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10 Great Explainer Videos To Inspire You

Whether you’re new to marketing or are a seasoned veteran, every marketer needs to know how to make an explainer video.

Explainer videos are where you can come alongside your customers and give them the answer to their products in the form of your product or service.

They’re a way to show the conflict, turning point, and resolution in the buyer’s journey. But what if you’re stuck on what to do when making your explainer video?

It’s one thing to know the elements that go into one, but you’ll need some creative inspiration to keep your muse pumping for as long as you need it to.

Luckily, we’re here to help you. This blog post will discuss 10 examples of great explainer videos and why we like them so much.

  1. Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the tech giants of the modern age, and their explainer video covers the dangers of cybersecurity threats and how Microsoft can help individuals, businesses, and companies better manage this problem.

The smooth graphics, informative speech, and excellent solution make this one of our favorite explainer videos.

See full video here Microsoft & SHI – Animated Explainer Video

  1. Cisco

Cisco is another leading cybersecurity company here to showcase its explainer video.

This video details all the companies using their model to complement the threat-centric method, beginning with the concept of trust, the basis for an excellent customer-company relationship.

Because the idea of customer trust is so vital to the image of a functioning business, we’ve rated this explainer video pretty high up on the list.

See full video here Cisco Trusted Access Explainer Video

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs, using the domain Semrush, is an SEO-keyword search engine. And they make use of that in their explainer video, too!

But, of course, the best way to make sure people know about you is to hook them in immediately with what they’re searching for, and they use that by opening with the phrase “Here’s the problem.” Take a look at their video today!

See full video here What is Ahrefs?

  1. Paypal

Have you ever wanted to pay someone without having to give away all your bank account information? If so, Paypal is your site, and their explainer video captures customers’ attention.

The animation combined with live-action filming makes the fantasy of ease with money transfers a reality. The promise of convenience makes this explainer video a good one.

See full video here PayPal – People Rule 30 Second TV Commercial

  1. Fonolo

The cute graphics and friendly voice make Fonolo one of the explainer videos we’d recommend to you.

First, the problem is introduced but given a silver lining – you have a thriving business. Still, you need a better call center to keep up with everything.

Then it offers the solution in a chipper tone: Fonolo. This device allows people to automatically be called back once an agent is available. The pleasant voice, layout, color palette, and music make this a great example.

See full video here Fonolo | Explainer Video by Animation Explainers

  1. Slack

This explainer video takes a slightly different approach than the ones we’ve covered.

Still, it’s one of the best for that very reason. Rather than discussing the problem and only offering the solution after they remind the customer of their situation,

Slack shows the answer right off the bat. The video below depicts a happy world with a digital HQ so employees can communicate and invite you to join in.

See full video here Work, simplified. | Slack

  1. Padmapper

Finding housing can be challenging, but Padmapper is here to help with this adorable commercial.

Using a handmade animation style and tons of visual and musical gags, this one shows the quirky and ridiculous nature of finding an apartment online.

Humor is always a good idea as long as it lands, and this explainer video gets the job done!

See full video here What is PadMapper?

  1. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg’s explainer video below taps into an issue that all marketers have: the need to analyze and expand their web traffic.

The problem is relatable, meaning they can discuss it in detail before moving on to the solution – getting one’s website analytics started with Crazy Egg. Look for yourself!

See full video here Crazy Egg

  1. Litmus Email Previews

This site uses one of the coolest analogies ever to convey its message: ninjas!

Sometimes conjuring up an image of something extraordinary to get the customer’s attention works wonders.

Combine that with the fluid graphics and fun art style; you’ve got a great explainer video.

See full video here Litmus Email Previews in a Nutshell

10. Zendesk

Zendesk, like many other explainer videos described here, makes use of visually stimulating elements to deliver a compelling message about a product people desperately need.

For example, customer service is defined using shapes, in keeping with their brand redesign, and the analogy of puzzle pieces to people is kept as a theme throughout the video. Take a look to see what we mean.

See full video here Introducing The New Zendesk

15 Creative And Unique Business Card Designs To Inspire You

Business cards are one of the most effective means of marketing, especially when you’re just starting out in the business world.

A cute, stylish card that you can easily pass around containing your company’s list of services is the perfect way to garner customer attraction and spread the word about the good or service you provide more effectively.

But sometimes it can be daunting to know where to start or what design will be most beneficial for what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you feel this way, you’re not alone, and we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll share with you fifteen business card designs that are sure to provide you with inspiration for making your own.

15 Of Our Favorite Unique Business Card Designs

  1. Cheese Grater Card

From JWT Advertising, this unique card is sure to get people to come back for more. Sometimes having a theme to your business card centered around who you are and what you do is the best way to paint a memorable picture in the mind of your customers.

Having a business card in a creative shape, such as a spray bottle for a cleaning company or a cake for a bakery, will remind potential customers of what you do whenever they see the card, even if they don’t have time to glance at the contact information.

  1. Mini Portfolio

This adorable mini-portfolio envelope by illustrator Iris Compiet doubles as both a business card and an example of what she can do.

If you’re into the arts, this design is for you – it perfectly encapsulates the creativity of the artist in both what she does and how she presents herself.

