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Kimp vs Flocksy

Flocksy and Kimp are very similar when it comes to our graphic design and video services. However, where Kimp stops with images and videos, we keep going with web development, copywriting, and more. So, how does Kimp vs Flocksy stack up? I think you’ll see for yourself, that Flocksy comes out on top.

There are many areas where small differences can stand out and make the difference between our two companies, so let’s explore our offerings and resources.

Kimp and Flocksy were built to provide unlimited graphic design services and added video, which became an even more important part of a business’s brand strategy. Our graphic design and video services are both provided at a flat monthly rate, but what you receive each month varies significantly. 

In this Kimp vs Flocksy review, we’ll cover:

Let’s explore their differences in detail.

A Kimp vs Flocksy Comparison Table

To begin, here’s a side-by-side comparison of Kimp and Flocksy essential services and features.   

Least Expensive Package$599/m$499/m
Most Expensive Package$995/m$1,495/m
Graphic Design Included (yes/no)YesYes
Web Development Included  (yes/no)NoYes
Video Editing Included (yes/no)YesYes
Voiceovers Included (yes/no)NoYes
Copywriting Included (yes/no)NoYes
Custom Illustrations Included  (yes/no)YesYes
Motion Graphics Included (yes/no)YesYes
Average Turnaround TimeGraphics- 24 hours
Video- 2 to 4 business days
Graphics- 24 hours or less
Video- 24 to 48 hours
Money Back Guarantee (days)None14 days
Project Managers?YesYes
Kimp vs Flocksy Breakdown


Cost is a big factor for most businesses. After all, it affects profits and bottom lines, so a service needs to be worth the expense. Here’s what you’ll get with each plan from both companies.

Kimp’s packages:

You’ll always get unlimited requests, revisions, and brands, unlimited team members, free stock images and source files, and the Zapier integration and Trello project management tool.

Here, you’ll also have three plans to choose from, but we branch out from graphic design and video creation and editing to include motion graphics, copywriting, web development, and more.

Our packages:

  • Silver- $499/m- This plan offers access to the project queue, where tasks will be worked on one at a time. You’ll also get a designated creative team and unlimited graphic design and custom illustration project requests. You’ll work with the US daytime team and enjoy quick turnaround times. Best of all, you’ll get a dedicated project manager and seamless communication and updates thanks to the Zapier integration (use Trello, Slack, Email, & more).
  • Gold- $995/m- You’ll get everything on the Silver Plan, plus copywriting, video editing, motion graphics, logos & brand guides, and voice-over project availability. You also receive double the output and an expedited turnaround time. Additionally, you can ask for revisions via video and audio as well.
  • Platinum- $1,495/m- You’ll get everything above and triple the output of the silver plan and access to web development projects, which comes with PSD to Drag-and-Drop Builders and PSD to HTML.

Finally, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. No such guarantee can be found on Kimp’s site, and they will not refund an account due to inactivity. Kimp provides a limited-use seven-day free trial, after which you’ll be charged the monthly amount for whichever plan you selected.

These features can mean a lot when comparing Kimp vs Flocksy. And as you can see, the amount you get from the Flocksy plans, including our standard, enhanced communication services, is much higher. That’s more bang for your buck. Plus, it can save you long-term if you’re using multiple subscriptions to manage all those creative needs.

Onboarding Process

When onboarding with Kimp, first, you’ll need to select which plan is right for you and sign up on their website. You’ll have a week-long free trial. Once that ends, you’ll be charged the monthly rate for your plan.

You’ll receive an onboarding phone call and follow-up from one of their customer experience representatives to help you get started, and you can escalate your claim to a project manager if you have a complex request.

When you work with us, you’ll also be able to schedule a demo for you and all your team members to walk you through the all-in-one platform, but you’ll also get a dedicated project manager right from the start who will schedule a call with you to go over everything. They’ll provide a thorough explanation of the dashboard and running projects. They’ll also be there for any questions you might have when you’re subscribed.

Our project managers are one of the best assets on your creative services team. They help you keep all your projects running smoothly, finishing on time, and exceeding your expectations.

Submitting a Design Request 

Our dashboard is easy to use, and you can message, request projects, provide feedback and edits, and check project status right from that main menu. Kimp’s system uses Trello to manage projects, and you can also submit requests through email. In comparison, the nice thing about our dashboard is that you don’t have to install any extra programs or switch to a new site if you don’t want to. Log in to Flocksy, and you can do it all from there.

Based on what you need, the Kimp Project Manager will assign your request to a designer with those qualifications. Once that request is completed, they’ll move on to the next one.

They fulfill requests two at a time on a first-come, first-served basis. Putting your priority items first on your Trello board will help them to get the ones you need quickest to you on time. But you can let your PM know if there is a change in priority. 

