Virtual Assistant Service

Our monthly subscription can help provide the administrative support your company needs without the expense of hiring an in-house team of specialists.

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Virtual Assistant

Ever wished you had more hours in the day? Our Virtual Assistants will help you streamline your workflow and complete the tasks you don't have time for.

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Executive Assistant Tasks

Our Virtual Assistant Subscription can help take the pressure off of business leaders by coordinating business calendars, scheduling meetings, researching event and travel arrangements and finding and organizing publicly available contact details.

Creating Flocksy Creative Briefs

Flocksy’s Virtual Assistants can help create and organize your upcoming project briefs in your Flocksy account.

Data Entry Tasks

A Virtual Assistant can help you get a handle on all of your data entry tasks. They can compile records, organize records, eliminate duplicate entries, and monitor records for errors.

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Quick Turnaround AI Tasks

At your request, we can use AI programs like ChatGPT, MidJourney and others to get day to day tasks done even faster, including tasks like translating documents and creating stock assets. Our virtual assistants will always verify that the content produced through AI is accurate and can even add a "human-touch" to AI written copy. Our ability to speed through tasks with AI means you can have weeks of content created in hours or research that would normally take a week done in a day.

Social Media Management Tasks

Virtual Assistants help to manage your brand’s social media presence by creating social media posting schedules, providing relevant topics for social media posts, and performing target audience research to determine which platforms to focus engagement efforts on.

Personal Assistant Tasks

Virtual Assistants can provide help with day-to-day tasks outside of the business environment as well. Flocksy’s Virtual Assistants are happy to help offer gift suggestions, make personal travel arrangements, and suggest eateries and venues to try while entertaining or vacationing. They can also research and come up with ideas for you to help take your project to the next level.

Flocksy's Virtual Executive Assistant

Get unlimited graphic design, video editing, copywriting, virtual assistants, motion graphics, illustration, and web design for one affordable, flat-rate monthly payment.

Flocksy's Virtual Business Assistant

Flocksy’s Virtual Business Assistant can help you manage everything from social media engagement planning, to content management, business correspondence, record keeping tasks, and much more.

Flocksy's Virtual Personal Assistant

Flocksy’s Virtual Personal Assistant can assist with a variety of personal planning tasks outside of the business realm including vacation planning, travel itineraries, and suggestions for choosing that perfect gift on special occasions.

What can our Virtual Assistant Subscription

do for your business?

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● Schedule meetings
● Research travel arrangements
● Coordinate business calendars
● Research event and travel arrangements
● Brainstorming
● Manage a content calendar
● Finding publicly available contact details


● Use AI tools to create creative assets
● Personal tasks like finding gifts 
● Cleaning up transcripts
● Posting to social media


   and more…



Get unlimited graphic design, video editing, copywriting, virtual assistants, motion graphics, illustration, and web design for one affordable, flat-rate monthly payment.

We make

your life easier

“Flocksy is an effective graphics design…”

Flocksy is an effective graphics design platform. It's not superior to having a dedicated designer, but it's a good next best option. You will work with multiple designers, so getting continuity takes some effort. But the platform is fairly well designed. It works best for one-off projects where your branding can allow for flexibility.

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Welcome in a better work experience with

a virtual assistant

There are many necessary tasks that need to be accomplished during the day when you run a business. What’s more, most workspaces are quick-moving environments where many people have to wear several hats. Carrying on with this flurry of activity can make it difficult to maintain smooth, stress-free operations and administration. Unfortunately, for many smaller businesses and those just starting out, bringing on full-time, on-site support staff isn’t an option.
That’s where virtual assistants can be a game changer.

Virtual Assistants has been available as a service for many years. However, recent trends show that there is an even greater call for these valuable assistants in the current remote-work landscape.
Business Wire indicated that the Global Intelligent Virtual Assistant Market size was estimated at roughly $8.7 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 28.53% to reach roughly $30.6 billion by 2027.

Because remote or hybrid work has grown so much during the pandemic, more and more people are seeing the value virtual assistants offer to distanced teams and employees who are working from home.

Virtual assistants can work from anywhere, and in many cases, with the right permissions and a clear guide, they can accomplish many of the time-consuming tasks pulling entrepreneurs or business people away from their primary focus. These teammates can be a cost-effective staffing solution for any company or brand.

But what really is a virtual assistant, and how can your company acquire their services?

Let’s dive in.

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What Is A Virtual Assistant

In most cases, a virtual assistant is a part-time remote helper who provides administrative assistance for you and your business. They often reflect a traditional administrative or executive assistant, handling things like scheduling appointments, returning phone calls, managing a calendar, or answering emails. Virtual assistants are used by businesses of all sizes, industries, and types.

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What service does a virtual assistant offer?

Usually, a VA provides administrative or support services. They can work with entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, and large corporations to provide flexible, valuable skills and handle tasks that are important but could be performed by someone other than the person hiring them. You could work with someone nearby or located across the world from you. In any situation, a VA is essentially a personal assistant (PA), except they’re working remotely.

● Scheduling appointments
● Making phone calls
● Sending out emails
● Managing your calendar

● Data input
● Brainstorming
● Social media management

   And more…

What Qualities Should I Look For
In A Virtual Assistant?

Working remotely often demands that a person be proactive and self-motivated. This is also true for VAs. You’ll also want to be sure you’re working with someone who has a thorough understanding of communication and connection software and apps. They’ll need to be quick and comfortable at communicating via email and video, and they may need to be familiar with popular office-related programs.

You may also want to work with someone that is familiar with social media and branding if you’ll be assigning related tasks to them. Regardless, the first step will always be ensuring the person you work with is a good fit for your needs and offers a comfortable virtual assistant-client match.

Are Virtual Personal Assistants
Worth It?

While it might seem superfluous, hiring a VA could be life-changing. You’re growing your business, but you also likely have personal obligations and specialties that make completing some of the typical day-to-day tasks extremely draining. Your time could likely be better spent elsewhere. By delegating the tasks that are preventing you from focusing on high-level strategy and planning or spending time off the clock, you’ll be happier and more successful because you won’t be spreading yourself so thin. Virtual assistants are practically a necessity when it really comes down to it.

Using a VA can provide the same level and quality of work as hiring directly while cutting down on the overall cost of working with someone, and you won’t need to worry about having a space for them to work or commute times. What’s more, while finding a virtual assistant to help you may have been difficult in the past, Flocksy makes the process easy and affordable, which is a significant benefit considering how expensive some service providers can be.


Time is money and a limited resource. Menial, everyday tasks can stand in your way when you want to buckle down on new business opportunities, growth, and creation or development. An assistant handling your administrative work can lessen your workload dramatically so that you and your team can focus on high-impact projects.
Flocksy’s virtual assistant services can provide you with a reliable team who will handle tasks for you, such as responding to emails, managing phone calls, admin and scheduling, content marketing, social media, data entry, research, and logging expenses/receipts. Along with our virtual assistant team, we offer graphic design, copywriting, video editing, web development, and various other creative services for a flat monthly subscription fee. We’ll handle all of this, so you can focus on your next steps.