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Why Google Hates AI, And Why Your Business Needs Flocksy’s Amazing Copywriting Services

Websites using AI for content generation may run afoul of Google’s policy against AI generated content. With Google Search Advocate John Mueller providing confirmation that Google sees automated content as spam, AI is not replacing the need for human copywriters.

  • Google has declared all AI Generated Content as spam
  • Sites using AI created content run the risk of being penalized in the search rankings
  • When compared to content written by humans, AI falls short in connecting with audiences

Can AI replace the role of the copywriter? Not according to Google Search Advocate John Mueller, who has stated that Google considers all AI generated content as spam.

Likening AI content generators to tools such as article spinners, Mueller offered a definite answer of whether Google has any tolerance towards the US of AI in content generation.

Regardless of how AI is used, website and blog owners using GPT-3 and other AI content generators to pump out their content are risking penalties if detected by Google’s algorithm.

What is AI Generated Content?

Simply put, AI Generated Content is content that has been created by an AI. By reading through content already on the web, AI pulls from popular sources to write new content. Through language models such as GPT-3, the AI is able to produce coherent copy. The most popular AI tools promise to generate unique content in a matter of minutes with minimal input.

Google Vs AI Copywriters: The Case Against AI Generated Content?

Google’s hard line approach towards content created with AI stems from their goal to impose barriers to spam and have quality content in their search rankings.

Sites pushing hundreds of articles a day of low quality content generated by AI will find themselves pushed lower in the search rankings or be subject to removal. This form of bulk content generation runs the following risks:

  • Plagiarism and Duplicate – Ranging from minor penalties to full-on legal consequences, there are risks of plagiarism stemming from an AI pulling content directly from an uncredited source. When tons of content have been spewed out, it becomes nearly impossible to have a final check through with human eyes.
  • Keyword Stuffing and Nonsensical Content – Keyword stuffing for SEO has long been one of the Google algorithms pet peeves. Content that was generated around keywords by an AI tends to be robotic or generic at best. At its worst, it is nearly unreadable with awkward phrasing.
  • Unoriginal Content – Rewording content brought in from around the web does not bring unique or new value to readers. While the potential risks are not catastrophic, the returns of this approach lessen as readers start going elsewhere for value.

Even if site owners are willing to take the chance on AI, Google has made it clear that they might be playing with fire.

Beyond publishing poor quality content, websites employing this strategy may face manual action from Google culminating in being removed from the search engine entirely.

AI vs Human Copywriters

The conversation around AI’s ability to perform jobs previously done by humans has been a recurring topic for decades.

With the growing performance and popularity of AI copywriting tools such as Jarvis, it is not surprising that AI has started to bleed into the market for content writing.

However, there are notable limitations to using AI over working with a human copywriter. The primary feature that is currently missing in AI is the element of human emotion.

Copywriting is not simply stringing words together to form semi-coherent sentences. Making connections and delivering genuine value to an audience happens through a combination of strategically crafting content that is emotionally engaging.

This is why a copywriter plays such a critical role. It’s not only about creating content. It is about giving it life.

Imagine the difference between an AI versus an experienced SEO writer in creating copy for a brand’s blog.

What resonates more with readers? A collection of paragraphs describing a generic topic that likely has already been covered by competitors?

Or content that has been written by someone that has analyzed the brand’s personality, structured the piece for optimal flow and can communicate in a way that is empathetic?

While AI copy lists a series of facts, the human copywriter is able to take the context and make it applicable, persuasive and enjoyable for human readers.


Google’s attitude towards AI generated content is clear – it’s considered spam and treated as such. For businesses and websites looking to scale, it might be worth it in the long run to work with human copywriters instead of turning to AI.

While AI might seem cheaper in the short term, there is a real risk that Google will take issue with an abundance of poor quality content and penalize the site.

Even without the threat of Google’s ire, a brand created by real people and meant to represent human values can’t be summed up in paragraphs of run-of-the-mill, robotic text.

Copywriters take the ideas behind brands and create the content that brings in traffic, sparks interest, leads to sales and forms long-lasting relationships.

Why Work With Flocksy?

If you are looking to scale your brand, the team at Flocksy can create the high-quality content your brand deserves. So, how can our writers make a difference for your business?

Here are 3 key benefits:

Save Time

When faced with the demands and time constraints of running a successful business, content often gets put on the back burner. Our writers can take care of your content needs, allowing you to spend more time on growing your business while keeping your content calendar full.

Capitalize on Real Industry Knowledge

Our writers come from a variety of industries and backgrounds. With industry knowledge and fact-checking skills, Flocksy’s copywriters have the skills to craft ROI-focused content that positions your brand as an authority in your niche.

Tell Your Brand Story

Generic content can’t capture the true essence of your brand. By working with our trained copywriters, your blog posts, landing pages, emails and web copy are tailored to communicate the personality and ideas of your brand and make real connections with audiences.

The copywriters at Flocksy have the skills to create the copy your brand needs to stand out amongst the competition. Start your 14-day free trial today and experience the benefits of professionally written copy.


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