See Results?

Penji’s design team promises the first drafts back on simple designs in about one to two business days. However, more complex designs can take around three to four business days. They also provide same-day turnaround on the highest tier.

Reasons to Use Penji:
●   Various graphic design categories

●   Easy-to-use online dashboard

●   Unlimited revisions and brands

●   Free stock photos and source files
Reasons Not to Use Penji:
●   Illustration is on the second-highest plan and up

●   More complex designs, such as multipage layouts and illustrations, take more than 24 hours

Design Pickle

"Quality design without the cost & complexity"

Presenting Design Pickle:

Design Pickle is an unlimited graphic design subscription that promises premium design services and works with various businesses in several industries. Their services can be quite expansive on the higher tiers, and they have a reputation for high-quality designs.

Breaking Down the Design Pickle Process

With Design Pickle, you’ll get started by choosing the right plan and creating a login on their site. Then, you’ll either get a dedicated design team at the higher plans who’ll work on your projects, or with the starter plan, they’ll suggest whoever is available to work on your projects.

When requesting projects, you can use the internal project management dashboard to create and manage your active and completed projects. They provide a guided request form that automatically sets the suggested graphic design specifications, including file sizes and formats, which they promise will make submitting a graphic design request simple and fast.

Design Pickle also provides a Zapier integration to connect their management dashboard to your favorite apps, including Google Drive, Trello, and Slack. You can also request a demo of their platform to take a closer look, and they offer an onboarding manager at the two higher-priced tiers to tour you through their dashboard.

What Makes Design Pickle a Great Choice?

Provide number of graphic types

DesignPickle’s creatives can provide a number of graphic types as well as animations and custom illustrations, depending on your plan.

Communication easier

They also promise an easy-to-use platform where you can manage your projects and get information and updates about them quickly. In that same vein, communicating with their team on the upper tiers is also easier than on the lowest tier because of the Zapier integration.

Quick turnaround times

They promise quick turnaround times on the higher tiers and time-saving features that can help you focus on other important operations.

Should You Work With Design Pickle?

Design Pickle can be a good choice when you’re looking for a robust variety of graphic design services for a monthly subscription. They’ll also be a good fit if you have a decently sized budget to spend on graphics. They can also be a good choice when you’re looking for motion graphics and Canva file capabilities. If you need more than just graphics or if you’re already juggling several subscriptions, you may want to consider an all-in-one provider that can help you with all your creative service needs.

What Does Design Pickle Cost?

Design Pickle offers three plans:

Graphics - $499/month

Graphics Pro - $995/month

Graphics Premium - $1,695/month

When Will You See Results?

Design Pickle states that most projects come back within 24 to 48 hours unless you have a more complex request, which includes motion graphics. Design Pickle also offers same-day turnaround on the two higher tiers for standard designs.

Reasons to Use Design Pickle:
●   Strong working relationships with a designer are possible

●   Good communication options (especially on the Pro plan and up)

●   Straightforward pricing plans

●   Promise a quick turnaround time

●   Zapier integration

●   Large community of designers (stated as 500+ global creatives)
Reasons Not to Use Design Pickle:
●   Many design types, such as infographics, GIFs, and presentation decks, are only on the Pro plan or higher

●   Illustrations are billed separately

●   Additional creative services like video are not provided

●   Fast turnaround times are equated to the Pro plan or higher

Final Thoughts

AI graphic design is a very new field and is still growing. With that in mind, it’s important to remember that the offerings will be limited for now. Additionally, there is still a large debate going on about the legality and ethics of AI-generated content.

There’s no doubt that the technology could save you time and money. However, it’s not perfected as of this writing and still offers several bugs. You’ve likely tried out an AI filter or generator yourself and seen the issues they can have with proportions and overlapping items.

On top of that are those same concerns about who owns the designs and whether or not you can copyright something that you didn’t technically create.

While many of the above providers state that you can use the designs, the final say in terms of the law hasn’t been decided. Many artists are fighting back against AI, with several saying that they have not consented to the AI bot’s crawling and consuming of their art as a learning vehicle.

What’s more, some industries and sites are outright banning AI-generated images, such as Getty and DeviantArt.

Lastly, the time it may take you to “fix” the images generated by AI may make the process as lengthy and cumbersome as editing photos yourself, and that may be what you’re trying to avoid.

At the end of the day, AI graphic design tools could be useful time savers and might assist with saving a bit of money on your content creation budget. However, in no way should they replace the human artists you currently rely on, not only because the images have their flaws but also because their legality may change in the future. If you want to try out AI, pairing its tools with the dedication and skill of a human could be a good way to incorporate it into your marketing plan. You can provide references and ideas to real creators by working with platforms like Flocksy, where you’ll get the nuanced insight that only a human can provide.