Creating a new project with us is similar. You can work on the dashboard or integrate your projects with Zapier to organize them on your favorite app, not just Trello, but that is one of them. You’ll also find intelligent briefs that ensure you give all the necessary details to your creative. Because where you manage your projects with us is so flexible, you’ll have greater control with the Flocksy system.

As for brand tools, both services offer to work with unlimited brands. At Kimp, you can add your brand guidelines to the “Guidelines” list on Trello. You’ll create a card for each brand, which can include as many details as you want, from logos to color palettes to style guides.

We store brand assets as what are called buckets. Similar to a Google shared folder, you can put everything you need in a bucket, and it’s stored on our platform for whenever you need it. Our creatives can also look at previously completed projects that you liked together with your brand buckets to get inspiration and references for your projects.

Turnaround Time

Quick turnaround times are a staple of unlimited graphic design services. On average, you’ll receive designs or revisions on the Kimp Graphics plan in 24 hours. This is for graphics such as social media posts, web banners, and single-sided print designs. On the video plan, you’ll get one 30-60 second video every two to four business days. If your task is more complex, they can provide a rough estimate of the turnaround if you email them.

If you have the Kimp Graphics + Video subscription, the turnarounds are exactly the same for each department. 

However, when you’re truly looking for speed, Flocksy is where it’s at. We have a less than 24-hour turnaround time for simple designs and a typical 24 to 48-hour timeframe for more complex designs. Social media images, some print materials, eBook covers, brochures, ads, and emails typically offer exceptionally quick turnaround times, potentially just a few hours.

For video, we offer a 24 to 48-hour turnaround on videos. In some cases, you may get your projects back faster, making us significantly faster than Kimp. Revisions all typically take one business day.

Additionally, every project comes with a timer. It will tell you exactly when to expect your proofs and completed documents. What’s more, if you have an especially time-sensitive project, you can work with your project manager to get it back as quickly as possible.

Quality of Work 

We both have excellent work quality. What you like is also subjective. The good news is that we only hire the best creatives and pre-vet all of them, so you’ll be sure to work with someone who’s experienced. We also have zero tolerance for plagiarism and poor quality. Overall, we’ve heard great things from our current customers about our work quality, which is the top priority for everything we do at Flocksy.

Here are some examples of our work here at Flocksy:

Here are some of Kimp’s:

Storing Completed Projects

With Trello on Kimp, you can manage your projects, including seeing the project status and copying completed projects to use as a template for a new one. 

Our dashboard allows you to store active, pending, and completed projects. You can easily look through your current requests and reopen any you need another version of right from the dashboard. You can also copy completed projects to create new ones. You’ll also see your team, assets you’ve been provided, and your brand buckets from the dashboard. It’s available for you whenever you need it, just in case anything needs to be downloaded again.

Communication with the Design Team

Everything in life, especially a successful business, comes down to communication. On the Kimp Trello dashboard, you can monitor your projects and leave messages for your assigned designer. You can also make new design request cards, comment for revisions, download designs, and comment to leave feedback.

You can also have Trello notify you of the actions on your projects and connect them to other apps with the Zapier integration.  

When you work with us, you get all your updates through the dashboard, email, or one of your favorite apps, again thanks to the Zapier integration. Zapier with Flocksy offers a way to manage all your projects and communications wherever works best for you. It can pair with Google Drive, Trello, Slack, and so much more.

You’ll also be able to reach out to your dedicated project manager over the phone, through email, or using video chat.

Providing feedback or revision requests on designs is also a lot simpler with us, too. You can click on the design and leave your comment in the image about what you want to be updated, removed, or changed.

Moreover, because you’ll build long-term relationships with your creatives, your need for revisions will go down because they’ll be so familiar with what you want. We’re all about simplicity and efficiency, so you can trust Flocksy to make working with your creatives as straightforward and enjoyable as possible.

Kimp vs Flocksy Wrap Up

kimp vs flocksy review logos

While there are several similarities between our platforms when it comes to graphic design and video, we not only offer graphic designs, custom illustrations, and imagery but also copywriting, motion graphics, web development, voice-overs, and more.

What’s more, the ease of use is better with us. While some people may love using Trello, if that’s not your favorite platform, you may be disappointed with how you manage projects at Kimp. Because our dashboard is so simple and can be integrated into your most-used apps with Zapier, working through and managing projects can be less confusing.

We are the best place to get all your creative needs taken care of by a team of experienced creatives who are all experts in their fields.

To learn more about starting a project with Flocksy for yourself, be sure to check out the Services and Pricing pages. You can also shoot us an email through the contact form or reach out over the phone at (877) 263-7389.


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