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10 Great Explainer Videos To Inspire You

Whether you’re new to marketing or are a seasoned veteran, every marketer needs to know how to make an explainer video.

Explainer videos are where you can come alongside your customers and give them the answer to their products in the form of your product or service.

They’re a way to show the conflict, turning point, and resolution in the buyer’s journey. But what if you’re stuck on what to do when making your explainer video?

It’s one thing to know the elements that go into one, but you’ll need some creative inspiration to keep your muse pumping for as long as you need it to.

Luckily, we’re here to help you. This blog post will discuss 10 examples of great explainer videos and why we like them so much.

  1. Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the tech giants of the modern age, and their explainer video covers the dangers of cybersecurity threats and how Microsoft can help individuals, businesses, and companies better manage this problem.

The smooth graphics, informative speech, and excellent solution make this one of our favorite explainer videos.

See full video here Microsoft & SHI – Animated Explainer Video

  1. Cisco

Cisco is another leading cybersecurity company here to showcase its explainer video.

This video details all the companies using their model to complement the threat-centric method, beginning with the concept of trust, the basis for an excellent customer-company relationship.

Because the idea of customer trust is so vital to the image of a functioning business, we’ve rated this explainer video pretty high up on the list.

See full video here Cisco Trusted Access Explainer Video

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs, using the domain Semrush, is an SEO-keyword search engine. And they make use of that in their explainer video, too!

But, of course, the best way to make sure people know about you is to hook them in immediately with what they’re searching for, and they use that by opening with the phrase “Here’s the problem.” Take a look at their video today!

See full video here What is Ahrefs?

  1. Paypal

Have you ever wanted to pay someone without having to give away all your bank account information? If so, Paypal is your site, and their explainer video captures customers’ attention.

The animation combined with live-action filming makes the fantasy of ease with money transfers a reality. The promise of convenience makes this explainer video a good one.

See full video here PayPal – People Rule 30 Second TV Commercial

  1. Fonolo

The cute graphics and friendly voice make Fonolo one of the explainer videos we’d recommend to you.

First, the problem is introduced but given a silver lining – you have a thriving business. Still, you need a better call center to keep up with everything.

Then it offers the solution in a chipper tone: Fonolo. This device allows people to automatically be called back once an agent is available. The pleasant voice, layout, color palette, and music make this a great example.

See full video here Fonolo | Explainer Video by Animation Explainers

  1. Slack

This explainer video takes a slightly different approach than the ones we’ve covered.

Still, it’s one of the best for that very reason. Rather than discussing the problem and only offering the solution after they remind the customer of their situation,

Slack shows the answer right off the bat. The video below depicts a happy world with a digital HQ so employees can communicate and invite you to join in.

See full video here Work, simplified. | Slack

  1. Padmapper

Finding housing can be challenging, but Padmapper is here to help with this adorable commercial.

Using a handmade animation style and tons of visual and musical gags, this one shows the quirky and ridiculous nature of finding an apartment online.

Humor is always a good idea as long as it lands, and this explainer video gets the job done!

See full video here What is PadMapper?

  1. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg’s explainer video below taps into an issue that all marketers have: the need to analyze and expand their web traffic.

The problem is relatable, meaning they can discuss it in detail before moving on to the solution – getting one’s website analytics started with Crazy Egg. Look for yourself!

See full video here Crazy Egg

  1. Litmus Email Previews

This site uses one of the coolest analogies ever to convey its message: ninjas!

Sometimes conjuring up an image of something extraordinary to get the customer’s attention works wonders.

Combine that with the fluid graphics and fun art style; you’ve got a great explainer video.

See full video here Litmus Email Previews in a Nutshell

10. Zendesk

Zendesk, like many other explainer videos described here, makes use of visually stimulating elements to deliver a compelling message about a product people desperately need.

For example, customer service is defined using shapes, in keeping with their brand redesign, and the analogy of puzzle pieces to people is kept as a theme throughout the video. Take a look to see what we mean.

See full video here Introducing The New Zendesk