Using this design is sure to show people your skills at photography, graphic design, art, or even writing!

  1. Interior Designer Card

Interior design is a job where it’s super important that you stand out from the crowd – after all, that’s what you’ll help your customers do with their homes!

This ornate business card by Smriti Kariwal illustrates the beauty of patterns in home design array, displaying a preview of the business owner’s talent for potential buyers.

  1. Illusion Card

Remember those visually-stimulating cards you got at parties or after a trip to the doctor’s office?

The ones with a shifting image, almost like a mirage? Well, turns out these ones are great for business too! Evengy Katz’s design for a barber shop card can be used for all sorts of jobs for a versatile, eye-catching design.

Because it doubles as both a fidget toy and a business card, it’s sure to keep customers’ eyes on your business; literally, in this case!

  1. Lush Seed Packet

Because gardening and lawn care companies are a dime a dozen, you have to make absolutely sure that yours pops out the most among your customers’ choices.

Luckily, this card designed by Struck Creative is here to do the trick. This business card doubles as contact information for your company, as well as being a seed pouch.

This makes it perfect for remembering who you are as well as for practical use in the gardening adventures of your potential customers!

  1. Tearable and Shareable

Divorce is never fun to deal with, but this card by James A.W. Mahon can at least help people know their options better.

Even better, this card can be used for a variety of businesses as a way to share the information with others!

If you run a painting class, a party place, or even a bakery, you can make sure that your business card is the gift that keeps on giving with this design.

  1. Filmmaker Ticket Cards

If you’re a filmmaker, you’ve probably wondered how on earth you could possibly compete with enormous studios. Not to worry, though; Alice Cho has you covered with this callback to classic cinema.

With this business card being shaped like the movie tickets of old, it generates both nostalgia and interest in your next big production.

  1. LEGO Business Card

Toys are a timeless mode of diversion for children and adults alike, and LEGO may have the most interesting design for their business card yet.

These cards match each employee’s features quite well, and the contact information is printed on the back.

If you’re selling to customers who love toys, the best way to remind them of who you are and what you do might be to become a part of their daily play with this creative and unique informative toy.

  1. Rollable Yoga Mat Card

Yoga is a timeless way to relax and exercise, and there’s no better way to accomplish this than by giving your potential clients a reminder of what you do.

The relaxing blue encapsulates the quiet peace of Vancouver Yoga Center’s wonderful atmosphere, and rolls up just like the mats they use to help their fitness members find more balance in their lives.

The language of color is especially powerful, and one of the most effective tools you have at your disposal in whatever business endeavor you have planned.

  1. Coaster Card

If you’re a communications expert, chances are you’ve been a few places in your life.

This coaster card by Jukebox Prints is both cute and informative, letting your customers know what it is that you do and what your experience level is while also being chic, classy, and generally wonderful for get-togethers!

Place it on the table and watch people go nuts for it; it’s sure to get people to ask more questions and request your business for their needs.

  1. Cotton Business Cards

These cards from MOO may not look especially unique, but if you take a closer look, you’ll find that they’re a lot cleverer than they seem at first glance.

These are actually repurposed T-shirt scraps, pressed into paper using one of the most ancient methods of papermaking.

This method creates a premium business card with an interesting story behind it, making it a great choice if you’re wanting to get a chance to explain your business to others.

  1. Event Photographer’s Film Card

Photographers have tight competition in the market, so it’s super crucial to have a card that looks unique and classy, and captures what they do at a glance.

Norris Mantooth’s card, translucent and appearing to be a camera lens, helps accomplish this wonderfully.

Plus, it’s pretty fun to look at, meaning customers will be drawn to it even more and share it with everyone around them as a result.

  1. Flower Bouquet Cards

The importance of the right bouquet (and the right marketing scheme for your company!) cannot be overstated.

Latona Marketing made this perfect business card for what they do, all boiled down into a simple shape resembling a flower bouquet.

Posturing your business card around the main idea of what you do is a must, and there’s no better example of that than right here!

  1. MODHair Card

This business card by Fabio Milito for MODHair, a rock-n-roll salon in Rome, has multiple uses.

Not only does it plainly advertise the services offered, it’s also a usable comb!

To top it all off, this business card plays a classic rock tune, meaning you’ll never forget which hair salon it’s talking about.

With an almost magnetic pull, this card appeals to a wide range of people while also functioning as a preview for the service provided.

  1. Personal Trainer Card

Our brains are constantly linking stimuli to information; that’s why it’s so easy to study when listening to music or chewing gum.

This business card makes use of the fact that you have to pull it to see the personal trainer contact information, making it a great choice for potential clients looking to improve their overall fitness.

10 Tips For Making Great Explainer Videos

Need a hand making an explainer video for your business? You’ve come to the right place.

An explainer video can assist with business, advertising, and marketing in several ways. What is an explainer video, you might ask? Well, an explainer video is a short film explaining your product to the consumer and why they should buy it.

Generally, explainer videos are used as both advertising and explanation of your product, and they tend to be phrased in a problem-solution manner.

However, creating a good explainer video can be a bit daunting!

