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The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Social Media Projects

If you own a small or large business, you know the importance of effective and eye-catching marketing. But as your company grows, you may find yourself out of time and resources to post on social media frequently and with a clear and defined purpose.

When you find yourself in this position, you should trust other experts with your social media marketing; in short, you should outsource these duties and let the experts take care of your social media marketing needs. Here are the top seven benefits you’ll receive with this decision.

  • Save time and money with professionals
  • Gain access to expert opinions and workflows
  • Grow your business and focus on your customers

Save Time

The most important resource your business will save is time. Engineering a social media schedule and posting content on a regular and consistent basis takes time and brainpower out of your employees’ day.

You could hire your own social media team, but this will be expensive and hiring employees solely to run a social media account doesn’t often pan out for many companies, unless they’re already large and well known. Save your employees the time and hassle of having to market your products on social media by hiring some outside help.

Get Access To Experts

Another great benefit of outsourcing your social media is finding experts in the field. When companies outsource social media, they aren’t just throwing their social media accounts to just any team. Many companies do a deep dive into the research and find the perfect companies that match their tone, values, and voice.

These experts will give you enhanced knowledge of the data and trends of the industry you’re in and can help you reach a wider audience with less effort and, often, less money. The expertise is well worth the money you’ll be spending on outsourcing your social media marketing.

Stop Distracting Your Staff

Many small businesses will hand over access and responsibilities of their social media marketing to their younger employees to manage. This tactic is uneven and inconsistent on a macro scale, but even those companies who have great, social media savvy employees tend to find a disturbing trend.

The employee or employees who are running the social media accounts will often be distracted during the day and lag on their own work. Social media marketing takes more effort than coming up with a few silly catchphrases a day; it’s a full-time job with heavy consideration toward the future. Putting this responsibility on an employee will undoubtedly cause them to become bogged down.

Never Miss Out On A Posting Opportunity

By the same token, giving your staff the social media responsibilities also means that your company will inevitably miss out on a perfect posting opportunity if those employees are busy with their work. Running a business or a project can be challenging enough on its own and it’s far easier if social media is not a daily concern.

Handing over your social media accounts to an outside party will ensure that you never miss an opportunity to post and update your accounts. These companies run accounts with precision and are always on the lookout for updates and upgrades to the platforms.

They’re Professional Marketers

Some companies miss the forest for trees when it comes to marketing. They don’t see how large, complicated, or labor intensive it is most of the time and will not maximize their company’s marketing potential. Third parties are expert marketers because that’s all they do; they market all day and come into work the next day to repeat the process.

They’ll have experience with concepts and foundations which your company may simply not because you’re not in the marketing business. They have expertly crafted and engineered solutions and can cater to your business, no matter what industry your in or what products or services you offer your customers.

Growth Dictates Outsourcing

Finally, your company may simply be growing too quickly to market effectively. The daily demands your company has can be overwhelming and the constraint of frequent growth often means your employees and higher brass don’t have time to think of every little detail.

Trusting your social media marketing to an outside party will ease the burden of this growth and allow your company to continue growing in an organic and relatively stress-free manner. Third party operations can take care of many of the daily tasks associated with running a social media marketing campaign, which means your company can focus on what it does best. You can take care of your customers and let the third party take care of you. Everybody wins!

Access To Resources

Finally, but certainly not least importantly, a third-party marketing team will have access to many creative tools your company just can’t purchase, or don’t want to purchase. Tools like Hootsuite, SEMrush, Photoshop, and Canva can be prohibitively expensive, and they’re best used in the hands of those who know how to use them extensively and in any given situation.

The company you outsource your work to should know how to use these tools and give you total peace of mind with the work they do with them. You’ll also save thousands of dollars each year in savings because you won’t have to purchase any of these tools, much less all of them.


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