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9 Incredible Illustrators Who Create Art With A Little Something Extra You Might Not Expect

For centuries, creative minds with an eye on breaking the rules of convention have dazzled us with their imaginations and personal perspectives.

From the old masters like Leonardo Di Vinci and Michelangelo, to more recently Salvador Dali and M C Escher, we have had a peek inside the artist mind, into the deep recesses of their viewpoint about the world through satirical scribblings.

This outlet has allowed a multitude of new artists, like the popular street artist Banksy, to show the world what is when we don’t see it ourselves, to give us an idea of what can be when we cannot allow our own imaginations to run free, and let us in on their personal thoughts, dreams, and fears.

When words just aren’t enough, sketches and paintings fill in the gap we need in order to see beyond what is right in front of us.

Embrace The Twist

  1. Shanghai Tango

Shanghai Tango, whose birth name is Gao Youjun, is a Chinese artist and a popular cartoonist in the Chinese social network scene.

His work is so popular, he has amassed over half a million loyal followers who share his creativity with everyone they can, spreading his influence far and wide. His niche is the interactivity between coincidental concepts.

  1. Marcus Connor

Using the power of puns, idiosyncrasies, and funny asides, Marcus Connor, who signs his art with the simple tag of “Marcus,” gives us Brainless Tales, a once a day, single panel drawing.

Each is a glowing depiction of the inner workings of his unique mind. It could be said that he took Dad jokes and gave them visibility.

  1. Nacho Diaz

The work of this prolific Spain-based artist can only be defined as bizarre. He revels in the unconventional and lives on the edge of every double entendre you can imagine when referencing ordinary items.

And he loves to play with the concept of before and after.

  1. Lim Heng Swee

A true doodlebug, this Malaysian-based artist bends his work toward the adorable. He pairs funny phrases and puns in ways that will make you giggle as you did as a child and never feel awkward about it.

Everything is designed with the best, most wholesome intentions, making his work very family friendly. Also, he seems to have a thing for cats.

  1. Ben Chen

With a love of pop culture and a skill to give it a darker spin, Ben Chen inspires emotions with his work that are mixed playfully between a dark sense of dread and a humorous ideal that reaches the viewer where they dare not venture within their own mind, and all while being bold, cartoonish, and a little morbid.

6. Michael Godard

Have you ever thought of a cliche and wondered what it would look like if depicted by olives? Michael Goddard has, running with this idea and so many others to make an entire legacy of artwork depicting just that, cliches.

From card sharking to rolling hot dice, he covers the gamut and then some.

7. Pawel Kuczynski

A Polish-born artist, Pawel is also known as a satirist and philosopher, which punctuate his work very well.

His take on traditional problems in the world, in politics, in religion, give rise to feelings within the onlooker of curiosity, starting new conversations about that which we often ignore out of apathy or fear of personal investment.

8. JrDragao

Many artists stick to a particular color scheme and rarely deviate. JrDragao does not, choosing to use vibrant colors that grab the eye and enrich the senses, while making you laugh.

His work often tackles notions we sometimes ponder but rarely dig too deep into. Does Donald Duck wear pants sometimes? What if God decided to make a better version of modern earth? Only JrDragao knows.

9. Lothlenan

We have all heard of art snobs. Those who are only attracted to the works of the great masters like Picasso and El Greco.

Lothlenan, an artist made famous by her following on Tumblr, is a Canadian/Estonian illustrator known for her clever recreations of famous historical paintings.

She also decided to thumb her nose at these few but faithful purists and geek up their favorite pieces with the insertion of Rick and Morty, Legend of Zelda, and even Adventure Time.

Final Thoughts

Art speaks from the soul of the artist to the mind and heart of the viewer. It is meant to be subjective, so each person feels differently that any other, opening doors and starting new and possibly earth-shattering conversations.

Art is more than something to be casually glanced at, but a living, breathing entity, meant to be absorbed. In the end, good art will change you, enrich you, and even evolve you.

12 Great Newsletter Examples To Inspire You

It is said that it takes seven times for a person to see or hear from a business before they make the decision to buy. For many marketers, figuring out the best way to repeatedly get a business in front of its audience without using pushy sales tactics, is a challenge.

There are many methods that come and go, some that work and stick around for a while, and others that are on the fast train to retirement. However, the newsletter consistently remains one of the best tools for marketing, as long as it is done well.

The thing about newsletters is that they have the ability to consistently reach your audience with something of value. They’re not just ads they stumble across, they’re not sporadic posts that they may see when scrolling their favorite social media site, they are literally a direct line straight to the consumer.

This gives businesses an opportunity to regularly present their leads with content that showcases their value and their expertise.

If you’re ready to start sending out impactful and engaging newsletters that help you connect with your audience, here are a handful of examples for inspiration:

69b Boutique

Popular eCommerce and physical store, 69b Boutique, sends out a regular newsletter to their audience that utilizes impactful features in their design.

The minimalist aspect combined with a stand out color scheme makes the newsletter readable and appealing.

The 69b Boutique newsletter also has a distinct structure that ensures a smooth flow for readers.

It moves seamlessly from an offer for free shipping to a highlight of new products and on from there, delivering value and relevance all the way to the bottom.

