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5 Tips That Every Digital Creative Needs To Know In 2021

The design industry is ever evolving. New trends and social behaviors are always cropping up in this creative sector, and sometimes it may feel as if you don’t know where to begin as an aspiring designer.

There are a few tips to consider when thinking about jump starting into a career as a digital creative:

  • Make a schedule to create as often as you can, and research within your field of interest when you aren’t!
  • Don’t be deterred by perceived failure.
  • Market yourself on social media to reach more people.

1. Create Every Day

The best way to get into the groove of creating is to simply do it as often as you can. 

It helps when you don’t just think of it as work. Every day, try to work on that side project that you were putting off. You can also create daily designs for your family and friends for fun to help with keeping you in the groove of things.

When you’re not thinking of it as work, it can become fun, and even something you’re looking forward to doing, because you’re’ not working within any set parameters that you’ve made for yourself. 

To deter any feelings of boredom or writer’s block when it comes to work, avoid working on projects that don’t excite you or that doesn’t align with your passions. 

2. Market Your Work On Social Media

You need a portfolio if you’re working in the design industry, there’s just no way around it.  Social media sites are a completely free device to use to share your work online.

So, advertise your work on social media and use it as a marketing tool to connect with current or potential clients and your audience.

Instagram is a great option because it allows you to curate eye-catching feeds and show off your designs through pictures.

3. Turn Criticism Into Success

Sometimes, your designs won’t work out, thus not giving you the positive feedback from your audience or clients that you were looking for. Instead of seeing it as a failure, use it as a teachable moment to see what you can do to make it better in the future. 

Also remember that you aren’t perfect and that you’re constantly learning as a designer and a person. So, even if your design is not what someone wanted, be gracious and patient with yourself.

Criticism, though not what you want to hear in the moment, can lead toward you creating a more efficient product or service for your audience in the aftermath.

4. Research

Stay up to date on design and creatives processes by researching within your field.

By reading books, listening to podcast or following popular influencers who specialize in design, you will start to get a gist of what’s popular, what’s been done, or what’s been done that doesn’t work anymore.

5. Practice Self-Efficiency

Create a schedule dedicated to your creative work and hold yourself accountable to working every day. You will be your own boss, so you will be in charge of creating content or designs and getting it out there for people to consume.

Start by making a simple, daily calendar that includes hours for work and hours for leisure.

Give yourself a few extra minutes for each of them just in case you need more time with one activity. Remember, this calendar list should be simple at first. Don’t make it too complicated for yourself!!

Checking things off your list throughout the day will give you the confidence boost you need to do it all over the next day. Not to mention, it’s helpful to keep organized because it helps you to keep track of the tasks that you need to work on.


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