The Top Video Editing Companies for 2023

If you’re at all present in the current marketing and promotion world of this digital age, then you likely know about the huge boom in video content. Having an online video presence, at least on your website, is practically required to stand out from and compete with the other businesses in your industry. By bringing images, copywriting, music, and even a story together, a video can do the work of several content mediums in just a few minutes, maybe even seconds. And that’s incredibly powerful when people’s attention spans are getting shorter.

A video is a useful tool. There’s no arguing that point. A short clip can do more for your brand than a single image or text alone. But producing and editing videos consistently, even short clips, takes a lot of time and skill.

That’s what makes video editing services so in demand.

When you need video content edited for several platforms, including social media and your site, these editing companies can help perform this crucial task and get you the content you need while you focus on operations.

But with so many video editing companies out there, how do you determine which one you should use to support your brand?

Here, you’ll find the top video editing companies online broken down and explained to help you choose which one is the right fit for your business’s needs. Let’s dive in.

If you’re looking for Top Video Editing Companies check out this list of the top five companies.

Video Caddy

"Professional Video Editing & Post-Production Services

Presenting Video Caddy:

Video Caddy is a video editing and post-production outsourcing company that can help creators from across the world with their video content. They can help with picture services, visual effects, and audio services. Video Caddy also offers animation and storyboard services. They promise to use the latest video editing software and techniques to deliver a product you love.

Breaking Down the Video Caddy Process:

On their website, Video Caddy breaks down their services as follows:

●   Step 1– You’ll provide a description of your editing needs in their brief and upload the video file via FTP

●   Step 2– Their professionals get to work editing the video according to your brief

●   Step 3– You review the editing they’ve done and either approve it or ask for revisions

●   Step 4– You can download the edited file via FTP and use it however you need

What Makes Video Caddy a Great Choice?

Can create good results

When it comes to getting video edited with Video Caddy, it looks like they can create good results based on their portfolio. However, not much is stated about their process and how you will go about providing feedback.

Provide several types of services

They can provide several types of services, and animation and audio editing are desirable offerings. In that area, they can also provide both 2D and 3D animation, which is impressive.

Services beneficial

You can check their services out with the free trial and work with them for a custom quote based on your needs. With that in mind, their services can be beneficial when you want to create an attention-grabbing video for your business or even your wedding.

Should You Work With Video Caddy?

The Video Caddy animation and audio offerings are impressive. These enhanced features can make a video that much more appealing and customized. Their animation services can include cutout animation, model animation, GCI, drawn animation, stop-motion animation, and 3D visualization.

Video Caddy also offers a suite of professional audio editing services that can save you time and money if you need quick audio enhancement or even creation. Among their digital audio editing services, these are a few of the numerous services they offer:
●   Corporate Audio
●   Radio Programs
●   Music Editing & Mixing
●   Audio Conversion
●   Podcasts Editing
●   Ad Jingle Creation

What Does Video Caddy Cost?

Here is the breakdown of their pricing system:

Video Editing

Audio Editing


2D Animation

3D Animation

When Will You See Results?

Video Caddy promises a quick turnaround time. They don’t provide an estimated time frame on the site. However, when you begin a project with them, they will provide a time estimate for the task. They guarantee a 99.9% accuracy rate on that delivery time frame and say that they frequently deliver ahead of schedule.

Reasons to Use Video Caddy:
●   They offer a free trial of their services

●   They state that every team member has at least two to five years of experience upon hiring and receives ongoing training

●   They can handle several editing types, including audio and animation

●   Competitive prices listed on the website

●   Follow ISO standards
Reasons Not to Use Video Caddy:
●   Exact pricing can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the task

●   Not much information is provided about how to submit the brief or where you’ll provide feedback

●   Based in India, so communication may be tricky with time zones


"We create stunning visual marvels from your raw footage"

Presenting Increditors:

When you need top-notch video editing and post-production services, Increditors promises to provide high-quality services. Increditors states that their team is made up of highly skilled video editors, artists, animators, and motion designers who can help you create the video you need to wow your audience.

They also promise to deliver the right content at the right time and have worked with video production companies, directors, videographers, cinematographers, and businesses worldwide. They can also serve digital marketing and social media agencies that need video marketing assistance.

Breaking Down the Increditors Process:

Here is a breakdown of how Increditors will work with you to deliver a fully edited video.


  • First, you’ll upload your footage and share the link.
  • They ask that you create separate folders for:
    • The cameras you have used
    • Music
    • Photos
    • Any other assets


  • You’ll want to describe your project in detail when you submit it to them. You’ll want to consider things like the video purpose, the desired time frame, where you want to put any emphasis, the features or effects you want, raw footage syncing with audio, etc.
  • They can also work with music and sound effects.