Penguin Random House

Top book publisher, Penguin Random House regularly sends out personalized emails, helping them connect with their audience and increase their conversions.

By encouraging readers to choose their preferences, Penguin Random House has been able to customize newsletters that show their audience only the things they’ll likely be interested in.

The result is that fans of young adult books receive newsletters geared to new releases and sales in that genre, and so on.

Consumers are sure to click on these emails because they find them valuable and relevant. Personalization is a key tool when creating newsletters for your audience.

The Hustle

Business newsletter, The Hustle, is sent out regularly to readers who are looking for information in the business and tech industries.

The Hustle has gained notoriety due to the tone of its content. While sharing the valuable information that readers are looking for, The Hustle differentiates itself by including wit and humor. Its unique tone keeps readers coming back for more.


Creator website, Fizzle, follows a simplified newsletter tactic, keeping readers in the email instead of sending them all over the internet.

Fizzle fills their newsletter with great, relevant content that gives their audience the information they need in one easy place.

In the end, they provide a call to action for a free trial that readers can take if they feel compelled after reading the content in the email. This tactic makes things simple for the reader and is a great way to encourage conversion.

Calif Chicken Cafe

Los Angeles restaurant, Calif Chicken Cafe, uses the stand-out minimalist newsletter technique that quickly catches the eye of the reader.

The bulk of the newsletter is an attractive photo and great color palette that entices the reader to pay attention and sparks desire. The Calif Chicken Cafe newsletter is a great example that shows sometimes less is more.

Apartment Therapy

Home design website, Apartment Therapy, follows an image-heavy newsletter tactic that readers love.

In every newsletter they choose relevant, aesthetically pleasing images that fall in line with their articles and other content.

Since Apartment Therapy is a visual website, they follow suit in their newsletters to give readers a taste of what they will find when they visit.

Hack the Box

Hack the Box is a cybersecurity platform that sends their audience a streamlined newsletter filled with valuable information.

They use a model that showcases their new services, each with a button underneath that readers can click if interested.

After services showcases, they provide the reader with any relevant news and a recent article.

It’s a simple and seamless model that makes it easy for their audience to learn important information and take any actions they find valuable.

We Can Still Have Nice Things

Popular blog, We Can Still Have Nice Things, sends a weekly newsletter to subscribers that showcases happy and uplifting stories and topics.

The newsletter is conveniently divided into subjects making it simple for readers to find what speaks to them.

This blog newsletter has a small blurb from each article, an image, and a link, which builds up website traffic as readers click over to hear the rest.


Houseplant to the door delivery service, Bloomscape, boasts of a beautiful newsletter that keeps customers coming back for more.

Their newsletters are replete with aesthetic photos of plants along with short descriptions and tips.

The look of their newsletter is impactful and feels like a visit to their website.

The entire look, color scheme, and tone of the Bloomscape newsletter helps readers engage and greatly encourages conversion.


Buzzfeed is one of those websites that everyone knows, filled with pop news articles, photos, and online quizzes. Designed to be a place for everyone, Buzzfeed sends out a newsletter with teasers to draw readers over to the site.

Their newsletters have a few top headlines with a short blurb that is designed to pique the interest of readers.

In order to learn more, readers click the link and find themselves on the Buzzfeed website. It’s the oldest email trick in the book but it continues to be quite effective.


Grammar website, Phrasee, sends out informative weekly emails that are fun and valuable for their audience.

They use lots of online jargon, emojis, images, and interactive GIFs to create an enjoyable experience.

While the Phrasee tactic is a bit simple, it’s also effective. It speaks clearly to the reader and has a humorous tone that ensures engagement.

Creative Bloom

Creative, artistic newsletters are rapidly becoming relevant to industry followers.

Creative Bloom is an arts and design magazine that has carefully crafted their newsletter to whet the appetite of readers who share that creative streak.

These types of newsletters are striking with imagery, illustrations, and articles on stimulating topics.

They are designed to draw in other creative types and therefore have a powerful artistic element.

In Conclusion

Sending out unique and relevant email newsletters is one of the best ways to engage with your audience and keep them connected to your brand.

You just want to make sure you’re not spamming them with irrelevant content that makes them hit the trash, or even worse, the unsubscribe button.

By following in the footsteps of some of the most unique and relevant newsletters out there today, you can start building a base of loyal subscribers.

Bi-Weekly Resource Round Up Vol 23

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Start a graphic design project today and see results in just hours!

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Still, classic design elements have formed the foundation of today’s digital realm.

Let’s take a walk through the evolution of web design.  continue    

Pre-built Websites: A Convenient Trend

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Web design trends come and go like everything else.

But there’s one that stands out among the pack for it’s huge impact and convenience.

That is the trend of pre-built websites.

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But when the team member added to your project sends over a draft or proof, you might find yourself facing a difficult question:

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12 Essential Social Media Apps To Market Your Business

There’s no question that a social media presence is good for business. Over 80% of people in the US have at least one social media profile, and more than half of those have multiple accounts.

That means there’s a high chance of reaching customers on various social media platforms, whether through brand awareness, content marketing, or video ads. In fact, the majority of social media users also use their favorite platforms to directly purchase products.

