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Flocksy’s User Permissions

Here at Flocksy, we’re all about streamlining the creative process and getting your results quicker. To that end, Flocksy has useful user permissions to make running your projects even smoother.

Here’s what the user permissions entail:

Manage All Projects: With this, the user can complete the same actions as the primary account holder across all projects within the account. However, they can’t access your billing information or add additional account users or manage the current ones.

Manage My Projects: This permission allows the user to complete the same actions as the primary account holder but only on projects created by them. They still can’t access your billing information or add and manage account users.

View All Projects: This one allows the user to see all the projects within the account as well as their details, but it does not allow them to perform any actions on them.

Here’s how you could use them yourself!

User Permissions Examples

  • If you wanted a user to access all the projects in your account to run things as you would, you’d give them the Manage All Projects Permission. They’d get to do everything you can with your projects but not have access to your personal information, like billing records.
  • If you want someone to be able to see all the projects but not adjust them in any way, you will give them the View All Projects Permission.
  • If you’re looking for someone to run and manage only projects they create within your account, you’ll want to give them the Manage My Projects permission. Again, they won’t be able to see billing information or add or manage users.

If you have any questions about these permissions or about creating user accounts in general, be sure to reach out to your project manager. They’ll be able to help you understand everything in your account and can even provide you with another demo of the platform if you, or your new users, need a refresher.


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