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Available Project Categories & Subcategories

Here are all of the available project categories and subcategories on Flocksy.com. If you have any further questions, you can always reach out through our contact form or give us a call! We’re here to help.

The Flat-Rate Copywriting Team

Our Copywriting Team is your group of expert writers who will work on your content projects.

flat-rate copywriting team

Copywriting Projects

  • Social Media Ad: The copywriting team will craft a short blurb to go along with a visual ad you plan to use on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Social Media Post: Your copywriting team creates a short description/post for your social media pages based on the platform where you’ll be using it, such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Tagline: Our writers will craft a compelling tagline for your business, product, service, etc., that captures what you do and your brand style.
  • Proofreading: Our writers will review pre-written text for grammatical and spelling errors, flow, tone, clarity, and conciseness.
  • Minor Edits: When you need a few changes to the text, such as shortening it or adding more details, our writers can help create the final piece.
  • Rewrite Content: The writers will take an inspirational piece, such as an out-of-date blog or similar article, and rewrite a new one based on its style, content, formatting, and length.
  • Branding Guide: When you need to put together an informative document detailing your brand and writing style guidelines, our writers can craft the copy you can use going forward.
  • Biography: When you need a long or short biography describing you or your company, our writers can handle it.
  • Infographic: Based on the provided topic and resources, our writers will create the content, not the images, for an infographic.
  • Business Description: We’ll write an informative description of your company or business that you can use on your site and to guide marketing efforts.
  • Service Description: Similar to a business description, we’ll write a rundown of your service and what it provides.
  • PPC Ad: We’ll create the written content needed to run a pay-per-click ad campaign for your business, product, or service.
  • Email Content: Our writers will create an email or series of emails based on your goals and direction, including sales, introductions, welcome series, etc.
  • Product Description: The writers will create product descriptions for sales websites, including Amazon descriptions.
  • Webpage: The writers will create all the content needed for each section on a particular website based on your business and any resources provided.
  • Landing Page: When you need a specific page to generate traffic, our writers can create the content needed to inform, sell, and build brand awareness.
  • Article: We’ll create an article for publication on whatever topic you need, from selling to informing and educating to case studies and reviews.
  • Script: We can write scripts for short ads, YouTube videos, training videos, etc.
  • Press Release: We’ll write up an official statement of current news about your business that you can provide to newspapers or use online.

The Flat-Rate Custom Illustrations Team

flat-rate custom illustrations team

Our Custom Illustrations Team are professional artists who will draw personalized on-brand designs based on your needs.

Custom Illustration Projects

  • Mascot: The illustrators can create unique company mascots you can use throughout your marketing, similar to our Flocksy bird.
  • Portrait Illustration: Our portrait illustrators will create realistic, abstract, or cartoony from the distinguishing features that will make a person’s portrait immediately recognizable.
  • Product Illustration: Product illustration lends a human element to a digital product’s user experience and can help communicate complex ideas through eye-catching illustrations.
  • Custom Brand Illustration: Custom brand illustrations are a set group of images that convey a specific mood and style that relates to your brand’s promise, frequently evoking the human experience (humor, hope, irony, etc.).
  • Character: Similar to a custom brand mascot, a character can be used to represent you, your company, or be a part of the service you provide. It can also be the image of a specific fictional character or person.
  • Comic Illustration: Whether you’re creating a digital comic, graphic novel, or short comic strip, our illustrations can create something that completely captures the story.
  • Tattoo Art: Sometimes, you have a great idea for a tattoo but can’t bring it to life through illustration and art. That’s where our illustrator can help take your vision and make it a reality.
  • Custom Line Art: Line art is a specific style of illustration that uses long lines that interconnect to create an image. Our custom line art creations are for you if you want something more unique and abstract.
  • Merch Illustrations: Merch illustrations are perfect for putting on various sellable or promotional items and are designed to be “printed” out on a physical item.
  • Storybook Illustrations: If you’ve written a children’s or storybook, this service covers the illustrations that go onto the cover and inside the interior. They show what is happening in the story and appeal to a younger audience.
  • Illustrated Manuals: Manual illustrations are perfect for depicting steps, contents, set-up procedures, etc., inside a user’s manual, aligning with the text to provide clarity.
  • Avatar: an avatar is a form of character illustration that typically represents a person but can also be used to represent a brand or company.
  • Storyboard Illustration: Our storyboard artists help create a visual representation of a film’s narrative. They translate the script and director’s vision into illustrations.
  • Editorial/News Illustration: Our team can create editorial illustrations for newspapers, magazines, and websites to bring a visual dimension to an article. These illustrations grab the reader’s attention and add a new perspective to the article.

