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Bi Weekly Resource Round Up Vol 24

Featured Flocksy Team Member Design Of The Month:

Here is a custom facebook ad mockup created for a client by Flocksy team member Janelle.

All custom illustrations/brand designs/marketing materials on Flocksy are created completely from scratch by one of our extremely talented graphic design creatives.

Start a graphic design project today and see results in just hours!

8 Guidelines To Follow If You Want Your Startup To Succeed

    by Flocksy writer Jules

  Around 90% of startups fail. You need more than just a great idea. In this article, you will learn 8 essential tips to guide your startup to success.   continue

Navigating The First Year Of Your Startup

by Flocksy Writer Mariah.

  It’s no secret that starting a business is intimidating. Branching out and taking a leap of faith to embark on a new journey with an unclear path isn’t for everyone.

But, if you’re reading this, then it means that you’re ready to start taking the steps to solidify your future and build your startup into a driving force of innovation and ingenuity.  continue  

10 Great Explainer Videos To Inspire You

by Flocksy Writer Eden.  

Whether you’re new to marketing or are a seasoned veteran, every marketer needs to know how to make an explainer video.

But what if you’re stuck on what to do when making your explainer video? Luckily, we’re here to help you.

This blog post will discuss 10 examples of great explainer videos and why we like them so much. continue

Brand Buckets And How To Use Them

by Flocksy Writer Rachel.
When you submit a project request, you’ll be prompted to fill out information about the task. Before doing this, though, you should upload files to your brand bucket.

Doing so helps ensure that the creatives have the information that they need to successfully complete your project. continue