While some of the best social media platforms to include in your marketing campaigns are household names that you may already use, there are a number of less commonly used apps with millions of daily users that can be an effective addition to your media mix.

Here are our top 12 social media apps to market and grow your business – in no particular order.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is not only the biggest social media network in the world, it also has the most developed advertising platform of all of the apps available. Because it is such an established site, the tools at your disposal are easy to use, intuitive, and make the most of your budget.

Whether you choose to list your business on Facebook, utilize ads to target users, or set up your customer service through Messenger, it’s very likely new customers will find you there.

  1. TikTok

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard of TikTok, one of the fastest-growing social media apps of all time.

With TikTok’s reputation for attracting a younger generation and having its own set of rules and trends dictating videos including dancing and lip-syncing, some businesses shy away from the platform.

But given it’s enormous potential for advertising either as a business or through influencers, companies should take note.

  1. Instagram

Smart advertisers already know that Instagram is so much more than a place to post vacation pictures. You can easily start by setting up an Instagram business profile and posting deals, promotions, sales, and product information.

As a visual app, companies can easily post images or videos without having to write long posts. Instagram also gives its business users access to dedicated resources to assist them in growing their audience.

  1. WeChat

Looking to branch out into international markets? If you’re considering China, it’s important to note that many popular US social media apps like Facebook and Instagram aren’t available to Chinese consumers.

This makes WeChat a great option for businesses looking to enter the Chinese market. While it started as a messaging app, it has grown into a platform for online shopping, advertising, and booking.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is popularized for being the go-to social platform for building a professional network, as well as finding a new job or recruiting employees.

It’s also a great tool for marketing, particularly for B2B commerce: did you know 80 percent of B2B social media marketing leads come from LinkedIn?

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media site for curating a digital pinboard of your ideal aesthetic – whether that’s through interior design, fashion, beauty products, or even food.

While the company does provide Pinterest Ads to businesses looking to promote their services, simply setting up a free Pinterest profile for your business to tell visual stories about your products or services can drive serious traffic to your company.

  1. QQ

Similar to WeChat, QQ is an instant messaging app. Based in China, the platform has grown its reach into more than 80 countries with a whopping 807 million users.

That’s twice the number of Twitter users around the world, making QQ the biggest social media app you’ve never heard of.

  1. Reddit

While Reddit began as a more obscure destination for internet users with specialized interest, it has quickly grown into a reputable platform for crowdsourced information.

While finding your niche on a subreddit is relatively easy, a self-promotion ban is heavily enforced on the site.

This means businesses need to get creative with what they share. With 430 million users, however, the payoff is well worth it.

  1. Twitter

One of the oldest and most established social media sites, Twitter allows you to share videos, pictures, and short posts in real time.

Many companies have found success with live-tweeting and using hashtags for promotions, as well as using the opportunity to easily interact with users.

The platform also boasts business-friendly tools such as Twitter Analytics to track the success of your campaigns.

  1. YouTube

Users watch over 1 billion hours of video on Youtube every day. That’s good news and bad news for companies looking to expand their video marketing: there’s a lot of users to watch your content, but there’s already quite a bit of great content out there!

Decide ahead of time how you’re going to make the best use of your YouTube marketing strategy by asking yourself beforehand if you want to grow your audience through search optimization, promote products through direct ads, or increase brand awareness through content marketing.

  1. Google Business Profile

Formerly known as “Google My Business,” your Google Business Profile is a listing for your company that users find when searching on Google.

While it’s more of a straightforward listing service, you can use the social media aspects, such as reviews and localized posting, to your marketing advantage.

Data shows that keeping your Google Business Profile verified and up to date significantly increases your click through rate and any potential purchases.

  1. Snapchat

Companies may shy away from Snapchat because the main draw of the app is that content disappears after 24 hours.

But many intrepid brands have found ways to use that to their benefit when marketing, by promoting sales and other news with more urgency to their users.

Snapchat allows you to directly tap into a younger audience with a basic free profile, or choose to pay to advertise your posts on their discovery page.

10 Great Explainer Videos To Inspire You

Whether you’re new to marketing or are a seasoned veteran, every marketer needs to know how to make an explainer video.

Explainer videos are where you can come alongside your customers and give them the answer to their products in the form of your product or service.

They’re a way to show the conflict, turning point, and resolution in the buyer’s journey. But what if you’re stuck on what to do when making your explainer video?

It’s one thing to know the elements that go into one, but you’ll need some creative inspiration to keep your muse pumping for as long as you need it to.

Luckily, we’re here to help you. This blog post will discuss 10 examples of great explainer videos and why we like them so much.

  1. Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the tech giants of the modern age, and their explainer video covers the dangers of cybersecurity threats and how Microsoft can help individuals, businesses, and companies better manage this problem.

The smooth graphics, informative speech, and excellent solution make this one of our favorite explainer videos.

See full video here Microsoft & SHI – Animated Explainer Video

  1. Cisco

Cisco is another leading cybersecurity company here to showcase its explainer video.

This video details all the companies using their model to complement the threat-centric method, beginning with the concept of trust, the basis for an excellent customer-company relationship.

Because the idea of customer trust is so vital to the image of a functioning business, we’ve rated this explainer video pretty high up on the list.