  • They’ll verify that all the RAW footage matches the instructions and that nothing is missed to get started.


  • Shot Selection- They’ll choose the most cinematic shots and ensure there aren’t any shaky frames, out-of-focus footage, out-of-place composition, etc. They’ll also pay special attention to candid shots. Drone footage will be selected for maximum impact. While selecting shots, they bifurcate the footage into
    • A Rolls – Main footage for the final timeline and the backbone of the edit
    • B Rolls – Fillers used on top of A Roll
  • Music, VFX, Sound, & Vocals- Licensed and/or royalty-free music is used as instructed, and they can add VFX and sounds to enhance the video. They’ll also sync any necessary vocals.
  • Video Effects and Transitions- Depending on your instructions, they’ll use any desired video effects to enhance the final cut. Then can provide smooth, modern transitions for DJs, minimal effects for podcasts, straightforward cuts for vloggers, and more.
  • They can also provide any color correction or grading that’s required.
  • Once all this is done, they’ll put it all together in your final cut.


  • Whatever you’ll be doing with your video, they’ll be sure to provide the right formats for export accordingly and submit them in the final delivery. They can match YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram settings, and can also provide options for social media, such as IGTV and TikTok.


  • Now, their first edit will come to you for review. At this stage, they provide two rounds of revisions. You’ll watch the video and see if there are any changes you need them to make. They ask that you note the particular time stamp of each section you’d like adjusted. From there, they’ll send a second edit, which you can review, and they can go through one final round of changes if required. Based on the revision requests and comments, you’ll receive the third and final cut.


  • They’ll deliver your final cut once your video is approved, and when the payment is made, they’ll close the project.

What Makes Increditors a Great Choice?

Premium Services

If you’re looking for a premium video editing and post-production service, Increditors can be a good option.

Nice process information

Their reel is impressive, and the detailed process information provided on their site showcases their dedication to doing the job right. The lack of information on time frames and pricing does make working with them a bit unclear, and it’s very possible that their rates could be especially high.

Best in quality

Getting a quote from them is free, so you can see the projected cost for a particular project after a formal quote request. If you have a higher budget and want to go with a company that promises the best in quality (with clients including Amazon and YouTube), then working with Increditors could be a good choice for your brand.

Should You Work With Increditors?

Increditors is known for their quality, and to that end, one of the best features is that they stand by that promise with a satisfaction guarantee. As a leading video editing company on the web, they promise that you’ll love the final output their team of editing professionals creates. And if you don’t right away, they will put in their best effort until you are satisfied. If you still aren’t satisfied after the rounds of revisions, they’ll meet with you to reconceptualize the project and start again.

What Does Increditors Cost?

The pricing for Increditors is by quote only. They state that in most cases, video editing costs will be determined based on the source footage to editing time ratio and the cuts finished per minute. The Increditors’ site mentions that providing an amount is impossible if they don’t know what the project is. To receive an estimate, you can contact them, and they will provide you with a quote free of cost.

When Will You See Results?

The Increditors’ site mentions a quick turnaround time but does not provide a rough estimate. They state that they use the best equipment and technology available to ensure fast turnaround times.

Reasons to Use Increditors:
●   Can do several types of edits and provide additional video work, such as animation, VFX, and sound effects

●   They clearly lay out their editing process, which lends an air of credibility and professionalism

●   They can handle many demanding types of videos, such as music videos, wedding films, and promotional videos.

●   Their client lineup is impressive

●   Good reputation for time and quality

●   Video up to 8K
Reasons Not to Use Increditors:
●   Pricing is only available through quotes, and they don’t provide a ballpark on the site

●   While they promise a fast turnaround time, there isn’t any estimated time provided

●   They don’t provide 3D animation

Motion Edits

"Animation Studio & Video Editing Company"

Presenting Motion Edits:

Motion Edits is a 2D animation, 3D animation, and video post-production company. They offer a team of animators, motion designers, artists, and video editors who can help you craft and edit your professional videos. They promise to have services for content creators, directors, production houses, cinematographers, and corporations that offer 3D Modelling, 2D/3D animated explainer videos, AR/VR solutions, and more. They can provide help with green screen editing, motion graphics, logo animation, visual effects, and CGI.

Breaking Down the Motion Edits Process:

Here is a breakdown of how Motion Edits will work with you to deliver a fully edited video.

