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How To Set Small Business Goals

2021 has been a year for the books! If you’re looking for help with how to manage and set goals for your small business, now’s the time to get a hold of it. The key to setting goals for a small business is to keep it practical and easy at first. Goal setting does not have to be too complex:

  • Set small goals – your goals do not have to be chaotic or stressful to you
  • Talk about your goals with people around you. A strong support system is important to your success.
  • Track your progress – write down notes and celebrate your accomplishments

Want a more in depth look at how to set your goals for your business? Below are 10 ways to set and achieve your goals for your small business in 2021

1. Make Goals For Your Personal Life Too

Although it’s important to set goals for your small business, it is equally crucial that you have goals for your personal life as well. Simply put, if your personal life is aligned and structured, this will often trickle over to your business.

2. Start Slow

Sometimes, setting too big a goal can feel overwhelming and if you don’t meet them, you may feel as if you’ve failed. If you set small goals, it is easier to eliminate the feeling of exhaustion and panic. When you first start with entrepreneurship, start with smaller, more achievable goals. This ensures that you won’t get overwhelmed, and you’ll be continually excited as you cross off tasks from your to-do list!

3. Set Loose Deadlines

Much like when it comes to setting small goals for your small business, try setting loose deadlines to alleviate feeling overwhelmed. Relaxed turnaround times provides you with more flexibility to fully go through and complete your goals. Give yourself grace to get through your deadlines in a timeline that works for you.

4. Write Your Ideas Down

Writing down your goals make it easier to pinpoint exactly what needs to get done. Having your ideas in one specific location will make it easier for you to reference when you need to. Also, you can easily hang up your goals in your office space so that you can see it every day and stay motivated. Once you complete a goal, feel free to cross it off the list!

5. You Don’t Need To Be Too Specific

Though this may be unconventional, setting goals does not have to be tedious ordeal. Once you get too overly specific with your goals, it becomes daunting and complicated. If you simply write down a generalized idea of what you want to achieve in the beginning stages of your small business, it will be better to analyze and digest. Start with a simple sentence or a few words and go from there.

6. Talk About Your Goals Out Loud

It’s nice that you know all about what your goals are, but what about everyone else? Talking about your goals with your family and friends will give you insight into other innovative ideas that you haven’t thought of. Also, it will hold you accountable to your goals and make sure that you’re keeping your ideas fresh. More than anything though, the more you talk about your goals, the more tangible they will feel and the more they will be on your mind.

7. Celebrate Small Achievements

Take a step back to celebrate the little things! A party shouldn’t just be reserved for the big achievements that happen. Celebrating the small victories, whatever that is to you, can help you stay motivated and help you achieve even more of your 2021 small business goals.

8. Track Your Progress

Once you set goals, you need to keep an eye on them and their progress. Keeping track of your goals and the progress is quite easy to do. Allot a few hours each month to reflect on the goals you’ve set for your business and see what type of progress you’ve made towards achieving your business goals. If you haven’t quite reached your goal, go back, make adjustments and touch back in the following month to see what changed.

9. Change Your Goals If Needed

Things aren’t always clear cut and perfect. Life can be unexpected, and it might interfere with your ability to achieve some of your goals. Instead of feelings let down about this, take some time to pivot into another goal. It’s okay if goals have to change every once in a while.

10. Build A Strong Support System

Having a dedicated support system of family, friends or colleagues has quite a few advantages. For one, you have a group of people who will lift you up on the days where you may feel overwhelmed. You can lean on them for support and count on them to cheer you up. This support system can give you more confidence to work toward your goals as well, as you know that you have a solid group of people who are rooting for you and that you aren’t in this alone. Don’t be hesitant to ask your support system for ideas for your business either, they can be helpful in offering you a different point of views.


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