See full video here Cisco Trusted Access Explainer Video

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs, using the domain Semrush, is an SEO-keyword search engine. And they make use of that in their explainer video, too!

But, of course, the best way to make sure people know about you is to hook them in immediately with what they’re searching for, and they use that by opening with the phrase “Here’s the problem.” Take a look at their video today!

See full video here What is Ahrefs?

  1. Paypal

Have you ever wanted to pay someone without having to give away all your bank account information? If so, Paypal is your site, and their explainer video captures customers’ attention.

The animation combined with live-action filming makes the fantasy of ease with money transfers a reality. The promise of convenience makes this explainer video a good one.

See full video here PayPal – People Rule 30 Second TV Commercial

  1. Fonolo

The cute graphics and friendly voice make Fonolo one of the explainer videos we’d recommend to you.

First, the problem is introduced but given a silver lining – you have a thriving business. Still, you need a better call center to keep up with everything.

Then it offers the solution in a chipper tone: Fonolo. This device allows people to automatically be called back once an agent is available. The pleasant voice, layout, color palette, and music make this a great example.

See full video here Fonolo | Explainer Video by Animation Explainers

  1. Slack

This explainer video takes a slightly different approach than the ones we’ve covered.

Still, it’s one of the best for that very reason. Rather than discussing the problem and only offering the solution after they remind the customer of their situation,

Slack shows the answer right off the bat. The video below depicts a happy world with a digital HQ so employees can communicate and invite you to join in.

See full video here Work, simplified. | Slack

  1. Padmapper

Finding housing can be challenging, but Padmapper is here to help with this adorable commercial.

Using a handmade animation style and tons of visual and musical gags, this one shows the quirky and ridiculous nature of finding an apartment online.

Humor is always a good idea as long as it lands, and this explainer video gets the job done!

See full video here What is PadMapper?

  1. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg’s explainer video below taps into an issue that all marketers have: the need to analyze and expand their web traffic.

The problem is relatable, meaning they can discuss it in detail before moving on to the solution – getting one’s website analytics started with Crazy Egg. Look for yourself!

See full video here Crazy Egg

  1. Litmus Email Previews

This site uses one of the coolest analogies ever to convey its message: ninjas!

Sometimes conjuring up an image of something extraordinary to get the customer’s attention works wonders.

Combine that with the fluid graphics and fun art style; you’ve got a great explainer video.

See full video here Litmus Email Previews in a Nutshell

10. Zendesk

Zendesk, like many other explainer videos described here, makes use of visually stimulating elements to deliver a compelling message about a product people desperately need.

For example, customer service is defined using shapes, in keeping with their brand redesign, and the analogy of puzzle pieces to people is kept as a theme throughout the video. Take a look to see what we mean.

See full video here Introducing The New Zendesk

12 Creative Ideas To Boost Your Marketing

Tired of the same old marketing tactics? With so much information out there, you must stand out to get noticed. It’s time to think outside the box!

Here are some innovative ways to freshen up your brand and make a memorable impact on your target audience.

1. Tease Your Audience with a Trailer

(Image source)

It works for movies, and it can work for you, too! A teaser trailer gives audiences a sneak peek of what your brand has to offer. Use one to welcome people to your YouTube channel, jazz up your landing page, or as a pinned post on Facebook or TikTok.

You can play up the cinema theme with an exciting supercut of your product, or take a more practical approach and show them around. Choose the concept that best suits your brand personality.

For example, Taco Bell has created a series of trailer-style commercials to promote its products, under the fake studio “Live Mas Productions.”

2. Launch a Social Media Challenge

(Image source)

Who doesn’t love a challenge? Choose an activity that makes sense for your target audience. Then, let your followers try it themselves. When promoted well, challenges can attract attention from other social media users. This creates a lot of potential for people to discover your brand!

Your challenge could be a physical action that people replicate (e.g. the ice bucket challenge), a problem they solve, or their twist on a theme. Think about what would entice your potential customers yet also drive them toward your product.

For example, Starbucks hosted a competition to see which city had the most Pumpkin Spice Latte fans. Customers were eager to share their PSL love!

3. Host Virtual Workshops

(Image source)

During the pandemic, stores such as Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabrics began offering online crafting classes. These helped them stay afloat while people were staying home.

And it turned out to be a great idea. Customers loved the opportunity to learn and have fun with crafting experts! See the full video here

What’s your brand’s area of expertise? Turn it into a virtual class or workshop. You can release sessions as an edited video or a live stream.

4. Use Guerrilla Marketing

Named for independent fighters with unconventional methods, guerrilla marketing means popping up in unexpected places.

For example, instead of posting handbills, you’d paint a mural advertising your brand. You could also do impromptu street demos or flash mobs to grab attention.

Here’s a branded crosswalk from Bic:

(Image source)

The sky’s the limit. Just be sure to get proper permits! When in doubt, stick to sidewalk chalk.

5. Make People Laugh

(Image source)

If it suits your brand identity, spice up your marketing with a bit of comedy. Insurance giants GEICO and Progressive have both become cultural icons thanks to their whimsical and absurdist commercials.

But you don’t need a huge advertising budget to make your audience laugh. Try making a humorous skit to release on your social channels. You could even poke fun at yourself if it makes sense for your brand personality.

