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12 Great Newsletter Examples To Inspire You

It is said that it takes seven times for a person to see or hear from a business before they make the decision to buy. For many marketers, figuring out the best way to repeatedly get a business in front of its audience without using pushy sales tactics, is a challenge.

There are many methods that come and go, some that work and stick around for a while, and others that are on the fast train to retirement. However, the newsletter consistently remains one of the best tools for marketing, as long as it is done well.

The thing about newsletters is that they have the ability to consistently reach your audience with something of value. They’re not just ads they stumble across, they’re not sporadic posts that they may see when scrolling their favorite social media site, they are literally a direct line straight to the consumer.

This gives businesses an opportunity to regularly present their leads with content that showcases their value and their expertise.

If you’re ready to start sending out impactful and engaging newsletters that help you connect with your audience, here are a handful of examples for inspiration:

69b Boutique

Popular eCommerce and physical store, 69b Boutique, sends out a regular newsletter to their audience that utilizes impactful features in their design.

The minimalist aspect combined with a stand out color scheme makes the newsletter readable and appealing.

The 69b Boutique newsletter also has a distinct structure that ensures a smooth flow for readers.

It moves seamlessly from an offer for free shipping to a highlight of new products and on from there, delivering value and relevance all the way to the bottom.

Penguin Random House

Top book publisher, Penguin Random House regularly sends out personalized emails, helping them connect with their audience and increase their conversions.

By encouraging readers to choose their preferences, Penguin Random House has been able to customize newsletters that show their audience only the things they’ll likely be interested in.

The result is that fans of young adult books receive newsletters geared to new releases and sales in that genre, and so on.

Consumers are sure to click on these emails because they find them valuable and relevant. Personalization is a key tool when creating newsletters for your audience.

The Hustle

Business newsletter, The Hustle, is sent out regularly to readers who are looking for information in the business and tech industries.

The Hustle has gained notoriety due to the tone of its content. While sharing the valuable information that readers are looking for, The Hustle differentiates itself by including wit and humor. Its unique tone keeps readers coming back for more.


Creator website, Fizzle, follows a simplified newsletter tactic, keeping readers in the email instead of sending them all over the internet.

Fizzle fills their newsletter with great, relevant content that gives their audience the information they need in one easy place.

In the end, they provide a call to action for a free trial that readers can take if they feel compelled after reading the content in the email. This tactic makes things simple for the reader and is a great way to encourage conversion.

Calif Chicken Cafe

Los Angeles restaurant, Calif Chicken Cafe, uses the stand-out minimalist newsletter technique that quickly catches the eye of the reader.

The bulk of the newsletter is an attractive photo and great color palette that entices the reader to pay attention and sparks desire. The Calif Chicken Cafe newsletter is a great example that shows sometimes less is more.

Apartment Therapy

Home design website, Apartment Therapy, follows an image-heavy newsletter tactic that readers love.

In every newsletter they choose relevant, aesthetically pleasing images that fall in line with their articles and other content.

Since Apartment Therapy is a visual website, they follow suit in their newsletters to give readers a taste of what they will find when they visit.

Hack the Box

Hack the Box is a cybersecurity platform that sends their audience a streamlined newsletter filled with valuable information.

They use a model that showcases their new services, each with a button underneath that readers can click if interested.

After services showcases, they provide the reader with any relevant news and a recent article.

It’s a simple and seamless model that makes it easy for their audience to learn important information and take any actions they find valuable.

We Can Still Have Nice Things

Popular blog, We Can Still Have Nice Things, sends a weekly newsletter to subscribers that showcases happy and uplifting stories and topics.

The newsletter is conveniently divided into subjects making it simple for readers to find what speaks to them.

This blog newsletter has a small blurb from each article, an image, and a link, which builds up website traffic as readers click over to hear the rest.


Houseplant to the door delivery service, Bloomscape, boasts of a beautiful newsletter that keeps customers coming back for more.

Their newsletters are replete with aesthetic photos of plants along with short descriptions and tips.

The look of their newsletter is impactful and feels like a visit to their website.

The entire look, color scheme, and tone of the Bloomscape newsletter helps readers engage and greatly encourages conversion.


Buzzfeed is one of those websites that everyone knows, filled with pop news articles, photos, and online quizzes. Designed to be a place for everyone, Buzzfeed sends out a newsletter with teasers to draw readers over to the site.

Their newsletters have a few top headlines with a short blurb that is designed to pique the interest of readers.

In order to learn more, readers click the link and find themselves on the Buzzfeed website. It’s the oldest email trick in the book but it continues to be quite effective.


Grammar website, Phrasee, sends out informative weekly emails that are fun and valuable for their audience.

They use lots of online jargon, emojis, images, and interactive GIFs to create an enjoyable experience.

While the Phrasee tactic is a bit simple, it’s also effective. It speaks clearly to the reader and has a humorous tone that ensures engagement.

Creative Bloom

Creative, artistic newsletters are rapidly becoming relevant to industry followers.

Creative Bloom is an arts and design magazine that has carefully crafted their newsletter to whet the appetite of readers who share that creative streak.

These types of newsletters are striking with imagery, illustrations, and articles on stimulating topics.

They are designed to draw in other creative types and therefore have a powerful artistic element.

In Conclusion

Sending out unique and relevant email newsletters is one of the best ways to engage with your audience and keep them connected to your brand.

You just want to make sure you’re not spamming them with irrelevant content that makes them hit the trash, or even worse, the unsubscribe button.

By following in the footsteps of some of the most unique and relevant newsletters out there today, you can start building a base of loyal subscribers.