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Pre-built Websites: A Convenient Trend

Web design trends come and go like everything else. But there’s one that stands out among the pack for it’s huge impact and convenience. That is the trend of pre-built websites.

Pre-built websites offer:

  • Options to lightly customize them
  •  Niche-specific interfaces
  • Support The options increase every day for pre-built websites.

These offer amazing options for designers and consumers alike.

Accessible Samples

One major benefit of these types of designs is that they provide a visual for customers up front. Normally you would have to do a lot of design and mockup to get a sample for your customer. But they can quickly see several options with pre-built websites.
You can still customize their website. The pre-built sample isn’t the totally finished product. But it’s a great way to get the ball rolling and visualize the final product.

Be Theme Provides Many Choices

It’s hard to cover all of the types of pre-built websites. But one site gives a great sampling of what is out there. Be Theme provides over 230 types of pre-built websites. These are easy to customize and install. The different types of sites are carefully researched to provide usability by niche. There are different designs for musicians versus agencies. Here are a few of the choices web designers can show their customers from Be Theme.

Be B&W

This theme is a classic one that works best for photography studios. It features clean lines and accents in black and white.

Be Developer2

This theme is for real estate developers. It features several pictures of real development projects and an accessible list of services.

Be Digital

This is a well-researched theme that caters to digital agencies. It is dramatic and eye-pleasing.

Be Minimal

This is a theme with a quiet feel. It’s tailored to a creative agency.

Be Snapshot

This theme has some interesting hovering features. It is for a photographer.

Be Tiles

This theme is designed for people who work in interior design or tiling. It has a bit more complexity in the design and showcases an image first and foremost.

Why Niche-Specific Design?

There’s a lot that goes into market research for web design. A website that is put together right isn’t a one-size-fits-all project. You want something that is heavily biased toward your particular industry.

Perhaps most importantly, every niche needs different visuals. The way the graphics, photographs, and font design play together matters.

Some of the themes covered here have a focus on a detailed photograph.

Others are all about a large font on the home page. It’s up to you to choose the right focal point for your website. But to do that, you have to get specific about your niche.

The Muffin Builder 3

The Muffin Builder 3 takes the coding work out of design. There are lots of short codes for your convenience. This builder helps streamline the design process so that your WordPress theme from Be Themes goes up as fast as possible.

People are loving this design trend. If there’s one thing you should look into this year, it’s pre-built themes. They are growing in number. They’re easy to use. And with options like the Muffin Builder 3, you can focus more on your designs.


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