Here’s an example of how Mint Mobile owner, actor Ryan Reynolds, uses his offbeat comedy to promote the business.

Witty copywriting, the whimsical mascot, and the funny quote from Reynolds help forge Mint Mobile’s silly yet relatable brand identity.

6. Quiz Your Audience

(Image source)

Everyone likes to feel smart. Give your audience a chance to show off their trivia knowledge. A quiz could be a fun piece of social media content to boost engagement.

And don’t forget personality quizzes! These are perfect for engaging your potential customers and making them feel special. For example, you could let people find out their “hair personality,” and then drive them to your haircare products.

Above is a great example from that encourages visitors to find their body shape before browsing the shop.

7. Rethink Your 404 Pages

Affirm your brand identity and keep wayward customers engaged with customized 404 pages. Following a broken link is frustrating. But if you get creative with your 404 page design, you turn a mistake into a marketing opportunity!

Here’s a great example that uses some humor:

(Image source)

It also points users toward more products, so the 404 page doesn’t have to be a dead end!

8. Sponsor Another Brand

(Photo by Yomex Owo on Unsplash)

Need to expand your customer base? Try putting your name somewhere unexpected. In addition to pop up advertising (see idea #4), you could sponsor a product, organization, or event that aligns with your brand values.

For example, banking giant Santander sponsors these city bikes that residents can rent. This gets their name all around town, literally!

9. Meme Your Brand

(Image source)

Memes are the bread and butter of the internet, right up there with funny cat videos. If it makes sense for your brand, create some memes! You could poke fun at a relatable situation, portray your brand in a humorous way, or show what happens without your product.

Here’s a funny example using the popular “Distracted Boyfriend” meme format. It not only plays on the word “hot” but also jokes that people would ignore their significant other for Ruffles chips.

Before creating a meme, make sure you understand the origin of the meme format and how to use it. Otherwise, you may seem out of touch, inauthentic, or even cringey.

10. Ask for Captions

(Image source)

Invite your social media followers to caption an image. This could be an interesting photo from behind the scenes, an image of your product in action, or simply a funny image that relates to your brand.

National Geographic makes its traditionally sophisticated brand more engaging and humorous with this post.

11. Produce an Event

(Image source)

Event marketing allows consumers to immerse themselves in your brand. This is an amazing way to build recognizability.

Who could forget a fun contest, pop up fair, or food truck experience? If your brand name is on it, people associate that with their good memories.

For example, to promote the show “9-1-1 Lone Star” in New York City, Fox TV set up food trucks and handed out Texas style chili and cornbread. After all, the quickest way to someone’s brand loyalty is through their stomach!

12. Publish User Generated Content

(Image source)

No time to create new social media posts? No problem. User generated content (UGC) strengthens your brand by showing off your loyal community. There are three main ways to collect UGC:

  • Run a contest, such as a photo competition, then publish the winner. Check out the #ChipotleCreator Challenge for a great example. Chipotle asked customers to compete for the best burrito combination.
  • Host a social media challenge (see idea #2) or promote a hashtag, and ask people to contribute. For example, Kodak will republish photos tagged with #MadeWithKodak, and Minnidip will round up pictures of cute dogs in their inflatable pools.
  • Monitor hashtags related to your brand and request permission to repost photos and videos. Starbucks is known to republish posts tagged with #starbucks or #starbuckscoffee.

Posting UGC on your brand channels proves that you care about your customers. Plus, it saves you tons of time!

Wrapping Up

See any ideas on this list that you like? With a bit of creativity, you can turn your marketing from mediocre to magical.

If you need some help creating designs or writing copy for your new clever marketing campaigns, sign up for Flocksy! Our diverse team of creatives is eager to bring your vision to life.

Bi-Weekly Resource Round Up Vol 22

Featured Flocksy Team Member Design Of The Month:

Here is a custom flyer mockup created for a client by Flocksy team member Janelle.

All custom illustrations/brand designs/marketing materials on Flocksy are created completely from scratch by one of our extremely talented graphic design creatives.

Start a graphic design project today and see results in just hours!

10 Tips For Making Great Explainer Videos

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What is an explainer video, you might ask? Well, an explainer video is a short film explaining your product to the consumer and why they should buy it.

In this guide, I’ll give you ten tips on how you can make an awesome explainer video for your business in order to drive up sales and show others how you stand out uniquely from the rest of the crowd. continue

My Honest Review of Thonest (Updated 2022)

by Flocksy Staff Writer.

Thonest is a decentralized sales and feedback tool that allows you to let your existing
customers answer questions from potential customers.

Using a mix of AI and software, potential customers can ask
questions and existing customers can respond.

Questions are available for everyone to view,
making your company more honest and open, building trust with new users.  continue    

12 Types Of Business Posters To Inspire You

by Flocksy Staff Writer.

The internet is filled with tiny ads no bigger than a stick of gum to elaborate and often irritating pop-ups.

But their size is a deficit. Business posters, on the other hand, reign supreme because they can be many sizes, often larger than 3 feet by 5 feet, and can incorporate visual attractions more than many other options, including internet marketing ideas.

