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6 Website Designs To Get You Inspired

Anyone who has spent any amount of time scrolling on the internet already knows the importance of a good website. Many customers decide within their first few minutes of browsing your website whether or not they’ll purchase from you and use your services. Websites can, ultimately, be the deciding factor in whether or not you’ll get sales. This is why business owners know that to get a good clientele and build a good reputation they need a high-quality website for their business. When you’re thinking about what creates a good website and what is sure to keep customers interested in your company, you want to reflect on what website designs have succeeded.

If you need some inspiration to know how your website should look and what you want to have included, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered a list of website designs that have been successful to inspire you when you’re creating your website. If you’re looking for some inspiration, this list should help!


When we’re talking about websites that keep consumers engaged and interested, this one takes the prize for the best. This one caters to the shopping experience, allowing users to virtually stroll through the store on their website.


This website design for an interior house designing company is everything that a website design should be. It’s simple, classy, elegant and easily tells the consumer what they do. The website isn’t cluttered and has a straightforward design.

Egg Shop

Sometimes you don’t just need good graphics, you need good photography to have a website that stands out. This website uses photos of their dishes that jump out and will instantly have anyone’s mouth-watering. You don’t need to have a degree in tech to be able to produce beautiful websites that grab people’s attention and encourage them to use your business.

Bruno Simon

To be able to give your users an entire experience when they visit your website is truly special. This portfolio website is unique, by using the arrow keys to control the remote car on the website you can explore everything that the website has to offer. This is the ultimate experience that lets you get the most from the website and have a full experience while using it.


This Christmas racing game is the perfect website using digital technologies that add a fun touch to the site. Stunning graphics and technology are made to give users the ultimate experience, having fun while exploring the website with one of the coolest games to date.

Nest Wifi

Everything about this website says high quality, minimal and sleek. This website aims to show how Wifi connects homes and they do an excellent job of it. There are soothing images and a minimalist design that makes you instantly relax once you’re using it. This website is unique, creative and modern!


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