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My Honest Review of Thonest (Updated 2022)


Thonest is a decentralized sales and feedback tool that allows you to let your existing customers answer questions from potential customers.

Using a mix of AI and software, potential customers can ask questions and existing customers can respond. Questions are available for everyone to view, making your company more honest and open, building trust with new users.

We tested Thonest and wrote down how to install it and what we thought of the overall platform.

Add Thonest to your Website

Thonest is really easy to setup. Once you create an account, you are brought to a page to add a website. You just added your website URL and then the code to your website code.

If you don’t know how to do this, you can have a developer do it for you, or message Thonest and they will install it for you.

Add a Thonest Discussion

Once you add your website, you then add and customize the discussion overlay. You can change the colors to reflect your brand, edit the button and heading text and edit where you want to place the button. Once you customize it, you will see an area with code to install the Discussion.

You then simply add the Discussion Code to the website where you want the discussion to show.

Thonest Overlay

With the Discussion installed, it was ready to go! The button looked great on our website and brought up the overlay when clicked.

We got a lot of questions from potential customers and had our existing customers and sales team respond. It really helped with making what we offered more transparent and honest.

Commenting and the Dashboard

We loved being able to respond to customers in the Thonest dashboard. All the communication was in real time and it was so easy, it felt like we were texting.


  • It was free with the Basic Plan
  • It was easy to install
  • They have great support
  • The dashboard was easy on the eyes and intuitive. Once you set up the overlay, you can manage everything from the dashboard
  • It was really easy to comment back to people, see replies and view stats.


  • It has limited features as of now
  • You have to pay if you start using it a lot (however their free plan is perfect for any small business or startup)


I would recommend them to any company looking to increase conversions in a cost effective way. It is easy to use and add to your website and doesn’t cost much. The perfect addition to your sales team.