The resolution, the colors, the style, and even the shape, all draw the eye, and with the right focus points, can even improve your exposure to a large audience. continue

Building Your Brand with a Personal Website

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15 Creative And Unique Business Card Designs To Inspire You

Business cards are one of the most effective means of marketing, especially when you’re just starting out in the business world.

A cute, stylish card that you can easily pass around containing your company’s list of services is the perfect way to garner customer attraction and spread the word about the good or service you provide more effectively.

But sometimes it can be daunting to know where to start or what design will be most beneficial for what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you feel this way, you’re not alone, and we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll share with you fifteen business card designs that are sure to provide you with inspiration for making your own.

15 Of Our Favorite Unique Business Card Designs

  1. Cheese Grater Card

From JWT Advertising, this unique card is sure to get people to come back for more. Sometimes having a theme to your business card centered around who you are and what you do is the best way to paint a memorable picture in the mind of your customers.

Having a business card in a creative shape, such as a spray bottle for a cleaning company or a cake for a bakery, will remind potential customers of what you do whenever they see the card, even if they don’t have time to glance at the contact information.

  1. Mini Portfolio

This adorable mini-portfolio envelope by illustrator Iris Compiet doubles as both a business card and an example of what she can do.

If you’re into the arts, this design is for you – it perfectly encapsulates the creativity of the artist in both what she does and how she presents herself.

Using this design is sure to show people your skills at photography, graphic design, art, or even writing!

  1. Interior Designer Card

Interior design is a job where it’s super important that you stand out from the crowd – after all, that’s what you’ll help your customers do with their homes!

This ornate business card by Smriti Kariwal illustrates the beauty of patterns in home design array, displaying a preview of the business owner’s talent for potential buyers.

  1. Illusion Card

Remember those visually-stimulating cards you got at parties or after a trip to the doctor’s office?

The ones with a shifting image, almost like a mirage? Well, turns out these ones are great for business too! Evengy Katz’s design for a barber shop card can be used for all sorts of jobs for a versatile, eye-catching design.

Because it doubles as both a fidget toy and a business card, it’s sure to keep customers’ eyes on your business; literally, in this case!

  1. Lush Seed Packet

Because gardening and lawn care companies are a dime a dozen, you have to make absolutely sure that yours pops out the most among your customers’ choices.

Luckily, this card designed by Struck Creative is here to do the trick. This business card doubles as contact information for your company, as well as being a seed pouch.

This makes it perfect for remembering who you are as well as for practical use in the gardening adventures of your potential customers!

  1. Tearable and Shareable

Divorce is never fun to deal with, but this card by James A.W. Mahon can at least help people know their options better.

Even better, this card can be used for a variety of businesses as a way to share the information with others!

If you run a painting class, a party place, or even a bakery, you can make sure that your business card is the gift that keeps on giving with this design.

  1. Filmmaker Ticket Cards

If you’re a filmmaker, you’ve probably wondered how on earth you could possibly compete with enormous studios. Not to worry, though; Alice Cho has you covered with this callback to classic cinema.

With this business card being shaped like the movie tickets of old, it generates both nostalgia and interest in your next big production.

  1. LEGO Business Card

Toys are a timeless mode of diversion for children and adults alike, and LEGO may have the most interesting design for their business card yet.

These cards match each employee’s features quite well, and the contact information is printed on the back.

If you’re selling to customers who love toys, the best way to remind them of who you are and what you do might be to become a part of their daily play with this creative and unique informative toy.

  1. Rollable Yoga Mat Card

Yoga is a timeless way to relax and exercise, and there’s no better way to accomplish this than by giving your potential clients a reminder of what you do.

The relaxing blue encapsulates the quiet peace of Vancouver Yoga Center’s wonderful atmosphere, and rolls up just like the mats they use to help their fitness members find more balance in their lives.

The language of color is especially powerful, and one of the most effective tools you have at your disposal in whatever business endeavor you have planned.

  1. Coaster Card

If you’re a communications expert, chances are you’ve been a few places in your life.

This coaster card by Jukebox Prints is both cute and informative, letting your customers know what it is that you do and what your experience level is while also being chic, classy, and generally wonderful for get-togethers!

Place it on the table and watch people go nuts for it; it’s sure to get people to ask more questions and request your business for their needs.

  1. Cotton Business Cards

These cards from MOO may not look especially unique, but if you take a closer look, you’ll find that they’re a lot cleverer than they seem at first glance.

These are actually repurposed T-shirt scraps, pressed into paper using one of the most ancient methods of papermaking.

This method creates a premium business card with an interesting story behind it, making it a great choice if you’re wanting to get a chance to explain your business to others.

  1. Event Photographer’s Film Card

Photographers have tight competition in the market, so it’s super crucial to have a card that looks unique and classy, and captures what they do at a glance.

Norris Mantooth’s card, translucent and appearing to be a camera lens, helps accomplish this wonderfully.

Plus, it’s pretty fun to look at, meaning customers will be drawn to it even more and share it with everyone around them as a result.

  1. Flower Bouquet Cards

The importance of the right bouquet (and the right marketing scheme for your company!) cannot be overstated.

Latona Marketing made this perfect business card for what they do, all boiled down into a simple shape resembling a flower bouquet.