Upload- Similar to Increditors, you’ll upload your footage and share the link, breaking the contents up into the appropriate folders. You’ll then provide instructions for what type of editing you’ll need them to perform and what features you want them to add or employ, including sound effects and visuals.

Setup- They will confirm that all the raw footage appears correct based on the instructions you provided and that nothing is missing or inaccessible.

Editing- The editors will do their work, choosing the best shots and ensuring all the footage is high-quality. They’ll include any music, VFX, sound, or vocals, with licensed and/or royalty-free music, to enhance the video. Based on your instructions, they’ll also use any desired video effects, including smooth, modern transitions, color correction or grading, and more. From there, they’ll put it all together in your final cut.

Export- Motion Edits will provide the correct formats of your final cut for export accordingly. You can get formats for posting on YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram. They can also provide social media options, such as IGTV and TikTok.

Review- Motion Edits provides two rounds of edits. After watching the video, you can determine if there are any revisions you want the team to make. Similarly to Increditors, they request that you provide the time stamps for the places you need revisions. If a second edit is required after this one, they can perform one more round of changes, and then based on the revision requests and feedback, you’ll receive the final cut of your video.

Delivery- You’ll get your final cut after you approve it, and when you make your payment, they’ll close out the editing request.

What Makes Motion Edits a Great Choice?

Several features

Motion Edits offers several features and editing enhancements that you might want to consider for your video. However, their portfolio and the lack of information about their pricing structure make the process of working with them a bit unclear.

Provide 3D animation service

They do provide 3D animation services where some of the competition does not and a satisfaction guarantee.

Can request a quote

You can also request a quote from them and get more information before you decide to use their services.

Should You Work With Motion Edits?

3D animation is by far the best feature provided by the site. This aspect sets them apart from other video editing services out there.

What Does Motion Edits Cost?

You need to contact them using their form or contact methods for information about pricing.

When Will You See Results?

There isn’t any information available about how quickly you can expect results from Motion Edits.

Reasons to Use Motion Edits:
●   Satisfaction guarantee

●   2D and 3D animation options

●   Music, VFX, and vocal services available

●   Large category of video types offered, including interview/training videos, vlogs, documentaries, DJ videos, and real estate videos.

●   Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality services
Reasons Not to Use Motion Edits:
●   No pricing information available on the site

●   The portfolio is limited and contains broken links

●   Payments can only be made through wire transfer or PayPal


"Video Editing Services Get ANY video edited by our company"

Presenting Veedyou:

Veedyou Media is a video editing company that provides clients with a variety of services depending on their needs. Self-described as a “boutique” video editing service, they promise to have a discussion with you so that they know exactly what you’re looking for. Veedyou also states that they can provide music, voice-overs, and stock imagery.

Breaking Down the Veedyou Process:

Here is the breakdown of the Veedyou process.

Transfer your video files– First, you’ll send them your raw video footage via Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other similar cloud storage service of your choice. You’ll also want to provide a brief that contains your video editing instructions or asks for advanced assistance from the team (they call this “working their magic”).

Get your edited video– They’ll work on your requests and will email you a download link for the final edited video in roughly five to seven days. You can also choose the 48-hour expedited turnaround if you need your video back especially quickly.

Request changes, if needed– If you need revisions, you can share your feedback on the video, and they can provide up to three free revisions with no strings attached.

What Makes Veedyou a Great Choice?

Create amazing video

Veedyou looks like a good option for brands and businesses that want to create an amazing video and have the time and budget to make it something truly special.

Nice communication

Their communication options are great, and they’re one of the only companies that we’ve seen provide a project manager.

Better option

If you’re looking for a one-time video editing service, Veedyou is a much better option than the competition based on what we’ve seen during this research.

Should You Work With Veedyou?

Veedyou’s well-rounded suite of options and openness create the best thing about them—based on their site, they can pretty much do it all. What’s more, they won’t limit the amount of footage you can send, can work in nearly every format, and can render up to 4k videos.

They can create several different versions of a final cut based on a single video, including clips for social media, and provide different formats for various platforms. There is no limit to the duration of the video, and they can provide both stock footage and images. They can even provide music.

You’ll also have a dedicated project manager and be able to communicate with them via Slack, Whatsapp, and more. Veedyou can provide advanced cuts and transitions, motion graphics, and animated typography.

What Does Veedyou Cost?

When you’re interested in using their services, you can fill out a quick pricing tool brief about your video and receive a free quote via email, or you can chat with an agent. Pricing is determined by how complex the video edits are and how much video footage they need to go through.

When Will You See Results?

