Three Tips On How To Use SEO



So I was thinking since we have talked about what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a few posts ago, that we could talk about ways to get results from SEO! This is the post for you if you are looking for ways to get your SEO ranking up there and want to learn a bit more of ways to use SEO for your business.

Here are few tips on how to improve your SEO rankings down below.

Keywords:  I’m going to talk about this one first because it’s an important one. Find on Google keywords that people search. Then take them and put them in your writing.  But remember that you don’t want to use them too much, so only put them in about four times for every post.

Other content than text: It’s good to have more than just text on your website or in your blog posts. So go ahead and add some videos and photos. This can help people to engage more and be more tempted to keep scrolling.

Social media: So let me start by saying that if you don’t have a social media account for your business then you need to go and make one right now. Anyway, social media is great for improving your SEO ranking when people share links to your website on it. 
SEO is great for your business and these are a few ways that you can use it. I hope that they were helpful to you in  learning a little bit of how to use SEO and make it work for your business

HubSpot’s New Flywheel Vision 

In Brian Halligan’s (CEO of HubSpot) recent talk at Inbound 2018, he talks about how today’s sales tactics are changing from the traditional, “ funnel” to more of a “flywheel” approach.

“How are these different?” you might ask. Well, let’s find out!

First, let’s talk about what the funnel is. For many years it has been the way that people promote sales and market to potential customers for their business.

Brian suggests that the Flywheel might be another and maybe even a more effective way to market. You might now be asking, ” What is the flywheel?” The flywheel is a wheel on an axis that’s incredibly energy-efficient. The amount of energy that it gives is based on how large it is and how fast it spins.

Brian points out in his talk that “We are in a day and age where we have gone from sales and marketing being the loudest voice in peoples heads to word of mouth being the strongest one”. He continues to state, “Whether we like it or not, trust in sales and marketing is at an all-time low”.

This now is where the flywheel comes in. If word of mouth is the loudest voice then let’s use that! We should make the flywheel effect by allowing our clients to have a voice. Let’s just sit back and let them sell our products for us. The happier and more satisfied our clients are, the more they talk and tell others about us.

He then shows an example of the Flywheel that he has made. Basically, the idea is Engage>Delight>Attract. When you Engage your customers and then sell them a product that Delights them, that then, in turn, attracts more customers!

This is a revolutionary idea and one that if successful will change the marketing world as we know it today. I guess we’ll to have to wait and find out since only time (and sales) can tell.

Search Engine Optimization


Did you know that Google has more than 3.5 billion searches made on it- per a day? That means that someone must be searching for something every second of every minute of every day. That’s a lot of searches.

But let’s get to talking about what we’re here to talk about, which is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and how it can help your business.

SEO is a form a marketing that can help you to get your website or blog to be in one of the top results when people search for stuff that relates to your website and posts.

There are a few different ways that you can use this and one of those are to find keywords that people use when they look stuff up on Google and Yahoo, then use them often in what you’re writing.

We are beginning to see that as time goes on it’s looking a lot more like people are interested in a more organic way of marketing and not the normal “paid ads” that most businesses are using right now.

SEO is a great organic way for you to get your website or blog out there and known.

But we don’t really know, maybe in 2019 it will all change and this form of marketing won’t really progress any further then it already has, or it could only start to get used more and more as we go into 2019.


At least I can say for us, that we hope that it will only continue to grow, and people will start using SEO more and more for organic outreach and growth. I guess all we can do for now though is sit back and see what happens

If you don’t already use SEO as a  form of marketing, then you should start looking into it right away. Who knows, you may just see an increase in web traffic, and generate more leads sales while paying less in advertising.


Social Media For Your Business


Are you looking for new and better ways to advertise your business? Maybe you’ve tried the traditional billboards and ads and they didn’t really work out.

How is your social media game? Are you advertising there too? And if so, exactly HOW are you?  Are you taking advantage of the free (and paid) advertising available on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest?

Let’s talk a little bit about using social media for advertising your products and/or services.

When trying to get your business out there (and I know it can sometimes be hard),  advertising is not an easy thing to do. However, if you have a social media account it can be just a little bit easier.

Okay, so I know you’re now probably wondering, “how can Instagram or Facebook help with my advertising?”.

Well, probably one of best answers I can give you is that IT IS FREE (yes, you can run paid ads, but that’s not what I’m talking about here)!  What I’m talking about is the stuff where you post about your company on your social site and it’s no more work or cost than hitting that “Publish” button. If you post and don’t get sales, then it is okay. It’s not like you just spent tons of money on it and then didn’t have any results from it. But if you do get results from it then that would be a nice bonus that comes without a cost.

Using social media for advertising makes it so you can interact with other accounts that are like yours and by doing that people beginning to see what your business has to offer and they want to learn more about what you do. It’s great for networking, reaching potential leads, talking about sales, and just gaining overall visibility online. You’ve spread your reach and promoted your company without paying a dime.

So if you don’t already use social media for advertising, then you should get out there right now and create the account that is going to help your business!

How To Increase Your Instagram Following


Are you having trouble gaining Instagram followers? Do you want more followers, but just don’t know how to get them? Here are five of the best ways to increase your Instagram following:

1. Create a cohesive, attractive account. Instagram is all about the images, therefore you want your page to look nice. Sure, everyone wants to post “real” stuff, but that’s what Facebook is for, am I right? So if you are looking to increase your following and move past having less than 200, then save that stuff for other social accounts and only post attractive pictures.

2. Don’t try to gain followers through the oh so popular loops. This is a huge turn off and keeps real, authentic followers at bay. You want to create a genuine following, not just people trying to have a high follower count.

3. Be original. Don’t copy and repost all the time. Try to only post your own photos, and especially steer clear of memes. People like to know that what you see is what you get. So make sure you post only your own content, don’t take photos off the internet and post them just so you have a post for the day.

4. Interact is the name of the game. Comment, like, follow, and interact with all of your followers and with new accounts. If someone starts following you it doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to start following them back, but be sure to go and leave a comment and like some of their photos.

5. Finally, remember, a successful account is not measured by how many followers that you have but rather by the interaction that you have from the followers that you DO have. With Instagram’s new algorithm, the more people like and comment on your posts the more they will see them in their feed.

Breaking News About Facebook


If you are a Facebook user (and there is a good chance that you are since in a study taken in 2005 it was found that one in five people use Facebook) then there is an even better chance that you heard the news about the great stock market crash only a couple weeks ago.

In one day Facebook’s stock lost approx. one-fifth of its value and by the end of the day close to 34 million shares changed hands. With a 20% decline, this is the biggest hit Facebook has taken since they decided to go public in 2012.

So, the most often asked question going around is, HOW did this happen? There are many speculations but according to founder Mark Zuckerberg, it has not been totally unseen. Since the recent change in Europe’s privacy laws facebook has been working harder to remove violence and fake news spread throughout the site.


He believes that this user decline and stock market issue may be partially due to that, but at least the experience for the users that they do have will be greatly more improved. “As I’ve said on past calls, we’re investing so much insecurity that it will significantly impact our profitability. We’re starting to see that this quarter.”


There are many differing opinions and viewpoints on this issue, but one thing is for sure, no one seems to think that this is the end for Facebook. After seeing it make it through the crash in 2012 there seems to be full confidence in seeing another such comeback.

And that leads us to yet another question. If there can be such a fall with a social empire like Facebook, does this mean it can happen or other such social sites? Take Twitter, Instagram, and Tumbler. What is in the future for them? Is this an epidemic, or a contained illness? Honestly, probably only time will tell.


I can tell you one thing that I know for sure however, we’re going to continue watching while continuing to use our Facebook account

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