Posturing your business card around the main idea of what you do is a must, and there’s no better example of that than right here!

  1. MODHair Card

This business card by Fabio Milito for MODHair, a rock-n-roll salon in Rome, has multiple uses.

Not only does it plainly advertise the services offered, it’s also a usable comb!

To top it all off, this business card plays a classic rock tune, meaning you’ll never forget which hair salon it’s talking about.

With an almost magnetic pull, this card appeals to a wide range of people while also functioning as a preview for the service provided.

  1. Personal Trainer Card

Our brains are constantly linking stimuli to information; that’s why it’s so easy to study when listening to music or chewing gum.

This business card makes use of the fact that you have to pull it to see the personal trainer contact information, making it a great choice for potential clients looking to improve their overall fitness.

15 Inspiring Brochure Designs That Stand Out From The Crowd

Brochures are a versatile marketing option for businesses from retailers to museums. A well-designed document shows why a company is special and why prospective customers should spend their money there.

It’s an instant opportunity to put your best foot forward, snagging readers’ attention and their desire to find what’s missing in their lives, whether it’s a product, a service, or something more intangible, like luxury.

Keep reading to see 15 brochures that think outside the tri-fold.


1. 1–2–3–Helsinki ! Design en Seine

Design Firm: Werklig

This brochure advertised a pop-up art and architecture event embracing design, with boldly decorated shipping containers installed along the Seine in Paris.

The colorful shapes are inspired by the marine flags and signals used on the Seine. The design included two waves: one to represent the water of the river, and one to represent the “1, 2, 3” in the event’s title.

2. BFD ‘08 Concert

Designer: Liz Hall

This document uses a mix of cutouts and lively artwork to create a festive feeling for a 2008 concert. The use of chain link fence, including a jagged line along parts of the brochure, adds an edgy feel. A mix of advertising and copy is presented like posters on the fence.

Retail Businesses

3. Ikea

Designer: Leonardo Borges

This mailer design references Swedish furniture superstore Ikea’s iconic in-store displays, using very little text and a 3-D design to help customers imagine how quickly and easily their new furniture can “pop up” in their home.

The outside evokes flat-pack furniture, for which Ikea is famous, making the mailer instantly recognizable.

4. Volkswagen

Designer: Josiane Marquis

This brochure for Volkswagen’s line of hybrid cars uses a simple color palette of green and white to highlight the ideas of clean and green.

Each page is shaped like a simple leaf, an iconic image for all things environmentally friendly. The presentation at an event further uses the theme to make the documents look like sun-drenched leaves.

5. Skinny Blonde Baker

Designer: Nichole Ott

Designer Nichole Ott used oversized photos of this bakery’s healthier desserts to make readers’ mouths water. Two versions of the bakery’s logo are used throughout to give brand consistency.

Curvy script fonts evoke the femininity of the baker in the logo, and make use of the bakery’s slogan, “All Good, No Guilt.”

6. Tessuto Fashion

Designer: Greg Cannon

The brochure for this menswear retailer in New Jersey uses a unique cutout design to offer customers a peek at the fine fashions available.

The cutout evokes the square grid shapes used in the brand’s logo as well, lending consistency, while the dark colors give rise to feelings of strength and masculinity.


7. Crystal Cave Park

Designer: Keith Lowe

This design uses nostalgic-feeling artwork and bold lines in a unique shape to stand out amid other destination brochures.

The cream colored paper feels like a well-worn map, reminding visitors of bygone years. The art reflects the natural wonders inside Crystal Cave Park, including glittering crystals and a reflective pool.

8. National Museum of Extinct Insects

Designer: Natalie Perez

The logo for the National Museum of Extinct Insects looks like a butterfly in a nod to the many butterflies preserved there.

The brochure, using stark black and white, creates strong imagery while remaining minimalistic. Accent colors remind of the insects’ habitats, with the shades of a cloudless sky, the earth, and “juicy greenery.”

9. Simpson’s Hotel

Designer: Grieg Anderson

This document for a luxurious Scottish hotel uses a simple white cover and metallic logo to create a feeling of understated opulence.

Inside informs guests about the hotel’s large number of amenities and services. A folder is included in the back so hotel staff can put specific information in for clients.

Services and Features

10. Sparkbit Telematics

Designer: Balsam Studio

Design firm Balsam Studio employed a consistent motif of wavy lines to represent the data the business analyzes. Custom icons in thin white lines pair with the wave motif.

They use a bold aquamarine blue throughout to separate blocks of information and present it in a clear, understandable way.

11. Nottingham Trent University

Designer: Andrew Townsend

Using bright and bold colors contrasted by stark black, the art book for Nottingham Trent University is a compelling piece to entice prospective students.

The designer used 24 different patterns to create the font used within, highlighting visual interest. The package includes a multicolored sketchbook, stickers, postcards, and a stencil, for a memorable piece of advertising.

12. Vulture Labs

Designer: Jake Brandford

This brochure for a black-and-white long exposure photography business lets the photos speak for themselves.

Text is kept to a minimum, and the only colors used are gray, white, black, and sparing yellow contrast text. The unfolding of the brochure slowly reveals the stunning photography.