They have a five to seven-day average turnaround time, and you can use their expedited 48-hour option as well.

Reasons to Use Veedyou:
●   Great communication options

●   Project manager

●   Several editing capabilities

●   Three revisions free

●   Good turnaround time that’s right on the main page

●   Expedited option

●   No limit on duration or amount of footage

●   Price quote tool
Reasons Not to Use Veedyou:
●   Pricing is by quote only

●   Limited to up to 4k

●   Pricing is based on the amount of footage and length, so longer videos can potentially be very costly


"Fast video editing at a price you'll love"

Presenting Vimerse:

Vimerse edits videos for YouTubers and TikTokers with over seven million subscribers. They promise to provide top-notch video editing services that can help you grow your channel. They focus on highlights for Twitch streamers, beauty/fashion, fitness, cooking, vlogs, and product review videos for YouTubers, TikTokers, and Instagram influencers.

Breaking Down the Vimerse Process:

The process presented on the Vimerse site is very straightforward.

Getting started– First, you describe your style, requirements, and editing needs. You can provide references and list the channels where you’ll be posting the video. You’ll begin the process by reaching out for a free video call where you can learn more about their services and how to make the most of them.

First Video– They’ll work on your first video as a free trial. You’ll have the chance to see how they work, test out their communication, and ensure they provide a quick turnaround. They’ll do everything necessary to the video as a part of this trial. Communication is done on Frame.io. 

Ongoing work– Without a monthly subscription, you can work with them on an ongoing basis for a consistent rate. You can send in multiple projects at once, and they’ll do their best to work on them in a timely manner.

What Makes Vimerse a Great Choice?

Nice option for content creator

If you are a content creator that lacks the time to edit your videos and you want someone dedicated to serving your unique industry, Vimerse is a good option.

Nice Client lists

They do have an exclusive clientele with the stipulation that you have over seven million subscribers, which can be a problem for smaller creators who haven’t achieved that success yet.

Free trial

However, their free trial makes them a good choice to at least try and see if their services align with your needs.

Should You Work With Vimerse?

Vimerse’s dedication to content creators means that they provide the formats, aspect ratios, and expected features you want in your social media and YouTube videos. Because they focus on that niche, they understand the industry better than others who might be focused on more broad editing services. The fact that they’ll provide a free trial of a full edit on a 15-minute video lends an air of professionalism and credibility. They also promise that after just a few minutes of filling out their form, they’ll have an attention-grabbing, entertaining video back to you in about two days.

They also have their own online dashboard, which makes managing your video editing projects more straightforward. This can be useful when you send in many requests at once. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee.

What Does Vimerse Cost?

Here is the breakdown of how the free trial and ongoing projects work.

Introductory Video Call - Free

Trial - Free

After Trial - $13/hour

When Will You See Results?

Vimerse promises a two-day turnaround on most videos.

Reasons to Use Vimerse:
●   Free trial includes the first full video editing

●   Two-day turnaround

●   100% money-back guarantee in 14 days

●   Focused on serving the content creators working through Twitch, YouTube, & social media
Reasons Not to Use Vimerse:
●   Narrow focus and a smaller range of services

●   Limited subtitle capabilities

Final Thoughts

AI graphic design is a very new field and is still growing. With that in mind, it’s important to remember that the offerings will be limited for now. Additionally, there is still a large debate going on about the legality and ethics of AI-generated content.

There’s no doubt that the technology could save you time and money. However, it’s not perfected as of this writing and still offers several bugs. You’ve likely tried out an AI filter or generator yourself and seen the issues they can have with proportions and overlapping items.

On top of that are those same concerns about who owns the designs and whether or not you can copyright something that you didn’t technically create.

While many of the above providers state that you can use the designs, the final say in terms of the law hasn’t been decided. Many artists are fighting back against AI, with several saying that they have not consented to the AI bot’s crawling and consuming of their art as a learning vehicle.

What’s more, some industries and sites are outright banning AI-generated images, such as Getty and DeviantArt.

Lastly, the time it may take you to “fix” the images generated by AI may make the process as lengthy and cumbersome as editing photos yourself, and that may be what you’re trying to avoid.

At the end of the day, AI graphic design tools could be useful time savers and might assist with saving a bit of money on your content creation budget. However, in no way should they replace the human artists you currently rely on, not only because the images have their flaws but also because their legality may change in the future. If you want to try out AI, pairing its tools with the dedication and skill of a human could be a good way to incorporate it into your marketing plan. You can provide references and ideas to real creators by working with platforms like Flocksy, where you’ll get the nuanced insight that only a human can provide.