The Flat-Rate Graphic Design Team

The Graphics Design Team is our group of designers and artists who’ll work on your graphic projects’ visual elements and imagery.

Graphic Design Projects


  • Edits to an Existing Logo: This service covers updating an existing logo to align with your brand’s vision.
  • Changes to an Existing Graphic: This includes changing or updating a current graphic to reflect your desires and requirements better.
  • Vectorize an Existing Logo: This service allows us to take a current logo and create a vector-based design based on its shapes, colors, style, etc., that you can use for everything vector designs are needed.
  • Resizing Existing Graphics: If your graphics are in the wrong size for a particular purpose or location, we’ll resize them to fit your specifications without losing quality.

Social Graphics

  • Social Media: This is perfect when you need a social media post image that can work in various places. We’ll base it on your needs, brand style, and business while providing a tailored image based on your goals.
  • Facebook Ad or Post: We’ll create the image or images needed to the correct specifications to display on Facebook for an advertisement or post based on your requirements.
  • Instagram Ad or Post: This is creating an image or images in the correct dimensions and specifications for a post or advertisement on Instagram based on your brand and business.
  • Pinterest Ad or Post: We will create an image that meets Pinterest standards to be displayed as an ad or post on their platform for business accounts based on your requirements.

Digital Designs

  • Blog Post Graphics: From a featured header to inline images, we’ll create and perfect all the images you need to accompany your blog post that captures the subject and your brand style.
  • Simple eBook: This service includes creating the images and visual formatting for a simple eBook to be published online. It includes the cover and any internal images needed.
  • Logo: We’ll develop the logo for your business, entrepreneurship, product, etc., based on your specific guidelines, industry, niche, style, and goals.
  • Icon: We’ll create an icon you can use to represent a feature, product, tool, etc., for digital and print display.
  • Holiday Ad: We’ll create an advertisement to be used in print and digitally that specifically captures the holiday season and spirit based on your brand style, industry, and needs.
  • Email: Email headers, internal graphics, background, templates, etc.- our team of graphic designers will create the perfect look for your important messages.
  • PowerPoint: This service provides the graphics needed for a PowerPoint presentation for each slide. We’ll use the text provided and your requirements to design images that suit the presentation’s goals.
  • Banner: We’ll create a digital banner for your website to the size specification you provide, which can be used for sales, promotions, evergreen information, and more.
  • Landing Page: From top to bottom, we’ll design an internet landing page for your business that offers images and visual formatting to support your message and brand style.
  • Simple Animated GIF: We’ll create a simple, few seconds GIF for your business based on your specific goals and the desired location.
  • eBook Cover: This service includes designing and formatting an eBook cover to submit with your published work. We’ll create it to the specification needed to meet your publication requirements and capture the themes and style of your book.
  • Webpage: From top to bottom, we’ll design all your webpage’s visual aspects, whether for selling, promotions, etc., and capture your brand and business’s styles, requirements, target audience, and more.
  • Infographic: We’ll create all the visual elements to accompany your infographic presentation based on the provided written content and context.
  • Fillable PDF: We’ll develop a fillable PDF form or sheet based on the content you provide that meets your brand style and requirements.
  • Marketing Material: We’ll design and format several marketing materials you can use digitally or in print to advertise and promote your business, event, page, etc.
  • Mock-Up: We can create a visual, digital mock-up of a product that you can use to showcase something that doesn’t have a physical form yet or to be used for promotional purposes.
  • App: We’ll design the visual elements of the pages and sections within an app based on the content and context you provide.

