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Six Tips To Improve Your YouTube Viewership

If your company has recently researched the effects of marketing and social media, you probably already know the importance of a great social media presence. One of the best platforms to create such a presence is YouTube, which allows companies to make visually aided presentations and explanations of their products and services.

However, there’s more to using YouTube than simply logging in and posting a video. There are many small details that, when taken together, can vastly improve your odds of gaining views and traction on the channel. Here are six such tips which will help your company attract users to your YouTube channel.

  • Refine your profile page
  • Remember to be active in the comments
  • Making subscribing easy and your thumbnails intriguing

Focus On The Basics

Before you try to improve the more detailed elements of your YouTube channel, you should know for a fact that you have the basics covered. There are several tips for beginner Youtubers that will help your company, mostly pertaining to your profile.

Your profile is highly important, as it’s what many users and customers will gravitate toward when they want to reach out to your company. You should try to maintain a consistent visual identity, as the platform is visually based, and you should always fill out the About section in a detailed and thorough manner, so people know what your company is and what they stand for.

Always Use Keywords And Hashtags

SEO is vitally important to marketing efforts, and this extends to your YouTube channel as well. Keywords and hashtags that people are searching for and use to find the topics they need information on, will help bring a myriad of people to your channel.

For example, if your company specializes in food and cooking utensils, you’ll want to add words such as “cooking,” “food,” “chef,” and “ingredients,” to many of your videos to help people find your channel. Like keywords on a traditional site with written content, adding these keywords and tags to your description is the number one way to let the algorithm pick up your content and distribute it far and wide.

Engage Your Audience

Like any other social media platform, YouTube thrives on engagement. This can sometimes be counterintuitive, as YouTube seems less engaging in general because you’re simply dropping videos and letting your users watch them in their free time, but there’s still plenty of ways to engage. Your company should be active in the comment section, and you need to take the time to respond to every comment.

The more users you respond to, in a manner which demonstrates your knowledge of the subject and demonstrates your brand’s values, the more attention and clicks you’ll generate on pages where your video content exists. Like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube users crave commentary and want to know what’s on your mind all the time.

Make The Subscription Process Easy

When people subscribe to your channel, they’ll be notified about upcoming videos and can more easily keep in touch with your company. This means that subscription numbers a great deal and that you should do everything in your power to let people know to subscribe to your channel.

This process can be as simple as telling people to subscribe at the end of each video you make, or it can be more elaborate, such as making contests and promotions which are only open to your subscriber base. Either way, you should always encourage your audience to subscribe to your channel, so they never miss a video or announcement from your company.

Work On Your Thumbnails

Thumbnails may look unimportant at first glance, but they’re one of the driving factors which work to bring people to your videos. An engaging and visually attractive thumbnail will bring more people to your video and gather a larger crowd who may have not initially been interested in what your videos or company had to say.

Thumbnails are a great way to make a first impression on your subscriber base and users so make sure to adhere to some of the general best practices for your video thumbnails. You can add large wording and bright coloring to your thumbnails, as well as a person reacting to the topic you’re discussing. These elements are intriguing and will make people more curious and prone to clicking on your images.

Consider The Impaired

Finally, it’s important to note that not everyone who watches and listens to your videos will be able to see or hear clearly. You should always help these users by making captions an option. It may seem like you won’t be reaching a large number of these viewers but considering their needs and catering to their interests can raise your subscriber count and each subsequent count of video views.

You can easily turn on the ability to turn on captions from your profile page or from each individual video page. These users are incredibly overlooked and, more often than not, respond to this action with gratefulness and loyalty. It’s an easy step to capturing viewers who don’t feel seen or heard.


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