In this guide, I’ll give you ten tips on how you can make an awesome explainer video for your business in order to drive up sales and show others how you stand out uniquely from the rest of the crowd.

  1. Know Your Audience.

Knowing who you’re marketing to is incredibly important in order to craft a good explainer video. Different age groups, ethnic groups, and genders prefer different things to be in their advertising.

For example, if you plan on selling a men’s deodorant, focusing on the dainty smell of perfume and the soft feeling of the smell against their smooth skin would not be ideal.

Conversely, an elderly couple is not going to be particularly impressed by the idea of TikTok references in an advertisement about the ideal arthritis medication for people their age.

Below is a video from the YouTube Creators themselves about how you can know and understand your audience for the content you’re making.

To watch video go here

  1. Script Writing.

A good video can’t take off without a good script! Scripts should explain what the problem is that the product is aiming to solve, possible pitfalls that other products may cause, and the solution: your product.

It’s best to keep these scripts entertaining (another reason you should know your audience well!), brief, and clear. Without these things, you’ll have a hard time keeping your viewership engaged, and the quality of your work could suffer.

Here’s a video from Eduard Stinga on the topic.

To watch video go here

  1. Clarity.

As discussed above, clarity both in the script and in the visuals is essential for a good explainer video!

A good script leaves no room for errors or confusion and is easy to recount without having to write down notes, and should be structured in an orderly fashion so potential customers can keep track of what you’re saying easily.

The explainer video should include the most important information about your product, what it does, and what needs it fulfills, rather than being a novel about everything in detail. For tips on this, you can view Biteable’s video on how to create a clear and enticing script.

To watch video go here

  1. Brevity.

Just as important as clarity is the issue of brevity. It can seem like a daunting task to keep the word count down enough to fit into a focused, minute-or-two-long video.

You should always have a thesis statement and supporting statements when discussing your product, and the elimination of the extra word fluff is a must.

This way, you can capture customers in their busy lives or with their short attention spans and get your information across in an easy-to-read, concise manner.

Jazza explains this concept below, but there are many resources available to help you accomplish this goal.

To watch video go here

  1. Include FAQs.

Picture this: you’ve followed all the tips above, and you still can’t seem to get audience members to stick around or engage with your product.

If this is you, you’ll want to provide a frequently-asked-questions section in order to avoid confusion with your audience.

These questions can be polled from the audience directly, or you can anticipate beforehand which questions they might ask.

This will improve clarity if you find that the brevity of your video is impeding your outreach. The Collaboration Coach has a way to make an FAQ page that balances the need for conciseness with the need for clarity.

To watch video go here

  1. Include A Call To Action.

At the conclusion of your explainer video, you should always include a call to action.

Calls to action are the bread and butter of advertising; that’s what gets customers buying your products!

A call to action can be phrased as a question (“So what are you waiting for?”), or statements (“Call us today to order your first subscription!”).

If you find yourself having a hard time writing a call to action, not to worry! Sleeknote has you covered in this department.

To watch video go here

  1. Ensure Accessibility.

If your market audience is human (which they will be!), there’s a strong possibility that people with disabilities will be viewing your explainer video.

Including captions or a transcript is a must for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, and you should always ensure that your audio is stellar for those with a visual impairment.

And if you’re marketing to disabled folks directly, pay extra-close attention to these things!

An overstimulating visual palette will drive away the autistic, and if you’re selling something to dyslexic people, make sure you use their preferred font and colors so as to make it readable to them.

Some people need a little extra help, and it’s your job to provide that so they can see how awesome your product is!

Below, Aquent Gymnasium explains how to accomplish these things.

To watch video go here

  1. Magical-Tier Video Production.

Even if you have the most glorious script ever to grace mankind, that won’t mean anything unless you can put the rubber to the road and make that video look beautiful!

Your advertisement should include engaging graphics, well-designed fonts, and interesting scenarios.

Hire the right actors for the role if it’s a live-action production, or get someone to make you some wondrous animated content for the role.

There are many ways to accomplish a professional, engaging, and entertaining blog post.

Below, Parker Walbeck is just the guy to help you.

To watch video go here

  1. Serenading Sound Quality.

Now, we’re onto the final stage of production: the sound production.

Music, funny voices and company jingles can cement your explainer video in a customer’s mind as interesting, unique, and most of all, helpful.

Music should never drown out voice over, and if you want a captivated audience, you’ll use music that’s appropriate for the advertisement’s tone and genre.

Remember to keep your audience in mind when choosing the sound production! Monkey Pixels has some tips for us all on how to accomplish a gorgeous sound reel for your next commercial.

To watch video go here

10. Influence the World!

Now that you’ve got an amazing script, video, and sound scene, it’s time to share your explainer video with the world.

One of the many ways you can accomplish this is by paying influencers to advertise your content in their videos.

Many companies such as Hello Fresh and Dollar Shave Club do this in order to maximize their audience while those people are watching videos anyway.

But there are numerous tips you can employ in order to accomplish this same goal.

Don’t take my word for it – Matt Byrom’s got us covered with eleven tips on how to slay it with your perfect, informative, amazing explainer video!

To watch video go here