Print Designs

  • Poster: Poster design includes developing and providing the correct files for creating for-print posters for advertising, branding, etc.
  • T-shirt Design: This includes designing the perfect graphic to go on a t-shirt for merchandise or promotion, including creating print-ready files and designing an eye-catching graphic that suits your brand style.
  • Box: This service covers designing custom boxes for your brand that showcases its style, highlight your best features, and add a layer of professionalism to a standard container.
  • Flyer: To help your business advertise an event, service, product, etc., we’ll create a custom flyer ready for printing and online distribution.
  • Book Cover: This feature covers designing the cover of a book for print, hardback, or paperback, to your trim size specifications. We’ll include the title, author name, back blurb, barcode, and other pertinent information.
  • Label: This service includes creating the imagery and design for printed labels that you can use on products, packaging, etc.
  • Workbook: We’ll create the interior and cover design imagery for an educational workbook to your specification print and/or digital.
  • Menu: We’ll create the graphic layout with images and details for your restaurant’s menu based on the descriptions and brand style guidelines you provide.
  • Business Form: If you need forms created to send to your customers or clients in print or digitally, we’ll create the visual aspects based on the content provided.
  • Tri-fold Brochure: This feature includes the design and formatting of all the images and visual elements of a tri-fold brochure based on the content you provide.
  • Stationery: We’ll create custom stationery, such as letterheads, notepads, envelopes, etc., based on your brand style and requirements designed for printing.
  • Magazine: We’ll design a magazine’s interior and cover imagery and visual formatting based on your brand guidelines and content, designed for printing or digital use.
  • Postcard: This service includes a postcard’s visual formatting and design for printing based on your brand’s style and needs.

Templates & Guides

  • Template: We can create a reusable template you can provide others when you need something designed to specific specifications, including page templates, email templates, etc.
  • Branding Guide: We’ll create a visual presentation of your brand style and guidelines in a comprehensive guide you can provide future designers and creators.

The Flat-Rate Motion Graphics Team

Motion Graphics Projects

  • Motion Graphics: Motion graphics services are similar to animation but with text as a major component, essentially animated graphic design. This covers animated design with more specific details and features.
  • Advanced Titling: Our motion graphics team will use advanced techniques in title animation to create eye-catching, custom-animated text styles.
  • Animated Ad: Using classic motion graphic techniques, we’ll create a straightforward animated ad to be used digitally based on your brand style and content needs.
  • Animated Explainer: This service creates an animated explainer video that, in conjunction with text and voiceovers, showcases or explains how something works, such as a product, service, promotion, etc.
  • Animated Logo: We’ll create an animated version of your existing brand logo to display in any number of places online.
  • Animated Text: One of the key foundations of motion graphics, we’ll create animated text to convey your brand message.
  • Graphic Loop: This service includes creating a graphical, animated loop of images that play continuously to create that infinity or cyclical effect.
  • Product Animation: An animated depiction of a product to showcase its assets from various angles and create interest through motion graphic elements.
  • Template Editing: We’ll edit and update an existing motion graphics template to meet your current needs.
  • Transparent Animated Assets: This includes creating a motion graphic element with a transparent background that can be applied over top of another video or graphic element.
  • UI/UX Animation: UI animation adds motion to UI elements to augment a product’s interactivity and guide them around the interface, alerting people to changes, influencing decisions, indicating a relationship between elements, etc.

The Flat-Rate Video Editing Team

The Video Team is our group of professional video editors who work on all projects involving marketing video creation and edits.

