12 Types Of Business Posters To Inspire You

The world of marketing is a wild and wonderful place filled with both the classic approaches to basic advertising and the more innovative electronic offerings, designed to grab your target customer’s attention.

The internet is filled with tiny ads no bigger than a stick of gum to elaborate and often irritating pop-ups. But their size is a deficit.

Business posters, on the other hand, reign supreme because they can be many sizes, often larger than 3 feet by 5 feet, and can incorporate visual attractions more than many other options, including internet marketing ideas.

The resolution, the colors, the style, and even the shape, all draw the eye, and with the right focus points, can even improve your exposure to a large audience.

If you are looking for a passive way to promote your company, we have some business poster ideas you might love.

They have all been used to great success and we think they can bring you a positive outcome in your traffic flow and improve your bottom line.

Here Are 12 Types Of Business Posters Commonly Used For Marketing

  1. Formative Posters

These are less of a cluster bomb and more of a scalpel. Formative posters target a very specific traffic set, visually drawing in only those in the respective field within the artwork and wording.

Medical professionals, law firms, and businesses of this type prefer these poster styles.

  1. Fashion Posters

Do you make or sell clothing, bathing suits, or accessories? Do you use models to display how your products would look to your target audience? Then a fashion poster is perfect for you.

It shows your wares in the right light, similar to a well-shot magazine ad.

  1. Political Posters

Never let it be said that politics is mutually exclusive from other businesses. You are still selling something. You are selling your candidate.

You are selling what they stand for, who they are attached to within a political party, and even selling their visage.

  1. Subject Posters

These are commonly used to promote events. If you are having a block party, an art gallery opening, or even a yard sale, subject posters tell your traffic exactly what is happening, when it will show, and sometimes even how much it will cost while drawing attention and getting to the point.

  1. Campaign Poster

Are you excited about a special event or month? Is it peach season in your town? Are you a huge advocate for breast cancer awareness?

For any campaign that needs maximum eyes to promote it, spreading your message can be achieved with a campaign poster.

  1. Digital Posters

These are very common in bus portals and on fixed walls inside high-traffic structures. You often see them at the airport where poster placement is tricky.

Digital Posters are designed to change images at certain intervals to promote many businesses, not just one.

  1. Corporate Posters

To promote your fortune 500 business, turn to corporate posters. They are not incredibly common and are often found within a certain proximity to the business they are displaying.

Companies that want to keep a firm connection with the public use these liberally.

  1. Show Posters

You have seen these outside movie theaters, opera houses, and even the auditoriums of schools. Anywhere a show is playing, one, or many, show posters will be present.

They change frequently with the rotating of shows and are very cinematic in their display.

  1. Infomercial Posters

Similar to the infomercials you see on TV when wracked with insomnia at 3 a.m., these posters show products that you already use and new products that are just being released.

They are designed to inspire you to buy these products and improve the company traffic via word of mouth.

  1. Affirmation Posters

We see posters every day. Has one ever inspired you? Maybe there was a quote from a great philosopher, a religious passage, or an image of your favorite superhero saying something poignant.

You have just witnessed the power of passive affirmation.

  1. Backlit Posters

These catch the eye, even at night, with some simple but effective lighting. They are often simple posters set into a lightbox. Again, these are common at shows and concerts that run late into the evening.

The lighting is perfectly angled to see them from a distance.

  1. Propaganda Posters

Of all the poster options, these are met with the most distrust. Propaganda posters are designed by a party or business to spread a particular message based on opinions that are sometimes met with a poor reaction.

They are often used to sling mud at political candidates or rival companies.

Final Thoughts

Posters will always be used to promote businesses, products, services, and even ideals. They can be covered over, torn off the wall, and even smashed, but once a person has seen and absorbed what they display, the seed is planted.

That seed grows into a living entity, capable of driving new customers to your offering, but also can push them away.

When creating your business poster, know your audience, know your traffic spot, and place it strategically. Just putting it anywhere won’t achieve the desired effect. You must do the research, the recon, and be pragmatic.

The upside of posters over billboards is people can stop and take a closer look at the poster if it grabs them without the potential of vehicle collisions. Certainly, a safer and more economical choice.