13. TVNZ 7

Designer: Thomas Pavitte

A triangular brochure for a New Zealand TV station folds out into a 7, reminding viewers of the familiar onscreen logo.

The brochure features the channel’s signature blue and triangular photos of station talent. Copy and programming information are kept brief to fit in the document’s distinctive triangles.

Places To Live

14. Spencer’s Crossing

Designer: Jennifer Springman

Brochures for a housing development called Spencer’s Crossing fold into a game to show that the neighborhood is for “kids at heart.”

The logo design features the words arranged in an arch over stepping stones to evoke the community’s walking trails.

Photos inside feature youngsters having fun at a pool and in a lush, green yard, to further reinforce the neighborhood as a place for family-friendly leisure.

15. Taj Villas

Designer: Vicom Group

This brochure for luxury villas contrasts black-and-white and colorful leaves both in its logo and its opening pages to evoke the climate in India and the high living available.

The interior contains mainly photographs of the housing, letting the construction speak for itself. A thin sans serif font creates a simple, elegant feel.

12 Great Packaging Designs To Inspire You.

Pure, authentic branding is one of the most powerful things you can do to get your messaging and products to the world. The right packaging design will make your brand identifiable and distinguishable.

Thus, enabling an element of trust within your clients. How people perceive your company is critical in growing a vibrant audience that raves and supports your business.

Developing the “know, like, trust” factor when marketing your products will transform and naturally attract more attention to whatever it is you are marketing.

People enjoy buying from organizations they feel confident in. In the age of e-commerce, product packaging does not only take things from point A to point B, but it is the only physical touch point that brands have with their customers.

Think of your packaging design as your display window. The first impression is the only impression your consumer could potentially have of your work.

The right merchandise design will allow you to stand out and improve your online presence.

Below are 12 innovative ideas that have taken the packaging world by storm. Use these as inspirations to out-design your business competitors and get the audience you crave.

  1. Nike Air

What better way to translate the imagery of the softness and comfortability of air pillow sneakers than by packaging them inside an actual air cushion design?

It is an aesthetically pleasing way to highlight the benefit of the sneaker. The language is clear; these sneakers will make you feel like you’re walking on air. The effectiveness of this esthetic heightens the marketing.

  1. WhiteBites

If you want your brand to be discernible from a sea of online content, your product packaging needs to be striking. An effective way to strategize this is to make your design memorable. Whitebites illustrates this brilliantly.

Your product packaging should communicate the messaging of your brand in a way that is unique and attracts attention.

  1. Trident Gum

Creativity is a highly desirable quality. In the design of your product packaging, you can incorporate a level of innovation to engage your potential consumer to purchase your product.

Trident gum is a fantastic example of design packaging executed excellently and with originality. Speaking to your audience’s emotions and innate creativity is a surefire way to convert them to buying customers.

  1. Note Headphones

Your consumer’s purchasing decision is dependent on how well connected they feel to your brand. Designing your product package with this in mind will help you convert more customers.

An instance of this approach implemented creatively is note headphones. Clever ways to aesthetically express the value of your product will entice your target audience.

  1. Blood Of Grapes Wine Bottles

Constantin Bolimond developed a concept that synchronized brilliantly with its product name, Blood of grapes wine bottles. The style was created and themed after the shape of a heart.

It’s a striking visual representation. It is mesmerizing because it’s unexpected, a fantastic way to grab your audience’s attention. The product design is not yet available for retail.

  1. Kohberg Bakery Group

The largest bread manufacturer knows a thing about appealing to their ideal consumers. Their sketch attracts attention to the fight against breast cancer. The visual image is vibrant and innovative.

Appeals to emotion are an effective way to persuade and influence potential consumers. We make decisions based on our intuitive and emotional responses. Speaking to emotions is a compelling way to move people to action.

  1. Big Mouth Monster Self-Adhesive Treat Bag

What better way to intensify your consumer’s natural urge for candy than by strategically placing a mouth on the product packaging design? Triggering a consumer’s impulse buying is an effective marketing strategy.

And a great way to increase your revenue and create brand loyalty. Fazer Vilpuri cookies and breadrolls is an example of this technique executed excellently.

  1. Creatives Wall

Design packaging does not need to be complex. You do not need to recreate the wheel.

All you have to do is put your creative spin on what is already working in your market. For example, you can add a clever design to a simple paper bag.

9. Puppy Skincare

Puppy skincare created a beautiful package for their lipstick product. The vintage cat visual directly speaks to the messaging of the brand.

Their brand’s emblematic consistencies create an ambiance of loyalty and dedication amongst their audience.

10. Louboutin

Louboutin is one of the most recognizable and distinguishable brands in the market.

Its packaging designs have an air of sleek minimalism that speaks directly to the high-end quality of its products.

11. Hexagon Honey

The hexagon honey bottle design stands out from the blend of sameness most honey jars have. A true example of what it means to make your brand packaging exceptional.

12. H&M Box Packaging

This fun and eccentric box packaging is a fantastic way to grab your consumer’s attention. The design gives a sense of whimsicalness and joy.

Wrapping Up

When designing your product packaging, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Learn from what has survived the test of time. And remember to add your individual brand’s uniqueness and core messaging. Make your consumer’s first impression a lasting one.