Video Editing Projects

  • Video Project: We will provide various edits and create videos for various purposes.
  • Adding Sub-Titles: Our team will add sub-titles to an existing video.
  • Adding Thumbnails:- We will create a thumbnail for a video based on its content and your brand guidelines that you can use as the front-facing image for the video.
  • Adding Color: We can provide video coloring on an existing recording or color correct it to make it look more natural and realistic or evoke a certain mood.
  • Adding Background Music: You can provide the team with a piece of music or request that they find a suitable piece to pair with your existing video.
  • Adding New Sections: The team will create new sections to insert into an existing video you provide.
  • Adjusting Length: We can take a video that is too long and trim it down, or we can add elements to make it reach a desired length.
  • Transition Adjustments: Video transitions in post-production connect one shot to another. If you want to change your basic cuts our video editing team can provide a transition adjustment.
  • Testimonial Videos: We can help create videos of your testimonials and reviews to promote your brand and get potentially customer/client attention.
  • Animated Facebook Covers: Facebook allows for video in their cover picture on your profile. Help your brand stand out from the crowd with an animated cover that promotes your product, service, or company.
  • Promo Videos: We’ll create a promotional video that you can use to attract attention for a particular sale, event, etc. Our team will develop a stunning video that pulls in your target audience and keeps them watching.
  • Video Merging: When you have two or more videos you’d like to merge into one, our video editing team will create a seamless, attractive final cut you’ll be proud to show off.
  • Animated Ads: An animated ad is a short, 15 to 60-second video promoting your company, products, or services. Our video team will put together an action-driving ad that’s sure to drive conversion.
  • Adding an Opening: Our video team will add an opening scene or card to the beginning of your pre-existing video.
  • Adaptation to Different Formats: Our video editors can adapt your existing footage or film to 4K, Social media reels, Facebook ads, etc.

The Flat-Rate Voice-Over Team

The Voice-Over team is our group of expert voice-over actors and performers who can record your scripts for whatever you need- commercials, marketing videos, education, etc.

Voice-Over Projects

  • Transcribing: This service includes transcribing existing audio into text, including podcasts, interviews, ads, etc.
  • Voice Over: Our voice-over creatives will create audio recordings based on scripts you provide, including ads, informative videos, etc.
  • Advertising: Our VO artists can provide the dialogue needed for video and animated advertisements.
  • Commercials: Our creative will record a commercial script used to sell your products or services.
  • Characters: The voice-over artists can record the voices for your animated characters.
  • Live announcements: We can provide a recording for a live announcement to be played during the event.
  • Product releases: We can provide the audio for a product release announcement you can use throughout your product promotion and marketing.
  • Presentations: The team will record a script that follows along with an educational, marketing, sales, etc. presentation.
  • Product video: The team records the script for a product video that demonstrates its function, offers how-to information, or anything similar.
  • Radio: We can record various radio spots that can be used over and over again and played to a wide audience of listeners via radio.
  • TV tags: We’ll provide a recording for the closing of a news story, televised piece, live event, etc.
  • Phone systems: Using your script, the team will record the telephonic instructions played to those who call into your business.
  • Educational: Our team can provide various recordings to be paired with educational materials.
  • Other (beta- will be reviewed to see if it can be completed): We use this option to cover something that isn’t listed, which we’ll review for submittal.

The Flat-Rate Website Development Team

Our Web Development Team is the crew of designers and coders who’ll help you create responsive, ready-to-use websites.

Web Development Projects

  • PSD to HTML– We will convert PSD files to responsive HTML code to create a live, useable website, including mobile-friendly ones.
  • Sketch to HTML– This service will convert Sketch files to responsive HTML code for mobile-friendly, responsive web pages.
  • PSD to Drag-and-Drop– We will convert PSD files to drag-and-drop ready files that you can install on your website for responsive sites.
  • Sketch to Drag-and-Drop: We’ll modify your Sketch files to drag-and-drop files for a responsive, mobile-friendly web page.

To learn more about starting a project with Flocksy for yourself, be sure to check out the Services and Pricing pages. You can also shoot us an email through the contact form or reach out over the phone at (877) 263-7389.


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