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Hatchwise: A Logo Design Contest Site Review

Getting the perfect Logo Design is one of the most important parts of creating your company identity. However it can be hard to find a unique, quality design that you love and represents your company in a way that makes you proud.

Thankfully, there’s Hatchwise. It’s one of the best options for your logo design needs because it’s easy to use and offers diverse creatives worldwide.

Hatchwise landing page

Here, we’ll review what Hatchwise is, how it works, the pricing, and what you can do with its platform to ease your creative burden. You’ll find the following sections:

What is Hatchwise?

How does Hatchwise work?

Hatchwise Pricing

What are the pros and cons of Hatchwise?

Is it possible to make money on Hatchwise?

Alternatives to Hatchwise

Is Hatchwise worth it?

Hatchwise review: A recap

What is Hatchwise?  

Hatchwise provides crowdsourced logo (and other custom graphic design) and naming services for in a contest format that lets you decide how large a prize you want to offer. What makes Hatchwise stand out from other freelancing services, such as 99designs or Upwork, is their focus on logo designs, company or product names, and their design contest structure. You’ll have the chance to see hundreds of designs from creatives worldwide when you start a contest, and then you can pick your favorite one and start using it immediately.

Hatchwise screenshot

Best of all, Hatchwise isn’t just about logos, though they are great with them. They also offer numerous graphic design services, from web pages to stationery to business cards. Uniquely, they also offer assistance with coming up with the perfect company, product, domain names or tagline.

How does Hatchwise work?

Hatchwise is a crowdsourcing marketplace where you run can run a creative design or naming contest. That means you’ll fill out a creative brief and they’ll open up that request for their giant community of creatives to submit original designs and names to. You’ll get dozens of options to choose from, and from them, you’ll choose your winner.

Here’s how it works in three basic steps:

Hatchwise How it works

Fill Out a Creative Brief

First things first- what do you need? You’ll want to come up with a clear idea for your project so that you know how to describe it in the brief. But don’t worry. It’s super simple and walks you through everything. You even see sliders for opposing design elements, such as how feminine or masculine you want the overall design. You can also provide resources for inspiration and let the designers know what you don’t want in the final result.

Go Over the Entries

When the contest begins, the submissions will start flowing in. Depending on the plan you choose, you can receive hundreds to thousands of unique custom entries. To really get the max participation select the “Unlimited” plan to attract dozens to hundreds of designers and namers to your contest.

Pick Your Favorite and Award a Winner

At the end of it all, you’ll pick a winner and receive industry-standard files and copyright ownership so that you can use your design or name wherever and however you like.

How Much Does Hatchwise Cost?

Hatchwise has four plan options for every type of contest you can run on the site- Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Unlimited. For logos, their most popular contest, the price points for each plan are $99 for 30+ submissions, $189 for 70+, $279 for 130+, and $399 for unlimited. Larger prize amounts can increase participation from quality creatives. However, you’ll always work with great designers.

Hatchwise also offers add-on upgrades to increase your contest’s potential for great or timely results. They are:

  • Private Contest: $30
  • 48-Hour Rush Contest: $35
  • Highlighted Contest: $7
  • Featured Contest: $18
  • Designer Email Blast: $25
  • Blind Contest: $20

No matter which plan you choose, you’ll always receive the following:

  • Completely Custom Designs
  • An included $49 Listing Fee
  • A Money-Back Guarantee that ensures you’re happy with their service
  • Full Ownership of the winning design & industry-standard files

What are the Pros & Cons of Hatchwise?

Pros: community and customer service

  • Various services. Hatchwise isn’t just logo contests. They also have merchandise, business card, web design, and even product, company, and domain naming contests. 
  • Massive community. Hatchwise’s diverse design community allows you to work with people specializing in numerous designs and artistic styles within a single contest. The variety yields great results.
  • Excellent customer service. When you have questions or if you need help getting your contest going, Hatchwise support will be there to guide you.
  • Money-back guarantee. You’ll be eligible for a full refund if you don’t receive the number of entries you paid for in your plan.
  • Quick results. A full contest runs for ten days, which can still be faster than working with a freelancer. Additionally, if you find a design you adore, you can end your contest early. What’s more, Hatchwise also offers rush services that run an entire contest in only 48 hours.

Cons: You Won’t Be Working With Just One Designer

  • It’s a Community. Hatchwise is all about crowdsourcing, and they want you to work with a bunch of different people so that you get a variety of perspectives. While this isn’t a bad thing at all, it is something to be aware of if you’re looking for more one-on-one service.

Can I Enter Contests on Hatchwise?

Hatchwise can be a great place to work as a freelancer, whether you’re looking to be a designer or writer for naming and tagline contests. You’ll be paid your winnings in full on the 1st and 14th of each month. 

Hatchwise also allows you to work with a client directly because if you win a contest they provide them with your contact information and encourage them to contact your for follow up work. It’s a great opportunity to connect with new clients. You can join as a creator in three tier: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Bronze is free, and Silver and Gold have a monthly fee with greater access to the community and contests.

Alternatives to Hatchwise

Let’s compare other graphic design and crowdsourced agencies with Hatchwise. 


Fiverr is all about “fast and cheap” freelancing. Nearly every type of odd job is represented on the site, from administrative bookkeeping to psychic readings. The “Fiverr” name references the “standard” price for gigs of five dollars.

The design community on Fiverr does offer low rates. However, they are certainly more than $5, especially for the higher-quality designers who’ve been doing this for a while. Fiverr also isn’t just about design, and they don’t maintain their graphic designers.

That fact can make Fiverr a risk. Poor results, miscommunication, and shady practices can be more prevalent in places like this. Additionally, their support doesn’t often step up to take care of disputes. Fiverr, all in all is a good representation of the adage “you get what you pay for.”.


99designs offers both crowdsourcing and one-on-one design options. Their community is large, and they provide many great options for people looking for a contest or personal design work.

The biggest downside of 99designs is the cost. There are larger service fees, and because the designs decide what to charge for their work, they can be significantly more expensive than Hatchwise. They promise very high quality, but you’ll see the same quality at Hatchwise. Your personal preference and the type of service you want to go with will be the biggest deciding factor between the two companies.

Is Hatchwise worth it?

Variety is the spice of life, which makes Hatchwise a great option when you want to see designs from different people with different styles. That’s the best part of crowdsourcing, varied perspectives. It’s like shopping around for different designs without the hefty price tag. When you can’t afford to hire an in-house creative team and have a few projects you need to be done, Hatchwise is a way to get it done for less.

Hatchwise review: A Recap

For one flat contest fee, you can look at dozens of unique takes for your graphic design project without breaking the bank. That’s a great choice, no matter who you are. You won’t be stuck with one design option at a time, going back and forth with a designer. You’ll get dozens and dozens of options with a Hatchwise contest to find the perfect one in no time.

To learn more about Hatchwise, visit their site at www.hatchwise.com


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