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How To Write a Project Brief

To request your first creative project on Flocksy, you’ll need to fill out a project brief. Doing so ensures that the creatives who are added to your project will have the information and assets they need to deliver what you want. Here’s how to go through our project request process, as well as some pointers on what to include in your brief.

Step 1. Add Files to Your Bucket

Click on Account Files, then add a Name and Description under “Add a new bucket to your account files.” If you manage multiple brands, choose one per bucket. Click “Add Bucket.”

The bucket will then show up on the list below. Click “Add/View Files,” then upload your logo file, branding guide, or anything else that the creatives might need to reference to complete your project.

Step 2. Write Your Project Brief

Draft a brief description of your project and think about anything that the creatives would need to know. For example, if you’re requesting a design project, be sure to specify the dimensions, format, and any brand assets you need to be included in the design. For copywriting projects, indicate the tone of voice, word count, audience, and other specifications.

Step 3. Create a New Project

Return to your Flocksy dashboard, then click “Create New Project.” Under “Select Project Title & Type,” choose a master category, then use the drop down menu to choose a particular project type. If you aren’t sure how to categorize it, choose Other and the team will review it to see if they can complete it or if they have any questions. 

Once you’ve done that, click “Next” and you can choose your team members. You can view each creative’s profile to see what types of projects they have worked on and how their other clients have rated them. Invite whomever you’d like for this project. If you’re not sure, select none and click “Next.”

Step 4. Add Your Documents

Then, choose the bucket you created in Step 1 and click Next. The screen will then populate with fields asking you to lay out the details of your project. Draw upon your draft brief to answer the questions. They will vary by project type.

Note that it’s helpful to provide examples for the creatives. Choose other content that’s been created for you, add URLs to content on the web, or direct creatives to look at your brand bucket.

Step 5. Submit and Wait for Great Results!

Hit “Submit New Project,” and the people you invited will receive notifications. Once a creative is added to your project, you can expect a draft within the listed timeframe for your project type. Communicate with the creative in the project’s chat, and feel free to reach out to your Project Manager with any questions!


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